Powerful Tips to Beat the Panda and Penguin with Effective Content Strategy
21 April 2015

Powerful Tips to Beat the Panda and Penguin with Effective Content Strategy

Powerful Tips to Beat the Panda and Penguin with Effective Content Strateg

Panda Brands the Quality. Not the Quantity.

Google Panda update hit the web on the 23 February, 2011, their first major update since their indexing algorithm update, namely, Caffeine.Currently, the latest version of it namely, Panda 4.1 is rolling on the web. Google mothered this Panda algorithm for saving the web from the insanity of content farms by decaying the rank value of their contents on the search engine result page(SERP).

This radical change in ranking algorithm method was able to combat with such sick and flat contents and was able to chisel them down in rank value which consumeda staggering 12% of the total amount of search results on this planet.Later, google made a survey on those poor contents and also on their manufacturing factories with the sea of web pages which got blocked by the google chrome users over a longer period of time. The result of that survey was quite stunning. Thankfully, it showed more than an 80% match between them.


Before Panda update the whole SEO techniques for getting ranked on the SERP ware different. The commitment of content farms, back then, was to deliver quantity, not the quality. Simply, they were out googling google itself by flooding the web with their contents. At times, google were pretty much vocal against these false policies for acquiring a good page rank and also simultaneously changing their search algorithm to arrest these shadowy contents.

How to Beat the Panda?

Content Quality:

Undoubtedly, the authority of a sterling content can beat the powerful panda algorithm. In fact, google loves and promotes praiseworthy documentation. Now, the quality of a content deals with the various attributes associated with it. These following discussed points can portray these attributes in a better way.

The overall narration of the subject or the object of a content should be Spartan. Needless flairs inEnglish is not that needed. Added to this, the readability score of that content should be high.

  • Research neatly and add all the needed and relevant information with your content. Complete information adds an excellent user value to any content.
  • Keyword research in the post Panda era is the key to hit success as on-page SEO plays the most important role nowadays. Content developers can use various keyword planner tools to predict and aim the proper keyword phrase and use that as the focal point of their SEO workarounds.
  • Link contents with their true and deserving source
  • Length of the content is also an important factor. It’s seen that lengthy (1200 to 2000 words) contents win the ranking race on the long run
  • Adding relevant and explaining images and videos with content makes it more versatile to the users.
  • Last of all, the bottom-line of the requirements while creating content is proof editing. Mistakes are costly and when the image of any well-known brand is associated with it, it’s costlier.


Google hates duplicate contents and they handle plagiarism pretty seriously. Moreover, if your feeds acre getting copied, there are ways to solve them. Firstly, report it to google. Secondly, integrate some tools with your website to get backlinks from those copycats.

If duplicate content is getting generated from your own website, then integrate some smarter plugins at your backend to solve the riddle easily.

Evergreen Contents

A useful ‘how-to’ remains always useful to new users. Contents are evergreen when they solve a general problem of users.

SEO Structure

The overall SEO structure of a website is one of the linchpins for achieving a good page rank. This includes,

  • Easy access to all the important links and the pages of your website
  • Editing relevant meta values for each content
  • Relevancy between the ‘anchor text’ and the targeted content or the source page
  • Submitting sitemaps to Google
  • Following Proper and selective indexing methods to help both the users and search engines
  • Following  other regular SEO workarounds

Go social

Make your website scratch on every social surface like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on the rest of the social community herd. Generate and attract fresh organic leads form all the social fields and earn their trust by offering the knowledge they need.

Use an Analytics Program

Keep a track of every data set associated with your content and turn them into information for an organized future.

Finally, if you think that your contents are adding value to the web, keep up doing the good work. If not, there are ways to self-rectify and start afresh.

Penguin Update: It kills Web Spammers


Penguin algorithm update from Google hit the web on 24 April, 2012. Currently, Penguin 3.0 is filtering the web. It was mainly for those contents which can be termed as ‘Web spam’ or more precisely, ‘over-optimized’. This algorithm update altered 3% of search results, globally. The tag ‘web spam’ can be analyzed with the help of three different parameters of basic search engine optimization (SEO) you should avoid.

Unfaithful Link Building Process

If lead generation and backlink building process to any web content or to an entire content curating website is not natural or somewhat unfair with respect to the quality and the usability of the content or that webpage, it can be termed as web spam. Moreover, in this particular perception, contents, who link to an unethical web address also get penalized by Google.

Unfair SEO Practice

Consider those websites who practice unfaithful SEO policies like, black hat or similar techniques to gain the SERP rank, get penalized as they mainly target search engine bots with a tremendous violation of search engine guidelines and deliver no values to the organic web searchers.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the process of overusing rich or targeted keywords within a substandard content to beat other alike contents on the web which are often more useful to users. The principle intention behind this aggressive SEO technique is to fool the search engine bots where human curation is absent,but to deliver a better organized information to a user.

How to beat Penguin?

There are some standard SEO practices to beat Penguin in your content strategy. Before digging out those actual techniques, webmasters or content developers should ask themselves a simple question, am I doing anything that’s annoying users? The answer should be influenced by one single vision and that’s Google promotes safety and quality when content publishing is concerned.

Let us focus on some of the key workarounds to beat Penguin. They are,

  • Are you a proud owner of thin or plagiarized content? It’s time to show your mettle.
  • Are spammy and low-quality backlinks targeting your content? Eliminate them.
  • Practice a fair and natural link building process
  • Link and promote quality and relevant content for acquiring a greater rank value for your won content.
  • Are you injecting keywords in a hidden manner or employing any black-hat alike SEO techniques in your content generation? Genuine Creativity is getting killed.
  • Are you publishing duplicate content? Search and hunt them down.
  • Are your contents over-optimized by stuffing Keywords within your content? Keyword density should be within 2 to 4%. Remember, thin contents are no more the king.
  • Is your website getting spam warnings for spreading viruses, malwares or any artificial web distributing functions? It’s time to clean them up.

It’s clear that Panda and Penguin is branding quality contents with a rich ranking value in the Google search results. Decidedly, the good old phrase ‘content is the king’ doesn’t stand anymore. In the post Panda and Penguin arena that old phrase got a bit modified. Now it’s ‘quality content is the king’.


By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, he is working in a stellar digital marketing company TIS India Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out-of-the-box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.

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