20 Most Popular Movies About Social Media
25 March 2014

20 Most Popular Movies About Social Media

Popular Movies about Social Media

New technology is constant inspiration for filmmakers. It isn’t just the technology itself that is featured in various movies. Often the filmmakers focus on how new technology is changing our society, or they focus on how technology might change our society in the future. It comes as no surprise that there are many films featuring social media, since social media affect our society so deeply.

Movies about social media can be a lot of fun, featuring inside jokes and also teaching us a little about the people who actually created these technologies. From these movies we learn what makes us love social media so much and why they have become so popular in a society where they didn’t exist until a few years ago. We also get to see how social media might be negatively affecting our lives and future.

Below, we have a list of the top 20 movies that feature social media:


This movie was released in 1982 and wowed the whole world with its original concept. The plot is about a computer genius who creates his own artificial reality and winds up living in it. Well before the birth of facebook and Google, the movie is almost prophetic about how many people would end up truly living most of their lives through computers in the future.

2. The Social Network

The Social Network Movie

A rather freeform depiction of Facebook’s founding by Zuckerberg, The Social Network shows us an inside view of Zuckerberg’s life during the time he was creating facebook. His passion to make facebook succeed as a business causes him to lose some of his closest friends. The movie is all about a man that created a social network that helps people make friends, while losing his own friends.

3. We Live In Public

In this documentary we see part of the life of former billionaire Josh Harris, who lost his fortune during Web 2.0. The film includes many of his highly controversial experiments on how technology can affect the lives of various individuals.

4. #chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

This is the story of a teenage girl that assisted the Syria revolution through the use of social networks from her home in Chicago. This movie is all about the power of social media and human passion.

5. The Matrix

The Matrix

In the Matrix, a young computer hacker suddenly realizes that the whole world is just an illusion created by monstrous machines and that he is actually living in a virtual reality. He then decides to become the liberator of humanity and start a revolution against the mechanical oppressors.

6. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

Without Bill Gates and Steve Jobs there would be no social media as we know them today. This is why viewing this biography of the computer genius duo is a must for every social media lover.


This drama portrays how social media can become a weapon in the hand of a socially frustrated teenage boy. The movie is all about how tools like social media can be used for extreme harm, instead of entertainment when in the wrong hands.

8. Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply

If you ever wondered what’s at stake when you press an “I Agree” button on the internet, then this movie is a must watch for you. In Terms and Conditions may Apply you get a clear inside view of what companies like facebook and Google do with the information you freely offer them.

9. #140 Characters: A Documentary about Twitter

This is as the title says an in depth documentary about the extremely popular social media: Twitter. In the movie we see how Twitter marketing has changes the world in the few years it exists and how people are affected by its use and existence.

10. Adoration

In this film, a French teacher makes her student lie about his past, while the whole class watches. The story is so breathtaking that the boy decides to bring a whole internet audience to watch him recite it. From then on the plot thickens and dark secrets about the truth are revealed.

11. Startup.com

Startup.com Social Media Movie

A movie that’s a “must see” for people considering to create their own startup site. In Startup.com you get to follow what happened to the eCommerce website govWorks during the time when the internet market dropped significantly. This is a good view of the beginning and end of the dot com startup phenomenon.

12. State of Play

This breathtaking film is all about the suspicious murder of a government official’s girlfriend. After a lot of intrigue and detective work, two reporters manage to reveal a very dark story. The movie is all about the cost of the privatization of homeland security, as well as the differences between blog journalism and traditional media.

13. Hard Candy

This shocking thriller is all about a 32 year old man who tries to seduce a 14 year old girl through an online chat. What he didn’t know is that this is no ordinary teenage girl, but a dangerous vigilante who seeks to take revenge for the sexual assault of a little girl. At the end the 32 year old pedophile gets more than he bargained for.

14. Catfish


In Catfish we get an in depth look at the unique online relationship of a man named Nev and a woman named Angela. Angela used over 15 different facebook profiles to promote her own dream of becoming an artist through deceit. This documentary is all about how the anonymity of the internet can affect our better judgment and honesty.

15. The Internship

The Internship is a very fun comedy about two men who cheat their way into a Google internship. Surrounded by geniuses and specialists, they manage to add their own flair to the project, while also getting into a few tight spots.

16. Generation Social: A Social Media Film

In this documentary we get to see firsthand how our social nature is driving social media to expand and determine our future. Through three speakers we get to see about the technology, the concepts and the marketing that goes on around every social media we encounter.

17. Disconnect


In Disconnect we see how the wrong use of social media can create immense problems in the everyday lives of normal individuals. We see how using the internet can ruin relationships, destroy privacy and even decimate lives. This is a solemn reminder that social media are tools which have to be used ethically and carefully.

18. Julie and Julia

Julia is a young cook in the 50’s who tries to write her own cookbook while she also studies French cooking at “Le Cordon Blue”. Julie’s story happens half a century later, when her dead end job drives her to cook every single recipe of Julia’s book and write a blog about it. The highlight of the movie is when Julie’s Blog and Julia’s book makes them both famous.

19. You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail

In this classical movie, we have two officer coworkers who despise each other in real life, but steadily form a romantic interest for each other through emails. The movie features the old AOL system, which once was extremely popular for mailing. It is an optimistic movie about how social media might give us a different viewpoint society.

20. InRealLife

This is a documentary about teenagers and children who begin using social media from a very tender age. The movie shows all the downsides and problems that might occur when juveniles spend too much of their life online.

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