5 Chronic Problems You Can Solve with Marketing Automation

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal


    Marketing automation has become a highly discussed topic among marketers. And there is a good reason for this popularity!

    As the numbers via Ve Interactive suggest, marketing automation for B2B is on the road to become an industry worth $5.5 billion dollars. This shows that the interest in marketing automation is here to stay for a long time. And companies getting a first mover advantage are likely to thrive over their competitors in the industry.

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    4 Advanced Metrics that Show You Your Content’s Worth

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    Advanced Content Metrics

    A successful content marketing strategy can enable elevated engagement and at the same time, nurture a sense of community that inspires persistent loyalty to your brand. It offers an opportunity to sell your brand, and simultaneously offer insights and value to your target audience. It can allow you to position yourself as an authority, a though leader, within your industry.

    Why tracking of content performance matters?

    Being able to analyze your content marketing activities, from development to distribution, is crucial to iterating its success. You can make use of analytics to recognize and address both concerns and opportunities in your content strategy. Keeping a close watch on your numbers help you to understand what’s working (so you can capitalize on it) and what’s not (so you can re-consider it).
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    Top Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

    The digital marketing world is constantly crossing newer milestones with each passing day. It is changing and growing continuously. In order to keep up the pace with the technological advancement of the latest age and enhance your business growth, you must integrate your marketing endeavours with the growing digital marketing trends in 2019. Make your brand marketing more impactful and relevant by following these successful digital marketing trends to push newer boundaries in 2019.
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    How Will Content Marketing Strategy Influence SEO?

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    How Will Content Marketing Strategy influence SEO

    SEO is not just a ‘gift of internet’ but an asset to your brand/business that backs you for your online growth. On the other hand, content marketing and SEO are like best friends that work hand in hand to obtain desired results. Wondering about its relevance? We have listed down the influence of content marketing (changing pattern) on SEO to bring internet revolution. Let’s see how best friends can become the game changer!

    Bite Size Content

    The length of the content has always been a topic of discussion. When Twitter introduced 140-character policies, the face of content marketing completely changed across all the digital platforms. Later when it increased the limit to 280 characters, companies increased their number of tweets per day to scale up their content marketing game. Do you think, the shorter message delivery on social media has empowered the SEO strategies?With shorter messages and easy to understand content, audience prefers reading these messages to get the information handy, compact and in a jiffy.  If you are a company that is looking to nail this trend with your open strategies, you need to cover your information in a crisp, short and fresh format and attract maximum readers on your targeted page.

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    8 Tips to Enhance Your Brand Awareness and Presence Online

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    brand Awareness

    Call it the epic battle between David and Goliath. From downtown New York, Venice, Paris to Munich, the number of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) outnumber the number of blue chip multinational corporations doing business. Yet, the tragedy of this truth is that the population of MSMEs across the world makes for statistical data and a crowd but established market leading brands that come under the shelter of scaled up blue chip corporations are the ones that people know, recognize and transact with. In other words, blue chip corporations have a reputation that could range from great to good or bad. MSMEs on the other hand despite forming the pack of the global economy are the herd; the ones that investors, customers, and employees do not know.

    Digital marketing companies and consultants including us at TIS acknowledge the fact that in best cases MSMEs at best struggle to build a reputation and thus are unable to leverage it as a move of strategic behaviour and branding. The gravity of the challenge only increases if the reputation is bad. However not everything is lost and at last paradise it seems can be regained. Thanks to the evolution of the digital ecosystem for doing business and the cost, process and time efficiencies of online reputation management being offered by digital marketing companies, MSMEs can look forward to reinventing the rules of competition in the market.
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    How a Good Customer Experience Strategy Can boost your Website Revenue?

    Posted by Amit Kothiyal

    website revenue
    You have come across the term ‘customer experience’ every now and then but do you really know what that experience is? Well, it is merely a perception that customer has about your brand or product. In your opinion, your brand and customer experience may be one thing together but if the customer perceives it to be different, then that is what customer experience is. You may be under the impression that your products and services are the best and you give the best customer experience but when a customer receives a faulty product or services, then their perception towards you and your organization changes, which becomes the real thing.

    Thus, creating a good customer experience strategy is one of the most important things to do for a company. Improving the existing customer experience has the ability to reflect in the company’s revenues. The CX index is a way of measurement to quantify things like service quality, sales, and loyalty.
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    How To Create Authoritative Content For Your Blog

    Posted by Subhash Chandra

    content marketing

    One of the many objectives of running a blog is to establish credibility among your readers. Website visitors are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product if they look up to you as an authority in your industry.

    But writing a high authority content piece is easier said than done. It is not uncommon for bloggers to suffer from a writers’ block, especially considering that most of the popular topics in your industry have already been extensively written about.

    There are however many ways you could still create content that is not only highly authoritative but also engaging to your audience. Here are a bunch of strategies you could explore.
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    Why Video Content Marketing is a Hit with Consumer Brands in 2018?

    Posted by Subhash Chandra


    The consumer brands vertical is betting big on video content marketing in the year 2018. Three of the biggest consumer brands in the world are leading the direction and news is that their video content marketing investments are gaining traction in the market. Let’s figure this out. The Leonardo da Vinci of the smart phone industry, Apple has committed an investment of $1 billion for original video content marketing on its streaming platform. Second, PepsiCo has in November last year, opened a brand new video content creation studio in downtown Manhattan. Third, Netflix, the video content streaming giant is reshaping the way video content is created, marketed and consumed in the ICE (information, communication and entertainment) space. Whether you are looking for a show on professional soccer, politics or the latest in fashion trends from New York’s greatest design labels, one platform has it all- Netflix.

    Is there any data to back the claims that consumer brands are tilting heavily towards video content format in 2018? Is video content marketing a new buzz word or is it the next big thing in the content marketing and advertising functions of business? What are the drivers of live video content marketing? How do consumer brands stand to gain from spending hefty amounts on video marketing? TIS, the leading digital consulting company answers these questions and more here.
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