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5 Tips to Improve Page Views & Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress

5 Tips to Improve Page Views & Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress
By Team TIS

Bloggers often have the common perception that it is not easy to get visitors to their blogs. But if you talk about the expert bloggers, then their perception is completely different as they think that bringing visitors to the blogs is not as complex as it is engaging them for a longer duration. Most of the time, visitors come to your website, but they don’t stay there for long.

Now, let’s proceed with the main topic of this post which is related to learning the tips for improving page views and reducing the bounce rate in WordPress blogs. Before we start, it is necessary to know about both these terminologies: Page Views and Bounce Rate.

Page Views is the number of times the pages are viewed by visitors on your website and this is an important concept for bloggers as it is not easy to attract visitors to your blog pages.

On the other hand, Bounce Rate calculates the percentage of visitors who enter your website and leave the site rather than viewing other web pages of your site. Now, when you have learned about these terminologies, you must be thinking about the tips that can help you in achieving what the title of this blog post reads. In today’s post, I am sharing some important tips that will help you to enhance the overall page views on your website and reduce bounce rates as well.

1. Interlink Your Content

The best way to increase page views and minimize bounce rate is to interlink your blog posts with other posts. If you have interlinked your blog posts in an intelligent way, you are actually grabbing the attention of blog readers towards your website and in this way; you can also direct some traffic towards your old posts as well. Hence, the interlinking of your blog contents will not only help in enhancing the bounce rate on your site but will also help in improving the ranking of your site in search results.

Besides manual interlinking, you can also use the SEO Smart links or insights plugins to auto interlink your blog posts in an optimized way.

2. Display the Similar Posts after the Post

This is something that is very important for decreasing the bounce rate on your website. The key reason why a user leaves your site after reading a blog post is that you are not displaying any related posts or additional information. If you will display a list of similar posts or popular blog posts, you will give them a chance to look for more information on these posts, which will not only give them ample time to spend on your site but will also motivate them to search for more information on your site, which is required for improving page views and decreasing the bounce rate.

For adding the related or popular posts to your blog, you can use different plugins like the YARPP which comes with an advanced algorithmic structure for choosing and displaying the related posts. You can also display similar posts without using any plugin with the help of tags or categories. You can also show the related posts by the same author as well.

3. Use Excerpts on Front/Archive Pages

Your blog’s home page is similar to the magazine’s front page. Hence, it is better to avoid placing larger text posts on the home page, instead place excerpts on front/archive pages because it comes with two benefits:

  • Reduces load time of the page
  • It helps in increasing the page views

Therefore, it is advised not to show the entire length of your content on your blog’s home page. You can use the “Read More” tag to overcome this issue as this will help in increasing the speed of your website. Suppose there is a blog post containing 25 pictures, and you are displaying 5 pictures randomly on one page. It will be an appalling experience for the readers and it might cause them to leave your website without going through the complete post.

Here is an example of a Sample Homepage of WordPress Genesis Framework, where the excerpts are displayed on the front page by using the “Read More” tag.

WordPress developers don’t have to put extra effort into showing the related posts because there are many themes of WordPress that come integrated with this option like Thesis, Genesis, Headway, etc.

4. Divide the Lengthy Posts

The page views can be improved drastically if you choose to split the lengthy posts into multiple posts. However, the split posts should be interlinked with each other to make it easy for the readers to locate the others. When you divide the posts, it is necessary to ensure that each of these single posts can stand on its own. You should be careful while dividing the posts because if a single post has not had enough content, then the readers might get pissed off by going through the smaller sections of the same post.

Splitting the posts into multiple posts offer a much better user experience to the visitors because not only does it add sense to personal reading, but it also helps them to grab the information in an uncomplicated way.

5. Use Interactive Sidebar

The sidebar plays an important role in improving page views and cutting the bounce rates hence, you can show the “popular posts” or the “most liked posts” on the sidebar. You can also customize your most liked or popular posts by week, month, or all time or you can also show your recent posts on single post pages. There are many websites that use custom images for navigating to certain posts of their own. You can also use your sidebar for adding other sections to your WordPress site.


A study suggests that approximately 70% of people who abandon your website do not return back to it. Hence, it is very important that you have a way to connect with them even if they leave in order to get them back to the website. Two of the best options to do so are either you send them out emails or adding web push notifications to your website.

These two options are extremely helpful when it comes to increasing your website page views and overall traffic. You must also focus on avoiding cluttered web designs like avoiding using many advertisements, or long posts. Instead, you can improve the loading time of your website by using excerpts to make their reading experience more enjoyable.

By doing so, you are offering your users a better experience which in turn will enhance your page views and reduce your bounce rate effectively.

This guide helps you with all the available methods to increase your traffic with proven tips and tricks.

By Team TIS
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