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Impactful Tactics to Offer Discounts by E-commerce Stores

Impactful Tactics to Offer Discounts by E-commerce Stores
By Team TIS

Discount pricing is a popular strategy for e-commerce players as that helps them to achieve more sales. However, when they run discount strategies in the right ways, e-commerce players can also retain loyal customers.

As pricing is an essential factor for customers, implementing the right pricing strategy is important for e-commerce players. It can increase sales, help their business grow, and scale up their profits.

If e-commerce players keep their product prices high, they run the risk of losing customers. So, a discount strategy can help them stay competitive and increase their revenues. Moreover, it can also help them to adopt the right approach to grow their business.

The spontaneous question that arises in this context is–what can be the most effective tactics for successful e-commerce discount marketing?  

The answer is the following steps:

Know Your Target Audience

It is not easy to acquire new customers as it seems to be. Therefore, an intelligent pricing strategy is essential to drive sales, profitability, and customer acquisition. And a pricing discount can help attract the attraction of potential customers.

Before you formulate an effective pricing strategy, the first thing to know is to understand the types of customers you are targeting with the discount.

You need to develop a goal-oriented approach to reach more prospects. And that is possible only if you know your target audience.

You could gain loyal customers if you offer discounted pricing promotions to specific customers.

Decide the Types of Discounts to Offer

You should carefully consider the discounts you want to offer to produce the maximum profit by increasing sales.

You can choose a discount scheme out of the following options:

  • A percentage discount
  • A cash amount discount
  • A discount on the next shop
  • Multi-buy and combination offers 

There are multiple ways of offering discounts. For example, you can give a specific discount or offer your customers a particular discount if they buy from you again. It can help you retain your customers. Moreover, there is another type of discount you can implement. You can give a special price on multi-buy and combination purchases. It also helps you sell more products at a time. You can automate this process with the help of e-commerce tools. 

Schedule Discounts Prudently

Optimizing customer engagement with discounts and promotions will yield results when you schedule your discounts for the right timing.

For example, you can schedule your discounts for special days and events because your target audience will be most likely to buy from you on those days. As such, do not fail to schedule your discounts prudent to reap the maximum benefits.

In addition to the timing, you should also figure out the timeline for which the discounts should run. As such, fix whether you will run your discount campaign for a week or offer a 24-hour flash sale with special prices.

Timing is one of the best considerations for offering discounts to maximize customer engagement.

Incentivize Customers

The motive of your discount is to attract more customers and increase sales. But, you should also consider offering discounts to your existing customers to make them return to your store.

When you give incentives to your customers, it can encourage them to share your products on social media platforms.

For example, you can offer a 50 percent discount on the next purchase if your customers invite 3 friends. Or, you can offer an initial discount to first-time buyers, and the discount should be valid only for the first purchase.

Discount pricing strategies can be useful for gaining brand loyalty and customer retention. Giving incentive awards and special discounts will encourage your target customers to buy from you again.

Highlight Original and Discounted Price Difference

It will help if you show customers the original price and your discounted price to make them see the difference between the prices. It is a powerful marketing strategy, so do not skip it.

When they see the difference between the prices, it can prompt them not to miss out on the opportunity to buy the desired product at a special price.

You should also use visual cues through the size or contrasting colors to highlight the difference between the original and sales prices.

The price difference can influence the subconscious mind of your customers to make purchases without delay. Therefore, it is an effective discount pricing strategy for e-commerce companies.

Encourage Customers to Buy from Your e-Store

E-commerce companies exist in a highly competitive space. So, you will see several competitors offering the same products to customers.

As such, you should not fail to encourage people to purchase products from your store. It will help to gain more customers and increase your profits.

For example, you can stand apart from your competitors if you give a first-time customer discount or discount with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Alternatively, you can offer a discount to newly registered customers or assure them of getting their money back if they are not satisfied with the purchased product.


You should ensure that your discounted prices are competitive enough to attract potential customers. Or else, your products will not be attractive. As a result, you might not be able to reach your target customers.

Discounts can play an important role because the price is one of the most important factors for customers to make a purchase decision.

Again, it will not help if you constantly reduce your prices to gain an edge in your e-commerce business. What you need is a prudent pricing strategy to ensure customer engagement and retention. As such, you should implement the right discounting and pricing strategies to attract more customers and boost your sales.

By Team TIS
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