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Top 15 Best WordPress CRM Plugins

Top 15 Best WordPress CRM Plugins
By Team TIS

In the internet world, WordPress remains one of the most popular CMS’s, with some claiming that it powers 35% of all sites on the web. From bloggers to small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the world, WordPress has proven its versatility time and time again, which means there are more opportunities than ever before to find yourself working with WordPress as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. 

What exactly is CRM?

If you want to be successful with your WordPress-powered business, you have to collect information about your site visitors and turn them into customers. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plugin can make this process easier by providing the tools you need to keep track of your leads, contacts, support tickets, and more.

Which are the top 15 WordPress CRM Plugins?

Whether you’re looking for the best CRM plugins to fit your specific business needs or want something easy to install, you can find all the answers in this helpful guide to 15 of the best WordPress CRM plugins available today. Here are 15 of the best WordPress CRM plugins currently available on the market.

1) HubSpot

HubSpot is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Designed to help businesses manage contacts, pipelines, tasks, and reporting, HubSpot can also integrate with many popular apps including Google Apps for Business. Forrester Research consistently ranks HubSpot among its leaders in Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions.

HubSpot is intuitive, easy to use, and compatible with many popular plug-ins. It can be used to schedule social media posts directly from your contacts’ profiles and you can filter contacts by tags so you only see who has expressed interest in your product or service.

Additionally, HubSpot integrates with Zapier, an excellent app that automates tasks between apps—you might want to use it with other plugins on our list, such as Contact Form 7 or Contact Manager Forms.

It doesn’t hurt to spend money on an awesome tool like HubSpot, especially if you’re serious about your business and getting real results from your marketing efforts. It has lots of bells and whistles and will help you develop better relationships with your customers so they’ll be easier to market to in the future. HubSpot also integrates nicely with other apps, such as Shopify and MailChimp, so it’s easy to keep track of all your contacts within one system.

2) FluentCRM

If you’re looking for a comprehensive WordPress CRM, look no further than FluentCRM. Boasting features like mobile access, multi-channel customer intelligence, and more, it’s ideal for companies that need to track their leads and manage their sales funnel in one central location.

It can be used by organizations of all sizes and comes with an attractive pricing model that allows small businesses to get started without breaking their budget.

All in all, FluentCRM is an easy solution to recommend. If you’re looking for a comprehensive WordPress CRM, look no further than FluentCRM.

3) vCita CRM & Lead Management for WordPress

vCita CRM is a one-stop solution for all your customer relationship management needs. While its core focus is on contact management, it also handles lead generation and tracking—something that most free options won’t do.

In addition to integrating with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social networks for marketing campaigns, vCita allows you to schedule appointments from your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin even integrates with MailChimp if you want to get started collecting emails from contacts right away. The only downside is that there isn’t a free version of vCita, but if you’re looking for a more robust alternative to some basic contact-list plugins, it’s worth checking out.


Need to stay in touch with clients in a more organized manner? WP-CRM is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins, letting you track interactions and send them notes.

It also allows you to build campaigns. With WP-CRM, you can create content that will then be sent out via social media to keep your brand in front of potential customers.

It allows for better tracking when trying to find leads and projects, so if your company needs help with sales or marketing, it’s well worth downloading for free.

5) Leads Builder for CRM

The best WordPress plugin for customer relationship management (CRM), Leads Builder for CRM, provides your business with an impressive range of features. This highly customizable plugin allows you to store all types of data about your contacts, including custom fields to help you get to know your customers better.

To help you manage leads more effectively, it includes an email scheduler and email templates so that you can easily follow up with prospects who haven’t engaged with your business just yet.

The plugin also includes site-tracking tools that allow you to see how much traffic is coming in from various sources and where it’s going on your website. If there are areas where people are getting lost while using your website, Leads Builder can tell you.

6) Jetpack CRM

Jetpack is a great way to add a comprehensive CRM solution to your WordPress site without much fuss. It integrates with popular apps such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Salesforce and offers unlimited free users.

This means you can manage contacts and leads without paying for additional tools. It’s also easy to use: just import your contact list via CSV or XLS and start building relationships in no time.

7) Zoho CRM

When it comes to CRM software, you can’t beat Zoho. Like so many other Zoho products, Zoho CRM focuses on flexibility and ease of use. With a clean interface and a focus on email communication, it provides everything you need without any complicated extra features. It also integrates with a lot of other popular apps like MailChimp and Zapier for easy expansion capabilities.

It is a simple and effective solution for your business to track leads, manage opportunities, monitor activity and KPI’s, send emails, and a lot more. You can integrate Zoho with your website or WordPress-powered site. Since it is cloud-based software, you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

8) Groundhogg

If you’re looking for a powerful WordPress lead-tracking solution, check out Groundhogg. This is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create different forms, collect leads via email, and create sales funnels with tracking codes. You can integrate your forms with all major email marketing services, including MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. And if you are using Marketo or HubSpot, Groundhogg integrates seamlessly with those platforms as well.


WP ERP is a free plugin that offers CRM, HRM, and accounting solutions for both small and large enterprises. This plugin currently has over 10,000 active installations.

There are two modules attached to this CRM plugin, one for the CRM functionality and the other for HRM and Accounting. There are no limits to entering as many entries as possible in all modules.

With the free version, you can easily log customer interactions and keep track of communication with them. The free components of the plugin include a holiday calendar, location tools, and company information management. Additionally, you can set up contact groups and make notes in your customer profile.

Most of the CRM features are included for free, so this is a good option for cost-conscious businesses. The tool is also excellent if you plan to have tons of integrations. It integrates, for example, with several email marketing tools, accounting tools, and payment gateways.

Lastly, you may be able to eliminate the need for your accounting software by using the WP ERP plugin, as it has one built-in.

10) Brilliant Web-to-Lead CRM

Most people are familiar with Salesforce, the most widely used CRM solution. Its sleek design and robust capabilities make it a powerful option for businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based Salesforce makes everything accessible on the web and via mobile devices, a significant advantage. Web-to-Lead for Salesforce is now available as a plugin.

Leads can be collected and fed directly into your Salesforce account via this CRM plugin. Before, users had to copy and paste information between programs, which caused a lot of hassle.

Even though the plugin is free, the Salesforce integration does require a premium account.

The learning curve for Salesforce is steep, and the price tag is moderately high. But when implemented correctly, it pays for itself quickly. Your business doesn’t have to be big to benefit from Salesforce’s ability to integrate sales and customer relationship tools. As a business-scaling solution, we like CRM as an all-in-one solution.

11) Bitrix24 CRM

WordPress CRM tool Bitrix24 is a free WordPress CRM solution that is reliable. There’s no plugin here but rather an integration explicitly designed for WordPress.

You can either add contacts manually or capture them automatically when creating a lead generation form on your website. It stores contacts in your WordPress user database.

The advanced options also let you specify which fields must be filled in. Bitrix24 CRM allows you to manage your contacts and edit forms directly from the WordPress admin, allowing you to categorize your contacts by type and keep track of correspondence. There are quite a few support options available with this tool. Additionally, the developers have a blog and a robust support area on their website.

Besides being free, it has all the tools consolidated in the WordPress dashboard. Thus, you don’t have to change platforms to manage your customers.

In terms of free CRMs, Bitrix24 CRM seems like a good pick. The plugin includes most of the features without selling any additional products. Therefore, there is not a lot of upsells besides the apps. Furthermore, many of them are free to download. It’s also convenient if you’re not interested in having a second CRM dashboard. This plugin makes everything happen right in your WordPress dashboard so that you can use an familiar interface with most people.

12) WooCommerce CRM

The WooCommerce CRM (customer relationship manager) plugin is an excellent choice if you use WooCommerce to sell things from your WordPress site.

The plugin lets you keep track of contacts, but you can add notes to customers, send emails, and even make phone calls right from your WordPress admin. From the contact record, you can create a new call task for the contact and then place the call from the file. There is even a call timer if you want to analyze your call data.

The plugin is designed to work with WooCommerce, so it cannot be used independently. The database cannot be populated through web forms at the moment. However, it is worth noting that WooCommerce is free to download.

The WooCommerce CRM isn’t cheap, but it sells for a one-time price. Overall, it offers a simple, all-around solution for users of WordPress sites. There are more features packed into this plugin than provided by any free plugin.

13) Upi CRM

WordPress CRM and lead management solution UpiCRM is completely free. Despite being a relatively new plugin, it has already garnered a good number of ratings and thousands of installations. In the event you decide to upgrade to a premium CRM, the UpiCRMWordPress plugin provides a bulk export feature for removing your contacts from one system and importing them into another.

Create forms for collecting leads and adding them to your database. As a result of its automatic links to several websites, this plugin is popular with us to aggregate data from a variety of sources. Additionally, you will find that the integration options are superior to the competition, with connections to WordPress plugins, Google Drive, and other CRMs.

Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7, as well as Ninja Forms, are compatible with UpiCRM. With UpiCRM, you can map existing fields in your database and form them into a single, central, unified database of all your leads.

The tool is used for collecting lead information and putting it into a database. There is strong mobile support, but you shouldn’t expect advanced designs right away.

Lastly, this plugin may be useful for developers since it can customize just about every aspect of the forms and databases.

14) Presspoint CRM

The Presspoint plugin is a premium WordPress plugin sold on its website. The tool allows you to do much more than store and collect customer data. All integrations are accessible from the WordPress admin panel, including eCommerce, memberships, and email marketing. Besides being feature-rich, the plugin also allows for complex queries and reports.

Reports can either be used for mining the data or for bulk actions such as editing or mailing. In addition, this interface is seamlessly integrated with WordPress, making it easy to use and navigate.

Like SalesForce, it is a premium CRM with an incredible number of features. Using the Presspoint plugin, you will access various features, from advanced customer profiles to content restrictions and emails to user directories.

Presspoint WordPress plugin is built for businesses that need high-powered yet straightforward user management. The tools in Presspoint are excellent for managing contacts rapidly, so it is a good option for companies that are rapidly scaling.

15) WP Fusion

The WP Fusion plugin connects the events on your website to your CRM. Using WP Fusion, you can create a membership site, keep your customers’ information synchronized, capture new leads, and record e-commerce transactions. First, you can download the Lite version, which is free. Then, the third-party CRM of your choice syncs your contacts with your WordPress site.

In other words, it’s not precisely a CRM system but rather a link between your WordPress site and your chosen CRM. However, the plugin does include a few basic CRM features, such as automatically creating contacts and restricting access to your database.

A few of the CRMs in this article integrate nicely with the WP Fusion plugin like GetResponse, Groundhogg, Hubspot, Mialerlite, Zoho, Salesforce, Gist, etc.

For businesses looking for the most simple CRM available, this is an incredible option. Contacts can be created, tags can be added, and custom fields can be added to forms. Consider WP Fusion as your CRM if that’s what you need.


In order to optimize your WordPress-powered website for sales, you need a solid lead management plugin. Now that you’ve read through our 15 Best WordPress CRM Plugins, you have a few options from which to choose. To get started finding a suitable solution for your needs, check out some of these plugins and see if they can help streamline your sales process. If you want to customize a plugin as per your specific business needs, you can take help from WordPress Development Companies. Happy selling!

By Team TIS
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