05 October 2013

Google Rolled out Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update

Google Rolled out Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update
By Manoj Tiwari

Google Penguin 2.1

BEWARE Spammy Websites!! The search engine giant Google has rolled out yet another change for the manner in which the websites are ranked in the search results, with the launch of Penguin 2.1. The update is expected to affect “1 per cent of the searches to a noticeable degree”.

Penguin 2.1 update is seen as the new generation of the algorithms. The previous Google Penguin 2.0 update that was released on May 22, 2013 only looked at the websites that used black hat SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings and most importantly provide quality results to the visitors.However, this new update has been primarily designed to target the web spam, it goes a bit deeper and looks out for the sites that generate unnatural paid backlinks and rewards the high-quality websites having natural links with a higher rank in the search engine results.

This is altogether Google’s fifth Penguin-related launch. The first series of algorithm update that later went on to be known as Penguin 1.0 was churned out on 24 April, 2012. It was further updated in May and October last year.

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