Future of UX Design: 4 Path-Breaking Trends Slowly Invading the UX World

    Posted by Sandeep Sharma

    Future of UX Design

    User Experience design has perhaps been latently existent in the market long before the nomenclature ‘UX’ even happened. However, the more technology is advancing; ‘UX’ design is reforming itself every now and then. Due to its continuous enhancement, ‘UX’ is always suspected as a new concept, although it is nothing but a revolutionary approach to befit both the business and customer’s needs.

    The transition from websites to mobile apps has remarkably altered the experiences users and the customers undergo. It is this ‘experience’ which decides the user’s inclination towards the product. Along these lines, it is quite evident that the ‘UX’ designing is much the same as advertising your product persuasively enough to be sold.
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    13 Quick Preventive Ways to Ensure a Secured WordPress Website

    Posted by Manmeet Anand

    ensure a secured wordpress website

    “Prevention is always better than cure”

    How true are these words for a WordPress website! Every day you would hear a new story about a WordPress website being hacked which is sure to shake you up if you own one yourself. The best way to combat this fear is by ensuring that your website is secure through proper measures.

    Here are a few preventive ways that would ensure your WordPress website doesn’t fall prey to any malicious activities! And if nothing seems to work out, hiring a WordPress developer is never a bad idea.
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    6 E-Commerce Platforms That Can Make Your Business Fly

    Posted by Manmeet Anand

    Top 6 E-Commerce Platforms

    “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.

    These simple words of wisdom are quite enough to set the tone for your E-Commerce venture. As a matter of fact, being on the internet is not quite enough; the virtual world is pretty much like the real world, you could be anywhere and no one might ever find you. So, the idea is to be where you can be seen and to make sure that people adore you when they see you. The internet of things is not an affair of the millennial crowd. Yes, your business might not cater to the Gen Y but that doesn’t mean that you should not have an ecommerce website. Even if you are running successful offline retail units, the situation may soon implore that you move online because the consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping online day-by-day and you do not want to disappoint them.
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    Mobile Page Speed: 6 Crucial Tips For Marketers To Implement

    Posted by Joy

    Mobile Page Speed Tips For Marketers

    How likely are you to stay on a website that takes minutes to load?

    Isn’t switching to a lighting fast website a far better option and that too when there are ample of such fast loading websites available just on a single click?

    At the end of 2015, India had 239 million smartphone users; the number is predicted to rise up to 705 million by 2020. According to a survey, 60.83% online shoppers prefer mobile websites and apps. Retailers have reacted well to the scenario; 58.5% retailers have mobile shopping apps with purchase capability, 93% of the retailers have mobile websites. It is a great effort when you see these figures. But there is more to it actually.
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    E-Commerce Sales Strategies During Off-Season Slump: 8 Best Tips to Adapt

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    E-Commerce Sales Strategies During Off Season Slump

    Wondering how to cope with the off-season dip and smoothly function towards the e-commerce store optimization?

    Every business is exposed to a slump during the off-seasons. Whether it is small or a huge branded e-commerce website, the sales are meant to fall when the peak seasons recede.

    Keeping this in mind, you need to work on some e-commerce sales strategies to knock out the off-season slump and promote the e-commerce website.

    Making a successful e-commerce website involves few tricks to adapt with the off-season slump and boost the sales. What are they? Let’s discover them in detail.
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    8 Beginner Web Design Mistakes You Ought To Avoid

    Posted by Sandeep Sharma


    “There are three responses to a website design- yes, no and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.”
    –Milton Glaser

    Web designing entails certain traps for the beginners. And when these traps are overlooked by the web designers, it leads to not-so-good experiences for users, which cause a considerable loss of website traffic.

    There are many websites that botch up the web designs and beginners are lead astray when exposed to such unsuccessful web designs. Well, the web design mistakes are not only made by the beginners or amateurs. Sometimes big brands and professionals even end up committing such web design mistakes. Is your web design agency also a culprit of committing such blunders? Check out!
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    10 Web Design Best Practices For E-Commerce Website

    Posted by Sandeep Sharma

    Best Practices For E-Commerce Website Design

    As the quote goes:

    You don’t just need to have a website; instead, you need to have a website that sells!

    USA Digital Shoppers

    With 191.1 million US online buyers, now is the right time that you invest in an e-commerce store and be a part of an ever-growing industry, which is expected to hit $491.5 billion by 2018 in the US itself. Whopping, no?! But all of your dreams can be crushed to trash with the wrong web design of your e-commerce store.
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    WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins: 14 Top Rated Plugins to Look Out For

    Posted by Sandeep Sharma

    WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    Isn’t it irksome to find spammers ruining the flow of online traffic to your website?

    Well, WordPress anti-spam plugins and WordPress developers are the exact solutions to this irksome feeling.

    The WordPress bloggers would be extremely familiar and agreeable with the above query.

    You generally cannot cherish the moments when you see a huge traffic being directed to your website because the very next moment, you would end up finding numerous spamming comments plaguing your blog or site.

    It is completely obnoxious!

    Not anymore! If you are a website owner or you are planning to set up your own website in WordPress, make it a point to interrogate your WordPress developer about the possible solutions to defend your website from those obnoxious automated spamming bots.

    Or else, take the command in your hands and ask your developer to install one of the top WordPress anti-spam plugins on your website. Yes, we got them compiled for you, thank us later!
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