Things to Be Considered Before Hiring an SEO Expert
16 August 2013

Things to Be Considered Before Hiring an SEO Expert

Hiring an SEO Expert

Web marketing is closely associated with Search engine optimization. SEO will improve the rank of a website by perpetuating it to appear more frequently on the search engine’s un-paid search results’ page. Subsequently, the website will witness an increase in web traffic. SEO works on factors such as the analytical operation of search engines, preferred list of keywords typed in and the popular search engines used by the visitors.

Hiring SEO Consultant is a good idea for businesses (local or global) that want to effectively increase attendance on their websites and to improve the over-all visibility of their respective products and services in the online domain. Although hiring a professional will be an added cost thus one must ensure to get a good return on the investment in terms of user’s engagement with your website and the rankings of your websites on the popular search engines, primarily Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Consider some pre-requisite qualities of an SEO expert and before hiring, weighing them will empower you to eliminate the good from the bad and in realizing that what kind of agency is most compatible with the nature of your venture. Remember you can also use the cheapest background check service to review their criminal records.

The desired SEO firm must be rational in creating the expectation level of their clients.

Be cautious of SEO firms that will make unrealistic promises. Any consultant claiming to get your website a number one rank on Google within a short duration is misleading you into believing something far-fetched. It can take even more than a year for keyword terms to rank well depending on the competition.

No honest and deserving agency will guarantee you a number one spot on search engines in a short span, rather they will logically share with you the existing data on keywords that best match your business and accordingly will device a rationale growth chart to improve your page’s ranks. Good optimization is bound to elevate your placements on the unpaid search pages but the eventual decision of who should be at the top is with respective search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

An ethical professional will share with you the entire data.

Good or bad, but you deserve to know everything that is pertaining to your website. Sound professionals will first identify the existing problems to your web page likebroken orbad back links, low indexing potential and before even starting your SEO campaign; they will first rectify the generic faults. Moving forward, the firm must be well versed with Google analytics and willing to share with you the performance reports. They should also readily consult with you on the strategies that will be used in optimizing your web page.

What changes will be made as title tags in your existing HTML code? Which pages will they like to redesign or reconstruct on your website? Ensure that a right choice is exercised whilst choosing organic keywords and also clarify on to the extent of content copyrighting the consultant is willing to provide on your page. Both selections will aid in getting higher and in the right kind of potential customers for your online business.

Any-body who claims to have deciphered the secret for search engine success and intends to keep it a secret is bluffing in the first place and must be avoided when looking to hire SEO professionals.

The past performance of an SEO agency will tell you a lot about that firm and how well matched it is to your requirements.

Most good consultants will be more than willing to share their successful SEO campaigns for previous clients, knowing that they have handled a similar product effectively in the past, is one up for the agency. Further-more a back ground check may also be performed by contacting some of the previous customers, given that none will share their analytical data with you but will easily share with you the impact of online marketing on their businesses and the level of client  servicing you may expect from your prospective consultant.

The SEO Consultant should Only Use Ethical White Hat Techniques

A good consultant should be wary of using any such technique that can threaten the existence of a website and cause it to be evicted from search engines. All search engines have a standard webmaster’s directory that should be followed. Keyword stuffing in your website’s html code or using plagiarized content are just some of the tactics that your consultant must be wary of.

Going against the webmaster’s guide will invariably result in low search page rankings of your website or no ratings at all.

The desired consultant must have a clear Business Plan and must share periodic performance reports

How often will analytical reports be shared with you? How to restrict any changes in your page coding without your consent? You need to outline and spell out your business plan clearly to align it with the website’s marketing strategies, thus you will be able to comprehend better the internet marketing strategies and the desired results.

An Excellent Consultant must look Beyond Web traffic

Definitely an individual or an enterprise seeking / using SEO services will want to convert the visitors on their website into potential customers. Consequently, the SEO Company must pay heed to the website’s design, structure, easy navigation and SEO friendly layout etc. These must be duly discussed with you as an increase in traffic does not necessarily connote that the visitors will stay on and convert into loyal customers.

How do the SEO experts charge and the deliverability of it.

High fee is no parameter for the credibility and most importantly the SEO objectives must be met with in the budget, so when contacting agencies for the respective projects, one must openly discuss the financial budget, enabling the consultancy to offer services that can be undertaken with-out exceeding the allocated finances. Although charging per project is a given norm but make sure that the consultancy is able to pronounce whether or not it is comfortable functioning within your expenditure limits. Depending on the project’s magnitude and demands, $1500 – $7500 is prevailing per project costs.

What is the formula for success mapping?

How does an agency claim that they have done good work is easily verifiable through Google analytical report and before finalizing, ensure the frequency of it and the firm’s capabilities in handling and decoding such reports. Also you must examine the traffic on your website as this isa valid source and ensure that the agency is qualified enough to interpret the analytics to further improve your site’s rankings. Discussing the parting terms in advance will also go a long way in securing your side of the contract.

Analyzing these factors will not only bring in favorable results and take your business to the next stage, but, also save you from scams and false promises made by the SEO Company that cannot be delivered. The fundamental idea is to make such decisions that will prove better for your trade and keep you ahead of your rivals. SEO is a strong marketing tactic that, when coupled with the right website design, brings the desired traffic and rewards for your website.

By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, he is working in a stellar digital marketing company TIS India Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out-of-the-box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.

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