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2013 – The Year of Responsive Web Designs

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Responsive Website Design

Say goodbye to the “one site fits all screen sizes” web development and design paradigm. According to the latest study conducted by the research firm Gartner, global PC sales decline by 1.2% in 2012 despite the much hyped launch of the Windows 8.

On the other end of the spectrum, another research by Gartner revealed that smartphones were up by 42.7% and a separate study by International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that the projected total sales for tablet devices in 2013 will breach the 170-million mark and is even predicted to outdo netbooks’ sales performance.

If you let these numbers speak for themselves, website design companies should hear loud and clear that the next gen SEO and SMO will be heavily anchored on responsive web designs.
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The Best Tools for Responsive Web Design

Posted by Sandeep Sharma



The best tools for Responsive Web Design are based on the three elements that make a website responsive. 1. Flexible/Fluid grid, 2. Responsive Images and 3. Media Queries. The best tools are ones that help you to achieve the elements necessary to make your site responsive on as many devices and screen sizes possible.

Using Prebuilt Flexible/Fluid Grids

You can quickly download prebuilt flexible/fluid grids to save time and get your responsive site completed easily and effectively. The other benefit of using prebuilt grids, such as the Golden Grid System, is because it easily adapts 16 to 8 or 8 to 4 columns through “folding”. The Golden Grid System also has a small browser overlay that will expose the grid on your page so you can test your design.

The 1140px CSS Grid is another good prebuilt flexible/fluid grid you can use. This tool allows you to design from a wide desktop resolution down to the smallest of devices. It will fit into the 1280 monitor but will also become fluid and adapt to smaller monitors correctly.

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Get Started With Responsive Web Design

Posted by Sandeep Sharma


The technology is progressing ahead at huge pace, and almost every month various new electronic gadgets get launched in the international market, and one of those gadgets is a smartphone. In-fact smartphone is one of the most ‘in-demand’ products, as it provides the user with a flexibility to use high speed internet on the go and stay in touch with his family and friends via email and other mobile applications such as whatsapp, and also let him browse through websites that are useful to him. However, for web designers it is one of the difficult tasks to cope up with as every other mobile phone, computer and laptop has different screen size, which makes it difficult for him to design a compatible website. This is where the need for ‘Responsive Web Design’ comes.
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