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15 Effective Strategies for Driving Leads to Your Website

15 Effective Strategies for Driving Leads to Your Website
By Team TIS

Driving leads to your website is not an easy task to achieve but you have to put your best efforts into establishing your business identity in this highly competitive environment. Your website is not just a mere online brochure but it has to be efficient enough to generate sales for your business thus taking productivity to higher levels of achievement.

This efficiency can be achieved through effective advertising on multiple digital channels & devising strategies to improve their performance. For proper execution of these marketing strategies, there are some factors that cannot be ignored:

  • Compatibility of the strategies with the offered products and services
  • Proper Understanding of customer requirements
  • The company’s willingness to implement those strategies effectively
  • Analyzing key objectives and goals of your business

When you are aware of these factors, you can proficiently execute the strategies for better sales and conversion rates of your website.

Here are the 15 best strategies that ensure guaranteed online success for your business. You can implement these strategies individually or simultaneously for a positive impact on your business revenues.

1. Adopt a contemporary marketing strategy

Days are gone when you send push messages to your customers encouraging them to purchase your product or subscribe to your services. Your customers are already flooded with these old marketing techniques and a change is required if you want to enjoy the taste of success in this techno-savvy marketplace. Nowadays, companies are adopting the “Pull Marketing” strategy instead of the older interruption-based marketing strategy for connecting with their customers.

Pull marketing strategy employs three approaches:

All these approaches help in connecting users with your website for yielding enhanced Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Smart landing pages

If you think to redesign your website for augmenting traffic over your website, select smart landing pages because landing pages play a significant role in achieving better sales and revenue. Your landing pages should contain impressive content, necessary information, impressive colors, and stronger calls to action because then only the visitors will engage more with your website.

Let’s take an example of TIS India’s web development landing page:

This is a perfect example of a Smart landing page where you will find a bundle of impressive features incorporated for better user engagement:

  • Crystal clear headline: The headline is perfectly clear statement that it offers customer-focused solutions to its patrons, which are developed on effective programming concepts thus ensuring customers about high quality and timely delivery of services.
  • A strong call to action: It has stronger calls to action like “Get Started Now” that motivates the users to choose its website development services for getting outstanding results.
  • Confident benefit statements: All the statements in the main content area are written in a way to represent the company’s confidence in delivering the best services to the customers.

3. Capturing Information

Does this mean displaying high-quality and impressive content on your website? In fact, ‘no’ because capturing information does not mean displaying only impressive content on your website but the displayed content should be informative as well unique to capture the attention of users.

If you want your users to know more about your offered range of products and services, then explain to them in brief what makes your services unique from your competitors’ services because uniqueness is very important in driving more leads towards your traffic. Hence, to make your content reachable to users, it must be distinctive and useful enough to compel users to read it.

4. Go for a Short Check out process

For the owners of eCommerce websites, there is nothing much worse than having a multi-check-out process on their sites because it significantly hampers their conversion rates. Having a short check our process is painless for the users to make a purchase. Moreover, you can use the latest technologies for capturing key information about your customer so that even if he or she abandons the purchase, you can still send them promotional offers through emails.

5. Trust and Security Symbol

With the enhanced use of the internet, the threats of cyber-crimes have also increased. Hence the use of trust and security symbols on your website will definitely motivate the users to go purchase on your website. It assures them that their personal information is safe and the transactions performed by them over there are also protected to prevent any kind of unauthorized access. Therefore, displaying the Trust logos is compulsory to generate confidence among the users so that you can get improved leads through your site.

6. Behavioral Re-targeting

Behavioral re-targeting means showing Facebook ads and banner ads to the users when they are leaving your website. This technique has become very popular in online advertising. You might have observed that when you leave an eCommerce site after making a purchase, you can see its advertisement banners over the internet showing the products of your interest.

7. Promotional offers and discounts

Purchase within budget is the first priority of every customer and people like to get a deal that suits their pocket. Most of us get attracted to special offers and discounts. Whether we are planning to make a purchase or subscribing to website development and designing services, we always want an affordable shopping or investment experience.

You should always run discount offers and special offers on your website to drive user engagement towards your site. Some other important tricks for driving more and more leads towards your website are given as follows:

  • Smart banner ads: Try to devise smart banner ads for your customers because you never know when the customers will get impressed with the banner ads thus resulting in a purchase. The banner ad for Audi A4 is very much luring and inspiring. It exhibits the royalty and luxury of the new Audi A4 model with the urge to drive customers toward the Audi website for exploring more about this new car. 
  • Free trials/freebies: This is yet another way of catching the attention of users towards your products or services. Offering free trials or freebies to the users for encouraging membership subscriptions will help in generating tremendous leads for your website.

8. Email marketing

It sounds boring to send emails to your customers just for the sake of getting their attention. However, having a good email marketing strategy is beneficial for remarketing with your customer base effectively. The following tips may help you in improving your email marketing strategy:

  • Ensure to review the auto-responder emails of your website on regular basis and also customize your follow-ups quarterly for representing your current promotional offers adequately.
  • Motivate the people to join the Fan page of your company over social media platforms through your website’s email.

9. Customer referral programs

If you want to hike up the conversion rate of your website, then customer referral programs can be the best option to go for. It is similar to giving someone a $30 gift card for referring a customer to your website. Adding social sharing features on your landing pages or with your checkout processes inspires the users to share it on Facebook thus improving your website presence over social media platforms.

10. Displaying customer reviews

Customer reviews have proven effective in driving more sales because people trust the opinion of other customers more than the manufacturer’s descriptions. Every website owner should include a review section on their site if they are willing to engage visitors with their brand and build credibility. Following are some benefits of having a customer reviews section on a website:

  • Leaves a genuine impact on the users
  • 61% of online shoppers tend to read a customer review before making a purchase
  • Customers who are engaged with the reviews are 105% more likely to go for a purchase
  • Reviews have a positive effect on search engine rankings as they are likely to consist of a bundle of keywords that will improve your website ranking for the products you sell

11. Co-marketing campaigning

Co-marketing strategies are best for promoting your website and products among your customers. You can set up partnerships with reputed companies to start your co-marketing campaign. This will help the users to know more about your products and services because they will get a wider platform for exploring your offers.

Among the companies that have gained significant benefits with this strategy, we can take the example of Intel which has started its Intel Inside co-marketing campaign while partnering with PC manufacturers. This campaign has propelled Intel into the top 10 lists of most successful brands across the globe. The logo of Intel also benefits PC manufacturers by adding value to their brands. Many users and customers are also interested in how Intel Optane technology works.

12. Using Multi-channel marketing strategies

Does the title represent the promotion of a website through different internet channels? It means considering your partnership with affiliate/ sites for driving leads indirectly to your website thus enhancing the possibilities of better conversion rates. You can also develop your customer base with the help of B2C and C2C marketplaces.

13. Highlight your exclusives

Often in the midst of promoting your products and services, you forget to offer your exclusives to your customers. If you own something exclusive related to your business in the form of an exclusive VIP club or any other membership program, you can easily beef up your site traffic significantly.

14. Customize your site navigation

This is again a very effective way of directly influencing user engagement on your site. Customers can make a purchase in several ways on your website. Hence, you can organize your website in different ways so that they can navigate your website as per their needs.

For example, if you own an apparel online store, you can customize the navigation according to the latest summer collections, trending collections, little black dresses, and others so that people do the shopping as per their liking.

15. Maintain a blog & invite returning customers with fresh content

Interesting content on your site brings more subscribers, and followers to your website which ultimately brings back the returning visitors. It helps in improving the chances of conversion rates on your website. Therefore, if you maintain a blog section on your website and update it regularly with fresh content, your website ranking will surely improve over search engines increasing the opportunity for enhanced sales and revenue.


Driving customers to your website is very important for your business to close sales and grow. If you use the above-mentioned tips wisely, you can surely take advantage of every chance and satisfy your customers. Driving traffic to your website is an ongoing process and it will definitely yield results in the long run. Try one of these strategies on your website to give your business a significant traffic boost.  Keep working hard and moving forward by trying various methods and keeping a check on the results as to what works best for your business.

By Team TIS
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