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How Can One Take Advantage of Guest Blogging?

How Can One Take Advantage of Guest Blogging?
By Team TIS

The internet-marketing world is talking high about guest blogging advantages. Guest blogging is about building a strategy related to coverage, authority, social media exposure, and business opportunities. These days, guest blogging is considered a powerful mode that can bring quality traffic and help in developing your business authority or credibility in an online arena.

Aforesaid explanations sound impressive, and many SEO companies have already begun using the strategy to achieve results. However, many might not agree with the concept that by publishing guest blogs one can target customers and markets easily across various markets.

To concrete the statement, here are the few advantages mentioned below that proves that guest blogging is effective and requires minimum SEO efforts.

Quality Traffic

Implementing several strategies to draw quality traffic to the website is the foremost priority in an online business. A website without traffic is assumed to have no existence in the market. Guest blogging is one of the most sophisticated ways that divert quality traffic to your website. The relevant information and branding that the writers provide in the blogs persuade the readers to consider your business profile for their next ventures or for getting the products and services. Moreover, your quality blog is shared across the social networking sites (if liked by the readers) and the comments or reviews you receive will not only help you to grow but also be an asset in building a robust relationship with the various experts working on the same field.

Build Authoritative Backlinks

Create the guest blogs in a way that contains instructions about the business strategies and tips. This will help the people or the businesses to find some solutions to achieve their goals easily. By making your message or content helpful, you might get the blog rank high on the Google Page rank, and improve your web traffic. Therefore, a quality guest blog helps you to build a strong domain name and search engine authority.

According to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ’s) news (, Matt Cutts has provided a clear distinction between the organic guest blog post and paid link blog content. An organic blog has relevant subject and content (body), whereas, blogs focused only on link building will always have off-topic and keyword-rich content.  Although writing a guest blog is certainly the best strategy to build authoritative backlinks without doing much effort, but, it is also imperative to justify the meaning and essence that you present to the audience. If you fail to do so, then your post will be considered a low-quality blog and spam.

Brand Awareness and Online Influence

It is important for a business to stay in the good books of the visitors. This is possible by influencing the people in a manner that it develops a positive impact on your products and services in their minds. If the blog shared is helpful, then you will receive hundreds of hits, comments, and feedback. People start clicking on your website link and also suggest others through the various social media platforms. This spreads your business profile across different domains by influencing the readers in a positive way. Guest blogging influences the readers and portrays an excellent image of your brand in their minds. For example, Starbucks (The Coffee Company) has around 82,000 followers and Coco-Cola (The manufacturer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups) has approximately 68,000 fans following the brand name.

Be a Leader

When businesses publish in-depth quality and well-researched posts, it provides them a doorway to gain the status and respect as an expert in their respective field. It develops a perfect platform to communicate and build relationships with competitors and admirers in the industry. When you reply to the comments, suggestions, or feedback with some solutions, then it portrays your authority in the field.

Business opportunities

Guest blogs are generally written in a branding fashion. It carries your brand value and business ethics, which is ‘RELIABILITY’. Such write-ups are composed of reports or solutions that can be considered a vital tip to grow the business. Once you are accepted as an expert, other entities would like to collaborate or get into a contract with you to achieve good business results. Thus, guest blogging is a sophisticated way to reach the target audience without doing much labor to gain popularity in the market.


These few advantages can take one to extreme business heights, which can become a benchmark for others. Therefore, concentrate on developing guest blogs equipped with data, details, and advice that can help someone to grow in the industry.

Although your content will be posted on someone else’s website, still it will be very beneficial for your own business and will always serve the best purpose. Your post on another website will draw backlinks, name recognition, authority, etc. for you from that website and will have your name on it.

Take it as you have stamped your decal on the side of a racing car. Even if you are not the driver of the car, the audience will still be able to see the branding of your business.

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By Team TIS
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