21 November 2012

Ways to create compelling content when you go clueless

Ways to create compelling content when you go clueless
By Subhash Chandra


Do you find yourself clueless while writing for your blog? Undoubtedly creating compelling content for the self owned blog & maintaining the readership is a complex task. You have to get inspired, research, find facts and figures and there could be several things that have to be taken into for captivating huge readership.

Not every blogger is able to make a mark, but choosing a topic that has an interest, a controversy or uniqueness can do wonders for you. Easy way to earn fame is presenting content, which is in the limelight. Collect information, research to weave your content by voicing your own opinions. This requires staying updated, because the one who snooze will lose.

Copyblogger presented a beautiful infographic sharing 22 ways to create a compelling content for the bloggers, especially when they go clueless.

Read the infographic below and find creative ideas for the next posts for your blog.


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