Landing Page Optimization - 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid
28 January 2013

Landing Page Optimization – 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

With thousands of websites competing for attention, getting traffic to your site is clearly not child’s play. Once you get traffic, it’s a shame that you’ll just let it go to waste just because your landing page design is sloppy and not made to fulfill its role. Here are five landing page design flaws that you should stir away from.

Mistake #1: Terribly Written Headline

Without a good headline, you are like catching a fish without a hook or bait. Once a visitor arrives on your landing page, you literally have seconds to convince them to stay. In fact, an arresting headline can be the single most powerful tool of conversion optimization. A good headline should capture the visitor’s emotion. It should be concise and direct to the point and at the same time, should be creatively written in order to engage visitors. It’s best practice to perform split testing on several headline variations before launching your landing page.

Mistake #2: Recycling Your Website’s Design

Those who offer professional creative website design services should take no shortcut when it comes to creating landing pages. This means that you cannot use the same design, content and layout that you used on your website on your landing page. Chances are, your website design is meant to accommodate several information and contains numerous elements. Effective landing pages should be streamlined and uncluttered. Don’t divert your visitors from your main point. Further, you should tap into responsive website designing services since mobile customers are high converting and you want to make sure that you give them a pleasing mobile browsing experience while they’re on your landing page.

Mistake #3: Multiple Calls to Action

Speaking of clutter and saying too many things at the same time, your landing page should be as single-minded as possible. Some marketers have the mindset that since traffic is already there, might as well say everything they want to say. When faced with several options, consumers get confused and not choose at all. To achieve conversion optimization, identify what your objective is, set a call to action for that goal and stick to it. Also, keep your call to action above the fold.

Mistake #4: Bad Visuals

Your message is there and your content is in place. However, your site is so gaudily designed that users don’t want to stay in it. Imagine this. You have perfectly good leather but you wasted it by making it into a badly designed pair of shoes.

Your landing page should be visually appealing. Pay attention to typography, color scheme, graphics, layout and other aesthetic elements. Make sure that your design reflects the personality of your brand, builds your credibility and contributes to achieving your business objectives.

Mistake #5: Taking Shortcuts

Oftentimes, marketers focus too much on what is happening above the fold that they ignore the possibility of that these site visitors will scroll to the bottom of the page. Your landing page cannot be superior on the upper half and inferior on the lower half. Stop taking shortcuts and ensure that your landing page in its entirety is peppered with good content and great visuals.

By Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is a Project Manager with a prominent web design & development company TIS India since last 10 years. He loves to create aesthetically appealing websites & eye-popping user interfaces for international clients. Follow him on here

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