Managing Tasks : Consider These 4 Apps
11 October 2012

Managing Tasks : Consider These 4 Apps


Whether you’re managing 100 employees or you just want to manage your daily activities, you can often find it hard to do if you’re not writing things down. Thankfully for smartphones, completing tasks throughout the day is easier than ever! If you own an iPhone and you’re looking for a way to easily manage your tasks, here are four tasks you may want to keep in mind the next time you turn on your phone:

#1 Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a simple and easy-to-use app when you want to take care of daily activities and tasks. One of the greatest parts of this app is that you’re able to share your tasks with others. Set up email reminders, tasking, add notes, set priorities and even choose different backgrounds. Another cool thing is that you can reward yourself or others badges when a task is completed. With those badges, it’s up to you on what you want to do.

#2 TaskThis

Newly released, the TaskThis app is a great app that can manage all of your tasks in a very simply way. Able to create unlimited projects, you can add events, shopping lists, categories and even add tags to your tasks. So if you have to get the groceries for the day, you can add the “personal” tag to it so that you don’t get confused with your business tasks. If you’re looking for a task manager that is very advanced, TaskThis allows you to import birthdays, define priorities, assign tasks, lock tasks and synced items online.

#3 Errands



What you’re going to find is that most to-do apps on the market just don’t get the job done. Some are clunky and ask for money while others just have way too many options that you’re not going to use. This is isn’t the case for the Errands app. With this app, you can create separate folders, schedule daily tasks, write notes and even add badges. With many multiple views, you can define priorities, change views and even add photos to each one of your tasks. Free to download, this is an awesome app to consider for both personal and business use.

#4 Easy Note

If you’re looking for an app that is very simple, Easy Note may be the one to download. Free to use, Easy Note has a clutter-free design that is ideal for those that just want to add simple tasks throughout the day. So if you have to remind yourself to pay the rent, buy groceries or write a note, this is geared toward those who need to have personal task reminders.

Why You Need a Task Manager

If you’re looking at these apps and you’re wondering, “So what?” you have to realize that these task mangers can make life so much easier. If you don’t believe me, here’s why you should download one of the apps mentioned above.

Reminders – There are going to be times when you forget about something. What happens if you have a project due this Friday but you thought it was Monday? This could potentially put your clients or job in danger.

Alerts – Let’s say that you need to be reminded of an upcoming interview or meeting. If this meeting is 20 days away, you’re probably not going to remember it, right? With this task manager, not only is it going to remind you on the phone, it can remind you via text messaging, the phone and email.

Simplify – Task managers really do make life a lot easier. You just have to think of these of these task managers as a free assistant. Just pop in what you want to remember and it does the rest. If you don’t have a task manager on your phone, highly consider downloading one today!

By Manmeet Anand

Manmeet singh is a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER with TIS India Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. from many Years. He is a programming geek who spends most of his time developing web applications , enhancing user experiences and creating usable softwares. He has helped many overseas clients come out of the project management nightmares by comprehensive requirement analysis and ensuring timely delivery of projects.

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