Wordpress Customization

Do the default themes of WordPress match with your business image? If your answer is no, you are on the right page!

Customize WordPress as per your business requirements! ti india
A lot of website owners often feel that the default themes of WordPress do not represent their business image, for all those who need to customize wordpress theme as per their business needs; TIS India is providing expert wordpress customization services and professional consultation to increase your business profits in a customized way.

To grow your business online and make it more productive, we optimize the dynamic features of WordPress to include innovative graphical and creative traits along with add-ons and programming functionalities to customize wordpress theme and provide complete satisfaction.

TIS India guarantees you the best of below mentioned services for WordPress customization:

  • Installation and Incorporation of Wordpress - Custom Template Along with the full feature compatibility on all servers, we also install the most stable version of WordPress with consistent settings, custom wordpress template, social networking widgets, complete spam protection and attractive wordpress template design that gives it the look as per your brand image.
  • Wordpress Customization of Themes - Our custom wordpress themes would be based on the kind of service you provide in the market. Suppose you deal in jewelry business, the expert wordpress theme designers at TIS India make sure that your wordpress blog or website includes every feature needed for a jewelry site. We would perform the Wordpress customization services as per your Logo and attractive template elements and the most suitable header graphics to go with your fonts and colors and make it look more attractive.
  • Plugins customization or development - We will set up the plug-ins and buttons for easy navigation of your blog. Some are created to make using your blog easier for you, other help the visitors subscribe and your blog and some add technical components that will make your blog easier for you.
  • Search Engine Friendly - Our Wordpress designers will customize your wordpress blog or site in a SEO friendly manner to get you more targeted traffic.
  • Full control with Widgets - We make sure that all your wordpress custom themes are "widgetized", which means you will be able to control what elements appear in your sidebar and in what order. You will get maximum control and will be able to use widgets for a variety of areas of your blog as per your needs, which will give you utmost control over your content without even touching the code.
  • Upgraded commenting - This feature will let your visitors post comments about your content and create rich discussions with each other. It is excellent for building a good and reliable readership and ensuring return traffic.
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