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Why WordPress is An Ideal Platform for Startups!!

Why WordPress is An Ideal Platform for Startups!!
By Team TIS

When you are enthusiastic to implement a great start-up idea online, the first thing that comes up your mind is: how to build an attractive and attention-worthy website that can help you market and sell your products & services to a gigantic internet audience almost instantly. Most often, you get frustrated while looking at so many options that are available out there in the market with their own set of pros and cons. From my vast experience of completing 500+ international projects at TIS India with a highly determined team of website developers and designers, I have come to the conclusion that the choice of the right platform is indispensable for the success of every online business today.

However, it is absolutely challenging yet important to choose a platform which is powerful enough to provide you with extreme versatility and high-end customizability – all in one place.

So, why not consider WordPress – the one and only award-winning Open Source Content Management System which is ruling the web today with a total of 42.9% of the world’s websites thriving successfully on its robust platform? Undeniably, the high-end flexibility and the ease in the operability of WordPress have made it stand out from the crowd of various other Open Source frameworks that are populating the web cloud. With WordPress, it is possible to jumpstart your project with a little budget without compromising even a bit on the functionalities, aesthetics, and most importantly, usability. So, let’s gear up our tech minds with the latest features and functionalities of WordPress to get the most out of this renowned platform this fiscal year !!

A 4-in-one platform for Lean Startups: Easy to install, Quick to Build, Simple to Convert, and Facile to customize

Usually, small businesses don’t have big investors and huge capital to start from. Hence, they can’t spend on sophisticated infrastructure and vast human resources when they step into the digital market. In such a scenario, there is a dire need for a promising platform that can offer multiple functionalities along with prolonged benefits that can help them realize their dreams in a minimal possible time and within a limited budget.

So, if you’re a novice entrepreneur who is eager to implement his start-up idea with a small capital, WordPress is a boon for you!! If you don’t believe me, let me explain how WordPress makes it possible!!

1) It is extremely easy to install WordPress. Almost every hosting solution vendor in the market provides an automatic ‘click and install’ interface for WordPress. This not only reduces the overhead of manual installation of files via FTP but it saves both your time and money.

2) Designing & Development of a WordPress website is much quicker and more affordable than any other CMS platform(Joomla, Drupal, etc), dedicated frameworks, or programming language. The reason is, that the WordPress library is the world’s largest repository of both free & commercial themes and plugins which can be easily integrated into a website.

However, you may not develop a love-at-first-sight kind of relationship with the free themes of WordPress as most of them are not aesthetically appealing. Plus, none of the themes (even the paid ones) can completely fit the specific business requirements of your brand and with so many WordPress websites on the web, your chosen design may clash with some other website leading to front-end duplicacy. If you have to emerge uniquely best amongst your customers, just choosing a free theme and framing your website deliberately into it can cost you sales & leads. So here, I strongly recommend you to hire a good team of WordPress developers and designers who are experts in WordPress customization.

3) The best part about WordPress is its inherent flexibility that lets you customize each and everything the way you want and that too on your own. With WordPress, Site management becomes much easier and quicker with the famous user-friendly editor: WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) which is built into it. This editor has drag-and-drop functionality to let you create new web pages, posts, or articles easily and quickly just like you do with any other editor you’re familiar with.

Below I have included a screenshot of this built-in editor right from our own WordPress dashboard to make you understand better. You might notice two tabs in this diagram – Visual and Html. In the “visual” tab, you can write content, place images, and do everything just like you do in MS word, and whoa, when you click the HTML tab, you will see that WP automatically codes the HTML for you!! Further, if you don’t want to publish your new blog or webpage live on your website, you can save it as a draft and use it later.

No other platform, Joomla or Drupal is blessed with this kind of editor till now and yes, they’re working on this aspect in an endeavor to outpace WordPress. But unfortunately, none of the platforms have succeeded in this attempt as of now.

4.) WordPress is the only economical solution if you compare the project development costs with any other platform. In terms of hiring costs and development time, WordPress is the cheapest and best solution to consider. Whilst it is important to get the front end customized by expert WordPress developers, you will save on the hefty site management costs if you choose WordPress.

The Biggest Warehouse of Free Goodies – Beautiful themes, Readymade modules, and Super functional plug-ins at your fingertips

WordPress users are growing at the speed of light and so are its themes and plugins. With more than 31010 themes to download and over 55,000+ plugins to integrate, the WordPress library is the largest amongst all other open source CMS platforms.

WordPress lets you enjoy your project to its core without the hassle of coding anything on your own and that too for free. It promises much more than the support and that’s Flexibility, Scalability & Stability. Not only this, it lets you choose from a wide range of beautiful themes and functional modules so that you can mould and customize everything according to your desire.

Some of the featured plugins that WordPress boasts of include: Buddypress – a social networking plugin that lets you create your own community of friends or customers; WP Super Cache – an extremely fast caching engine that produces static html files; Theme-check – an exclusive theme development tool that also lets you test your theme on all versions and BBPress – an exclusive forum software.

As far as WordPress themes are concerned, I would recommend you to go through one of my previous posts – web design trends that talk about the hottest trends that are ruling the web right now along with the suggested best responsive themes that can give an aesthetically appealing brand new look to your web designs.

Built-in SEO capabilities – A weapon to outreach to more and more customers right from the start

SEO- friendliness is something that’s built into WordPress. Its architecture is that way – Practice Modern SEO Effortlessly!! WordPress comes with some exclusive SEO optimization tools that will let you attract website traffic right from day one. I am listing some very important features below to make you aware of the SEO support that WordPress offers.

  • WordPress gives you the ability to create Permalinks –user-friendly URLs that enhance your site’s visibility to a great extent. With the permalink feature, you can control the type of URLs or links and convert big meaningless names to meaningful ones that search engines can easily understand. For e.g usually, when you create a webpage dynamically through frameworks, the URL that is created looks like – http://www. But with permalinks, they will be converted to meaningful URLs like, etc.
  • With WordPress, you can easily include Keywords, meta tags, descriptions, etc with every webpage via Custom Fields Option
  • Image optimization via adding alt texts and title tags is easy with WordPress. Plus, you can easily add captions to your images. All this can be done using its robust admin panel with utmost ease.
  • WordPress gives you the ability to categorize everything on your site. This lets you arrange all your important stuff (articles, posts, etc) automatically just like aggregating everything into small folders. This helps search engines index everything fast. Here if you play intelligent, you can include the most-searchable keywords as names of the categories to boost traffic on your site.
  • WordPress allows you to create tags just like you create labels at the end of your article. This lets you use keyword phrases to describe your post better and faster. Plus, it will assist both search engines and web surfers in finding your site.
  • WordPress makes cross-linking easier by allowing you to create inbound links efficiently. Hence it’s like another WordPress tool that facilitates search engine optimization.
  • There are numerous 3rd party SEO plugins and hacks which can be easily downloaded from the official WordPress plug-in directory. The integration of these plugins into your website can serve all your advanced SEO purposes efficiently.

To summarize, no CMS platform other than WordPress can act as an SEO saint to meet all your search engine optimization requirements as well. WordPress automatically generates search engine-friendly URL’s for you. If you add a couple of extensions to it, like the Google XML sitemap, All-in-One SEO pack, and Yoast, your site has a good chance to rank high in search engines since you’re optimizing everything right from the start. Not just this, search engines also tend to love WordPress. The reason is, that WordPress comes bundled with a self-ping feature, and every time when you update your WordPress site or blog, it will notify all major search engines to refresh its database and fetch the cached copy of your new stuff. Generally, if you don’t use WordPress, crawlers take at least 10-15 days time to index your new content when you make any changes on your website, and thus it hurts your revenue generation goals. So, if you are looking for a built-in SEO solution with the CMS you wish to choose, you must go with WordPress!!

Launch a solid content marketing strategy – An integrated Blog cum Website

Executing a result-oriented Digital Marketing campaign is impossible without WordPress ever since Content Marketing has taken first seat in the business strategy of the modern era. All the traditional ways of marketing have been flushed by smart entrepreneurs and now all focus is on creating an editorial calendar that can pull in quality traffic and generate new leads. For this, it is necessary to create a separate blog wherein you can frequently post new articles and manage the news related to your business. WordPress is the only robust solution that offers you both web development and blogging features. Plus, it also lets you integrate social media widgets in your posts and share everything via “Like”, “Share” and “Pin” buttons so that you can build good repo with your target audience as well as existing customers.

Perfect Platform to cast a spellbound the Mobile Audience

Mobile Technology is the new storm that has swiped off everybody with its touch screen revolution. I am pretty sure that every fifth Internet user right now is surfing the web via mobile phone or tablet. Thus, it is certainly foolish if you ignore mobile-friendliness when you are choosing a platform for your business. The majority of the sites and blogs already have a mobile version that can run smoothly regardless of the device and browser being used. And, WordPress again wins here with its Mobile specific themes and plugins that transform your existing site into a complete mobile site in a jiffy!! Some of the best themes, plugins, and toolkits that are available for WordPress users include – WPTap, WPTouch, WordPress Mobile Pack, MobilePress, etc.

You can even create a custom mobile-friendly WordPress admin panel for yourself to manage comments, create new posts or change anything on your site with utmost comfortability even when your laptop or PC is not around. This can be done with the exclusive WordPress apps – WordPress for iPhone, WordPress for Blackberry, WordPress for Android, and iPhone all absolutely free and easy to use.

Exclusive Support Guaranteed with a huge WordPress community

Whilst the community of WordPress is already the largest amongst all other open source CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, etc; it is constantly growing by leaps and bounds. With all the tech geeks & application programming nerds in one place, one cannot doubt the support that is offered to the users of this giant platform. So, you need not worry if you get stuck implementing your star idea at midnight. Just relax and join the community. From detailed documentation to comprehensive tutorials, video lessons, and screencasts, etc, you can easily develop anything that you want. Currently, the WordPress community publishes 5 lakh new posts every day and there are more than 8 lakh videos on YouTube featuring WordPress tutorials. In fact, there are over 90,000 WordPress developers listed on alone for those who would like to outsource their projects to web development experts.


At present, the total number of websites powered by WordPress is approximately 30% of all websites. Since WordPress is very sought-after and expandable, the businesses who are using it have higher growth chances. With all said and done, WordPress is surely the best decision for your website.

With such a large number of fascinating features to its credit, it is certainly impossible to ignore the capabilities of WordPress and compromise the business goals by adopting any platform other than this. It is always wise to foresee the growth with a growing platform and envision a small enterprise reaching new heights of success.

It is being used by most startups because the platform is itself free, is mobile responsive, and comes with multiple templates that may cost around $9-$59 which is not a very expensive solution for a website.

If you would like to give us a chance to join hands with you in building a successful enterprise, have a word with our team of experienced web designers and developers or read all our latest web development blogs that talk about the newest web-building trends. Good luck !!

By Team TIS
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