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Mobile Page Speed: 6 Crucial Tips For Marketers To Implement

Posted by Joy

Mobile Page Speed Tips For Marketers

How likely are you to stay on a website that takes minutes to load?

Isn’t switching to a lighting fast website a far better option and that too when there are ample of such fast loading websites available just on a single click?

At the end of 2015, India had 239 million smartphone users; the number is predicted to rise up to 705 million by 2020. According to a survey, 60.83% online shoppers prefer mobile websites and apps. Retailers have reacted well to the scenario; 58.5% retailers have mobile shopping apps with purchase capability, 93% of the retailers have mobile websites. It is a great effort when you see these figures. But there is more to it actually.
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5 Essential Tips to Enhance Mobile App Engagement

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

Enhance Mobile App Engagement

After working hard to get your app up and running, you have managed to get it into the app market. A close look at the analytics reveals that even though the app is downloaded a fair number of times, it fails to engage users like you had expected, leading to a low user retention rate. What went wrong?

With so many apps out there in the market, the competition for attention and time is at an all-time high. According to a study by Nielson, the amount of time that mobile users spend on using apps is reaching new heights: a staggering 30 hours a month for each app per person on average. Not only that, the average numbers of apps that mobile users use is now 26.8.
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12 Amazing Mobile UI Design Patterns Unleashed from Industry Popular Apps

Posted by Sandeep Sharma


The mobile application industry is on the move, making the whole world app-centric. As reported by eweek in a slideshow put together after gaining industry insights from Gartner and Forrester, 50% of the business processes worldwide will be mobile-enabled by the end of 2014 and there lies a huge opportunity for skilled mobile app developers to create a new enterprise user experience to capitalize on the exploding smartphone market. Hence, apart from website development, entrepreneurs are now focusing on creating user-centric mobile apps and streamlining their mobile app development operations to deliver native user experiences across all range of smartphones, tablets etc for Android, iOS, Windows and other popular mobile operating systems.
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Mobile Social Campaigns- Is Your Social Media Campaign Mobile Friendly?

Posted by Joydeep Bhattacharya


First comes the text messaging, then email and now social media platforms seem to take the control of the internet world due to which the social media marketing has completely revolutionized the concept of digital marketing in the past few years. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have become popular names in the world of social networks for driving loyal customers and leads towards your website. Simultaneously, the growing popularity of mobile phones and tablets has increased the use of mobile internet extensively among the younger generation.
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Is Your Email Mobile Friendly? Get Ready For Mobile Email Optimization

Posted by Joydeep Bhattacharya


I don’t know from where to start writing on this post but in the era of Smartphones, we cannot leave any domain untouched when it comes to Mobile SEO. I have already discussed about the importance of Mobile SEO and how they affect the revenue of our online business, but this time I am going to discuss about this new techie phrase “Mobile Email Optimization”, which is continuously growing in popularity just like fire spreads in forest.
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Why is Mobile SEO Important For Your Business?

Posted by Joydeep Bhattacharya


With mobile internet usage facing an explosive growth in 2014, Mobile SEO has also moved from the category of “Someday” to “Priority”. With a sudden surge in the mobile internet uses, the competency for establishing your business existence among the mobile users have also grown extensively. If you do not own a mobile friendly website yet, it is the right time for you to invest in building a responsive website for promoting your business among the mobile phone users. However, owning a mobile site is not enough to lure the mobile users towards your services but you need to adopt unique and successful mobile SEO strategies for receiving fruitful results in this competitive era. A recent survey conducted on behalf of Google has revealed that 74 percent mobile phone users use search engines for their shopping purposes while 83 percent users show inclination to make a purchase in a day and 55 percent mobile users intent to make the purchase within an hour.  
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App Store Optimization: Ways to Improve Mobile Applications Rating

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

The release of the iPhone 5 triggered an upsurge in the market share of iOS and a renewed interest in the App Store. iPhone and iPad users are definitely “apps hungry” as proven by record-breaking number of downloads the App Store registered in 2012.

However, despite this appetite, approximately 60% of the more than 700,000 apps in the App Store have never been downloaded, according to the analytical company Adeven. As such, marketers are focusing their attention to App Store optimization and when you talk of this practice, it is inevitable that you ponder on ways to improve mobile application rating. You see, mobile app consumption is like food – no one would be enticed to download your app if users are giving you “unpalatable reviews.”
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7 Key Ingredients of Effective Mobile E-Commerce Websites

Posted by Manoj Tiwari

Mobile Ecommerce Website

2012 was a record-breaking year in mobile e-commerce. Last Black Friday (the day following Thanksgiving and is considered as the start of the shopping season in the US), mobile sales accounted for 16.3% of all online purchases according to IBM. Additionally, 24% of all consumers accessed a brand’s site using their mobile device.

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, mobile e-commerce website development is something businesses should seriously consider if they want to succeed in the lucrative mobile retail space.

Just like anything in internet marketing, not all mobile e-commerce sites are created equal – there are those that stand out and those that fade in the background. If you are thinking of taking the first step to develop e-commerce website for mobile, here are the seven key components of highly effective e-commerce sites specifically crafted for the on-the-go consumer.
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