Importance of Fresh Content in Google Search Ranking
Last Updated On August 04, 2022

Importance of Fresh Content in Google Search Ranking

Importance of Fresh Content in Google Search Ranking
By Team TIS

Fresh content always play an important role in helping websites obtain good ranking in Google. New contents have always been the secret for improving page ranks while the old ones or out of date articles eventually loses their value.

CMS websites and blogs have become a favorite among business owners who are operating online because these help them attain a good position in Google. These two, blogs and CMS, are regularly updated with good content and that’s why their ranks are always above the static sites which hadn’t been brought up to date for a long time.

Then again, this doesn’t mean that sites that are constantly updated will automatically secure a top spot in the ranking. Work and effort are still needed to be one of the higher ranking sites.

For updating your site with fresh articles, keep in mind that your posts must not be just about anything, but they must be something relevant and should be helpful to your audience niche. If you will try to share contents that are totally not related to your website, you are likely to face the consequence of losing good points in Google.

So, why does Google like fresh contents?

Firstly, for Google, sites with fresh contents are “alive” while those that are static are “dead.” And they usually ignore and push “dead” sites to the bottom of the rankings.

Secondly, Google greatly support the online users’ need for fresh and most relevant information. Thus, they do their best to give only the top spots to the updated sites and give poor marks to old ones. In the world of internet, to be left behind is to perish so update with fresh content any way it can.

How to keep fresh content flowing to your website

1. Get help from your readers

You can ask your readers for a little help. Encourage them to be guest authors on your site. If there are no volunteers, you can offer something in return like letting them post a link to their own site.

2. Get ideas from past article posts

If you have written an article that really got a very good response, you can use it as an inspiration for creating a new one. You can also make a part 2 of that article since many people like the topic so much.

3. Hire article writers

This is the last resort, if you can’t create a good content, then you may have to hire a writer. You can also purchase articles from fine authors and use them in your own site.

There are numerous strategies for your website to attain higher Google search ranking but the easiest and fastest way is to post new contents often. Keep your site fresh at all times, being up to date is not just good for your audience but for SEO purposes too.


The main agenda of keeping your content fresh and updated is to ensure that the information provided on your website is up to date in order to better serve your visitors. When you follow this and keep your content updated, the number of clicks on your oage increase which in turn increases the user engagement and attracts links organically. All of this verifies and gives a signal to Google that your website or page should be at the top in the search results.

Also, when you keep your content fresh and updated, this gives a chance to the search engines as well to have freshly put content over the internet and have a source of new and updated information for search requests. So, if you keep your website fresh and updated with good and meaningful content, the search engines will love your website and prioritize it over the others, giving you an opportunity to remain at the top in the search engine page results.

By Team TIS

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