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10 Amazing Stats About WordPress You Ought To Know

Posted by Joy


With the progress of technology, digital marketing and blogging have really been on the rise. The need of the hour is an efficient content management system that can cater to the rising demands and meet the certain expectations like having an easy-to-operate user interface, proper blog section for easy blogging, non-technical HTML-free editing throughout the website etc. This is where WordPress comes in and answers all our prayers by providing a unique and hands-on user interface, an in-built blog section for easy blogging and providing a HTML-free editing as demanded! More than a quarter of the web now depends on the services and platform of WordPress. This is how swiftly and quickly this service has risen in demands and functions over the last few years.
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5 Must Know Stats about Business Blogging

Posted by Subhash Chandra

Stats About Business Blogging

As a business, there is no reason why you should not opt for blogging. Keeping your audiences engaged with content on new product launches, tips and tricks, and solutions to common problems goes a long way in directing traffic to your website and enhancing your company’s brand image. In fact, blogging constitutes a large element in content marketing, which has remarkable uses in enhancing corporate visibility and reputation of the firm, in addition to other benefits.

According to sources, blogging is instrumental in acquiring customers and increasing investment returns. If you are still unsure of how blogging may be of benefit to you, here are 5 business blogging stats you need to know about.
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Top 10 Strategies For Increasing Visitors Time on Blog

Posted by Joy


Blogging is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. It is easy to create a blog but it is very difficult to maintain your blog with significant traffic. As a blogger, you always try to keep your users engaged to your posts for longer duration by offering them relevant and interesting information, but what makes you worry is when your visitors leave your blog within seconds of their visits. Although, branding through blogs is the best way of creating your business buzz over internet but if it not done with accuracy, then you might suffer from lower traffic and leads, which will ultimately affect your sales and revenue.
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5 Main Reasons Why Guest Blogging Is Still A Crucial SEO Strategy For Your Business

Posted by Kuldeep Singh

Why Guest Blogging Is Still A Crucial SEO Strategy

After reading Google Spam Team leader, Matt Cutts’ latest article The Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO, which was posted on his personal blog on January 20, my initial reaction was that I need to perhaps think about developing a new SEO strategy for link-building other than relying heavily on guest blogging to generate backlinks to my clients’ websites.
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Importance of Fresh Content in Google Search Ranking

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

Fresh content always play an important role in helping websites obtain good ranking in Google. New contents have always been the secret for improving page ranks while the old ones or out of date articles eventually loses their value.

CMS websites and blogs have become a favorite among business owners who are operating online because these help them attain a good position in Google. These two, blogs and CMS, are regularly updated with good contents that’s why their ranks are always above the static sites which hadn’t been brought up to date for a long time.

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Ways to create compelling content when you go clueless

Posted by Subhash Chandra


Do you find yourself clueless while writing for your blog? Undoubtedly creating compelling content for the self owned blog & maintaining the readership is a complex task. You have to get inspired, research, find facts and figures and there could be several things that have to be taken into for captivating huge readership.

Not every blogger is able to make a mark, but choosing a topic that has an interest, a controversy or uniqueness can do wonders for you. Easy way to earn fame is presenting content, which is in the limelight. Collect information, research to weave your content by voicing your own opinions. This requires staying updated, because the one who snooze will lose.

Copyblogger presented a beautiful infographic sharing 22 ways to create a compelling content for the bloggers, especially when they go clueless.

Read the infographic below and find creative ideas for the next posts for your blog.

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Branding Through Blogs And Content- An Unparallel Business Strategy

Posted by Manmeet Anand

Silence is a gift when there is a lot of noise, but sometimes making a louder presence is the demand of time. We are talking about business blogs and content and how your business relates itself to them.

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Tips For Making A Great Blog That Revels In Your Creativity And Expertise

Posted by Manmeet Anand


Blogging is a way that has gained quite hype these days. This has actually resulted in some of the best blogs with nice materials and other that are not that appealing to the audiences. However in the flood of the new things coming and going extremely frequently there are chances that not every good blog gets the expected success. This is problem most of the blog writers are facing these days.

Here are some of the suggestions to stand out of the crowd and make a distinctive appeal to the target audiences so they give you also a chance that you are looking for.

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