TIS Weekend Bash at Rishikesh
15 December 2014

TIS Weekend Bash at Rishikesh


Each and every member of TIS Family was awaiting 12th of December. Not because it was Friday but, because it was the time when we were going for an adventurous official trip. The place chosen was Rishikesh and the venue was the Alaknanda River Adventure Camp.

Trekking down to the camp location, playing volleyball, crossing rapids and partaking in team building exercises, we all made memories for lifetime and found out a completely different versions of each other in the cocktail party 😉

To all those who have left this wonderful family to pursue their interests and to those who are still a part of this family, here are some wonderful glimpses of our RISHIKESh TRIP:

Manas Is All Excited

Making Great Memories

All set to go for River Rafting


The Real Adventurers Out In The Water


It's Called Picture Perfect


This Is Where We Stayed


Happy They Are

Volleyball caught everyone's fancy


Warmth Was Much Needed That Night


Posing Time

Basking in the Sun, but where is the Sun

They Like To Get Clicked


Our Dear Bosses

The Studs


Memories Collected


This post is written by Gaurav, the social media expert in the team with a sweet boy personality. Shy at times but when he speaks, it results into burst of laughter. Other than spending most of his time on Facebook (well, his work demands this), he is a traveler & pet lover at heart.



By Team TIS

Team TIS is a bunch of hard-working, creative, witty and friendly employees who work in accord with each other to meet organizational objectives. At the same time, they don't waste any opportunity to laugh and make fun of each other. Being a part of TIS family, they also know how to care and help each other in the hour of need.

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