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Here is How Voice Search is Affecting Your SEO Ranking?

Here is How Voice Search is Affecting Your SEO Ranking?
By Team TIS

You can now search while you are on the go, it is quick, it’s reliable and most of all, it amps up the coolness level considering how your device responds to your verbal commands. You must have noticed people’s fascination with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana and as the days keep passing, the technology keeps getting better and more intelligent. It is no surprise that companies these days are optimizing their websites to show up on the search results generated by voice commands.

People these days are opting for voice searches as it keeps getting better each day. Due to the diminishing popularity of typed searches, companies now structure their sites accordingly so as to show up where they are more often needed at.

Barriers to the efficacy of voice in searches

But this is not an easy task, simply because people do not speak the way they type and vice versa. Companies cannot proceed with just an audio version of the keywords they used to optimize their websites earlier. Traditional methods of increasing your site’s SERP ranking won’t really come in handy now.

Typed searches and mechanisms involved behind it keep getting obsolete day by day. People, increasingly so, are getting hooked on the more convenient form of searching for things online. To help you estimate how popular a feature voice search is, reports that 40% of adults make a voice search at least once every day.

Back in the day when voice search was introduced, the masses failed to see the potential behind it. It was considered to be a gimmick. Something that was estimated to have died out a few years in the pipeline due to the inaccuracy in catching words thrown at it. The reliability quotient was low.

In an article by BlueCompass, the voice search accuracy now scales 92% accuracy. This only goes on to prove that the voice search feature was far more than just a gimmick. It is the future.

So if you are in the shed, building up the most revolutionary website that you know will rock the industry, here are two words that will add the extra zest to your effort and make your attempt at making big a worthwhile one. Voice Search

This is how voice search is reshaping SEO and what you’d need to prepare for it.

1. Long tail keywords:

Owing to the fact that people do not speak the way they type search queries, short tail keywords are knocking on obsolete doors. People tend to use more natural lingo while running a voice command, and hence long tail keywords would come in handy if a voice search is run. Forbes, in its article, states that 20% of mobile queries are now voice searches.

The advantage of using long-tail keywords is that it sounds more conversational. There is a chance of a person using a conversational phrase than just saying random words on the device. It is feasible for website developers to incorporate as many long-tail keywords as possible as they have the required natural factor in them.

Long-tail keywords should accurately describe your product, features, and uses in as elaborate a manner as possible. The concept behind long-tail keywords is simple. It is being more descriptive about your product and sounding as conversational about it as possible.

For example, the keyword “red running shoes under Rs. 2,000” would go a long way as opposed to just using “running shoes.” You see, google voice search optimization really makes it easier for the consumer to detail out the product they are looking for and is easy to follow. There is little to wonder as to why voice search optimization is necessary.

2. Mobile is at the core of it all

A device that got its very name because of its portability is the reason why people are more often found with this one, everywhere they go. Considering that this piece of technology is always there, people turn to it for all their voice queries.

Forbes states that over half of all voice search queries come from mobiles. It is an unspoken fact that mobiles come before desktops, in an age where everything portable is preferred first. So you as a developer have to keep in mind that a major chunk of your consumers is going to want to access your site via mobile phones.


you can compress the size of the images on your webpage to improve your page’s load time.

These are some of the sure-fire ways to make your site rank well per voice search SEO. To know of more such hacks, stay tuned to our website.

By Team TIS
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