Wordpress Design Trends That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked In 2015
31 December 2014

WordPress Design Trends That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked In 2015


With 2014 proceeding towards its end wrapping all its sweet and sour memories together, we must update ourselves with some of the hottest web design trends of WordPress to ensure success in the New Year 2015.

The summing up of 2014 has left behind many latest WordPress design trends that should be followed in next year including some new that have not been explored by the web designers yet. WordPress accounts for around 75 million websites on the internet that clearly exhibits the growing popularity and adoption of this technology among the website developers and owners. Being a WordPress developer, designer or a business owner, you might be eager to know what WordPress design trends are useful to you.

Keeping in mind, the popular WordPress design trends that will surely bring magical outcomes in the field of website designing, I am listing here top 7 trends that shouldn’t be overlooked in 2015.

1.Responsive Web Design – Magic Will Continue

The way internet is getting consumed via Smartphones is stirring at lightning speed with most of the internet users access the World Wide Web via Smartphones and Tablets. Therefore among all forecasted WordPress web design trends that will emit their spark in 2015, Responsive web design stood at first place.


In response to the flexible approach towards using internet, it makes sense that companies will continue on developing their websites more streamlined and user friendly for different platforms and that’s exactly what responsive web design does and will continue doing in next year as well.

Moreover, the introduction of new technologies such as smart watches, smart TVs etc. offer more room for the Responsive web design to move in the future because this is something that will be required always to view visually appealing websites on different screen sizes. Undoubtedly, this trend will persist to dominate the web design market owing to its flexibility and usefulness.

2. Focus on Background Images Will Surge

It is a known fact that words cannot do justice to pictures because a picture values hundreds of words alone. Therefore, this would be a new trend that would be a promising factor for web designers in 2015. Substantial background pictures would grow in importance and this is something that helps the WordPress sites in bringing life to their designs. The use of high definition (HD) and clear background pictures will become a necessity for WordPress website owners to make their site more eye-catching and lively for the visitors and this ongoing trend of using HD quality background images will definitely persist in 2015 as well.

WordPress has already adopted the full size high definition background images as a part its template design format and Cars WordPress theme is an example of a HD quality background image WordPress template


The background images will not only help in enhancing user engagement on WordPress sites, but they can easily act as a central point in the overall design of the website for generating a particular atmosphere on the web page by assisting the communication of your brand messages with your target audiences.

3. Welcome Flat – Goodbye to Pattern, Gradients, Shadows and Bubbles

Although, flat designs have established their presence for some time now, but they are regarded as Industry standard and hence, are one of the coolest web design trends that will continue to flourish in 2015 as well. The New Year 2015 will see many WordPress websites going flat and bidding farewell to other web design elements like patterns, gradients, shadows, and bubbles. It is the right time to embrace the simplicity and insightfulness of the flat designs that is somehow related with the most popular web design trend in demand and this is minimalism.

Willow is a multi-purpose one page WordPress flat design theme that embosses a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics with accord to appeal audiences:


No matter whether the target audiences will access the websites via desktops, laptops, Smartphones, or tablets, flat design are perfect for all devices by offering an intelligible page structure and clear layout. While Google has already called flat designs is material design due to their perfect combination of innovative technology with classic and good design principles, WordPress sites developed on flat design themes are definitely growing to catch impressive traffic and demand in the New Year.

4. Scrolling Will Take over Clicking

Scrolling will continue its dominance in near future due to its flexibility and functionality in the mobile phone environments. By offering a much pleasurable mobile experiences to the mobile phone users with a tendency to be more amicable and portable, scrolling will take over clicking that has been less supported by them in 2015. Due to the increasing popularity of scrolling as a demanding web design trend, there are various WordPress one page sites with scrolling feature integrated over the internet with more additions to come in the imminent year.

Live- A one page WordPress theme is a good example of a site with scrolling feature:


It will enhance the load time of the web pages, which is important for a website’s success. It means once again, the one page designed WordPress site with scrolling feature will get victory in the website wars challenging the standard multi-page layout tab in the New Year 2015 by offering more user-friendly and intuitive websites.

5. Ghosts Buttons- Something to Gain Focus in 2015

Apparently, Ghosts buttons are another web design trends that will become popular together with the Background images in 2015 for WordPress websites


With their smart, stylish, subtle and minimalistic design, these buttons will add the perfect touch of modernity and elegance to the website’s design. Besides other benefits that will help in increasing their popularity as the demanding web design trend for WordPress websites are:

  • They will give clean and minimalistic look to the website.
  • They will work with all types of design schemes.
  • They are easy to create and design.

All these benefits will contribute equally in continuing the demand and recognition of Ghost buttons in 2015.

6. Typography Will Get More Focus

Gone are the days of Times New Roman and Ariel websites. The New Year will see the enhanced accessibility of reasonably priced and high quality web fonts due to the rising demand of expressive, creative and varied Typography trend within web design. The catalogue of accessible options in Typography is set to expand in 2015 and font sizes will also play an important role in the selection of Typography in the imminent year.

Due to the rise in small screen usage and clean design styles, the bigger Typography will see a boost in their usage in 2015 to avoid small screen users peeking at their mobile phones in frustration.

Mi is a single column WordPress theme that comes with TypeCase plugin to allow the web designers change the theme’s fonts as per their requirements:


7. HTML5 & CSS3 Will Get More Consideration In 2015

With the increasing recognition of WordPress in the website design domain, HTML5 & CSS3 are the two trends that would surely get better consideration in 2015, since they will not only help in improving the upload time of your WordPress website, but will also help in enhancing the compatibility of your site with different browsers of both mobile and desktop devices.

Moreover, these two web design trends will assure that your clients get proper accessibility of your website with their low speed internet connectivity as well.

At the end, all the above web design trends are based on the varied needs of the ever widening internet user market, but still these are considered pivotal in setting up new milestones in the world of website design in 2015. With internet speeding up in usage and popularity in upcoming years both via desktop and mobile devices, companies will definitely love to treat these predicted web design trends as pillar strengths for assured success of their websites in the New Year

By Manmeet Anand

Manmeet singh is a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER with TIS India Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. from many Years. He is a programming geek who spends most of his time developing web applications , enhancing user experiences and creating usable softwares. He has helped many overseas clients come out of the project management nightmares by comprehensive requirement analysis and ensuring timely delivery of projects.

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