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No Cake, No Gifts, Only Wishes, HBD Amit Sir…

Posted by Team TIS

amit sir

On your birthdayyy, we only give you our “Best WISHES” through this blog.

Hope you don’t mind :)

“Happy Birthday” – From Pandit G


“Wishing Amit Sir, a very Happy Birthday. May God bless him and his family. Amit Sir had been one of the most warm hearted and jovial person I have ever met in my life. His guidance and down to earth attitude always persuaded me to take the right steps ahead. Wishing him great success and a long life.” — Joydeep


“I really appreciate your helpful and motivating nature.

You are an excellent Boss with a generous heart.

Happy Birthday!” — SG aka Saurabh


“Happy Birthday Amit Sir! Keep smiling and stay healthy…” — Rahul Sharma


“You are worthy of respect & admiration. You are always full of zip. Hey Boss! Success & happiness is what I wish on your birthday :) . If you feel like doing something nice in return, you may increase my pay” :) — Rashmi


“It’s a great day for all of us as we are lucky to have a boss like you!!! You are very good by heart, supporting and most importantly down to earth (a very good quality that rarely found in today’s world). Undoubtedly you are a sincere boss that I rarely seen in my work experience, and I am also trying to learn such things from you as an ideal. How can I forget your favourite SEO subject “Robots.txt” which makes all of us confused to solve such great queries. It’s fun as well to discuss and solve such SEO stuffs with you. In short, always remain like this sir and keep smiling. A heartiest birthday wish to you and many more to come with great happiness in your life. Stay Blessed!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!” — Shweta Singhal


“We are so grateful for your insightful knowledge sharing and for being an effective inspiration to us. We wish you much success as both a senior and an individual. Happy, Happy birthday, Amit sir!” — Avinash


“May this day brings a lot of happiness and success in your life. Enjoy your birthday to its fullest… Have blast!!Happy Birthday Amit Sir” :) :)Heena


“May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy moments. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amit Sir!!” — Neha Gupta


“I know I never get a chance to ever say it but I think you’re an amazing Person , your dedication and determination inspires me to be dedicated and determined. Keep up the amazing work. May you always have as much strength and courage to lead us and, more importantly, a truly happy life. Happy birthday Sir” :) — Sugandha


“How many more horizons to conquer,
How much more appreciation to receive,
How many more happy times to witness,
How many more milestones to achieve.

May this day be the best one among all days.
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.” — Sibasish


“May your every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the sounds of laughter, the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.A very very very very very Happy Birthday Sir Ji….” — Prateek


“You always tried to keep things together at office and I always tried to go against the regime. For me, this pleasant tussle is one of the most memorable elements in office… From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your support and leniency. Wishing you a happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day as well. PS- This message has nothing to do with my expectation of getting a booze party from you” :)Rahul Srivastava


“Happy Birthday Sir, may the coming years bring success and prosperity in your life” — Nidhi Singh


“Happy Birthday Amit Sir… Wish you many many happy returns of the day!” :) — Shikha Sharma


“Happy Birthday Sir

May ur birthday bring each special thing that you have waited for & everyday ahead holds lots of happiness in store…” — Latika Sabharwal


“Wish you a very happy birthday sir! May this year bring you happiness, fulfillment, and love. You have been the sweetest boss ever. Be the same always. We love you and promise you that we will not do online shopping in working hours 😉 (will do that during lunch break instead). 😀

Again, wishing you a Happy wala Birthday…may health and wealth always be your friends” — Priyadarshini Rana


“On this very day I wish you a very happy birthday and many many years of tomorrows  filled with joy and success.
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a great year ahead! J Njoy and have a Blast!” — Pallavi


I hope that your special day is full of fun, happiness and everything that you enjoy. Happy Birthday Sir Ji……. :) — Suresh Yadav


“Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are opened and thrown. But I want that my Birthday wishes stay with you forever. Happy Birthday Sir” :)Neha Singh


“Wish you a very happy birthday sir! You are the best person here, and may you get more young, healthy and wealthy each year.” — Prashant Rajput


“Congratulations on your Birthday! May your special day be a culmination of a wonderful yesterday, a fantastic today, and a bright future!. Wishing you a happy birthday !!!” — Srishti Kesarwani


“Your professional hand is like a soothing balm. Even in the tensest situations you help us remain calm. Happy birthday to the jolliest mentor around.” — Surbhi Gupta


“Success and happiness is all i can wish on your birthday. May you always have as much courage and strength to lead us in the best efficient way as you do and more importantly, a truely happy life. If in return you want to give us something than increase our pay…that’s all we need. Enjoy the day!” — Mohit Sharma


“All Wishes Comes True on this Day.Happy Birthday…” — Kritesh


“On Your Birthday Today,I Wish You a Year Loads of Fun, Excitement , pleasant Surprises and a Great Success ahead!

Happy Birthday!!”  — Ankita Arya


Happy Birthday Amit Sir, we are taking this opportunity to say a few words about you. We know you will say it was not required but, we want you to know this. And yes, we have written it in the break time :)
Since, it’s your 31st birthday, we wanted you to know those 31 Things that you should never change….

  1. You are so honest at your heart, that makes us believe whatever you say
  2. You are never bossy, we have enjoyed the most with you on the floor
  3. You are the one who will be the first one to help whenever someone need it
  4. You are a true army lover, we have never seen a person so punctual at work
  5. You reflect dedication
  6. You have always taught us that no work is small
  7. We can sense freedom at work because of you
  8. You ignore our gossips sometimes thinking that’s the one thing we enjoy doing
  9. You make us laugh when we are not laughing at our own
  10. We can honestly tell you why we need a leave because we know you will not refuse unnecessarily
  11. You are the one who went and took permission for us to enjoy on weekends
  12. Company is a home to you and team is a family
  13. You give recognition to everyone
  14. You let everyone grow, not a common thing in the professional world
  15. You support the team first
  16. You never count on money but on emotions
  17. Whatever you do, you do unconditionally
  18. You are never shy accepting your weaknesses
  19. You are always positive despite of whatever you are going through
  20. You never ill-treat anyone
  21. You are the same person even after someone leaves the company
  22. You always give credit to those who deserve
  23. You are humble no matter what
  24. You have been a problem solver always
  25. You are never ashamed of apologizing
  26. You are a great human being in person
  27. You never suffer work
  28. You motivate us to do better sending regular updates no matter we read or not
  29. You have always acknowledged initiatives and contributions & tried your best getting them approved
  30. You have been truly loyal to the company, work and people
  31. You apply rules on yourself first and then on others

…And one more, you will not scold us for doing this. This is bare minimum we could do for you. Keep smiling!! Have a blessed life :)Jyoti Mali


“Awesome BOSSome! You’re the best! If you think I’m going to tell you how great you are to work for…you’re absolutely right! (as usual!) Happy Birthday Sir” :) — Himanshu Pataria


Journey of A Decade And Still Continue….

Posted by Amit Kothiyal



AhaOne decade has gone…. it is hard to believe that 10 years of services have been completed. It still feels like I am in the provision time and have to perform my best to prove my skills and capabilities.

I remember my first day (19th March 2005) in the organization; I was in my struggle period and didn’t have any job in my hand. I was frustrated badly due to unemployment. Pawan Sir (Mr.Pawan Kotiyal) gave my reference to Vijayendra sir who scheduled an interview on 13th March 2004 at A-2/2 Mayur Vihar-1 (office address at that time). I reached Mayur Vihar Phase-1 at 9AM from Gurgaon and called Vijayendra sir that I am near the office. He told me, he will be there around 10 AM. I called to sir again at 10 Am. I just asked a few questions and started my work. Office was not big like we have today, it was just like a business startup office.


Honestly, I didn’t know about SEO back then. That time there were only two to three people- Sir, Sharma Je (the oldest employee of the organization) and Tarun (designer). I was assigned a computer and after few minutes lights were gone. I was sitting near Tarun who was making design (HTML) of IndianBeachResorts.com. We didn’t had inverter at that time and used UPS for important work only. Around 5 PM light came and Sir came to me, showed few websites and gave me an introduction about meta tags. I was assigned one pilgrimage website whose Meta tag creation responsibility was given to me.

As I mentioned I was blank about SEO so Meta Tag was a new word to me. I started meta tags and added all possible search words in the meta title, description and keywords. It stretched to approx 800 words and rejected by Sir :)

I was told to do self analysis and prepared the Meta Tags again. My first Meta Tags got approved in the second day. I started my SEO career with very less salary just Two thousand rupees. There was no holiday to me even we worked on Sundays as well. Vijayendra sir too came to the office on Sundays. Manoj sir worked till late night even some time till early morning as well.

When I joined the organization, I was a boor person, having haryanwi tone in language, no dressing sense and zero understanding of English.

My first project was from Australia and client hired us on a trail project with 10,000+ keywords. We had very tough target and fortunately we achieved target before the trial period and the client was much impressed with us. We started to move our step ahead and never looked behind since then. Like every organization we also faced ups and down in the business but we accepted that challenge and continue to do our best.


In my 10 years’ service, I got the best motivator around me. I am much appreciated by the presence of Vijayendra sir who motivates me and made me a gentle person from a loudmouth person. Sir, we are luckiest because you always proved to be a good mentor and guardian to us and your support is like the blessing of God.

Manoj sir, same like Vijayendra sir; you always give me support like an elder brother and motivate all of us to do our best, i.e. not me only but my fellow members as well. Sir, I never worry about the future problem because I have Vijayendra sir and Manoj sir to keep by my side always.

There were several memorable moments in the past 10 years, that I wanted to share here but if I will start, the post will be much lengthy so I avoiding that part :)

Thank you to all my fellow members who are working with me and who have worked in the past. Hope the next such post will be after 5 years :)


TIS Weekend Bash at Rishikesh

Posted by Team TIS

Each and every member of TIS Family was awaiting 12th of December.Not because it was Friday but, because it was the time when we were going for an adventurous official trip. The place chosen was Rishikesh and the venue was the Alaknanda River Adventure Camp.

Trekking down to the camp location, playing volleyball, crossing rapids and partaking in team building exercises, we all made memories for lifetime and found out a completely different versions of each other in the cocktail party 😉

To all those who have left this wonderful family to pursue their interests and to those who are still a part of this family, here are some wonderful glimpses of our RISHIKESh TRIP:

Manas Is All Excited

Making Great Memories

All set to go for River Rafting


The Real Adventurers Out In The Water


It's Called Picture Perfect


This Is Where We Stayed


Happy They Are

Volleyball caught everyone's fancy


Warmth Was Much Needed That Night


Posing Time

Basking in the Sun, but where is the Sun

They Like To Get Clicked


Our Dear Bosses

The Studs


Memories Collected


This post is written by Gaurav, the social media expert in the team with a sweet boy personality. Shy at times but when he speaks, it results into burst of laughter. Other than spending most of his time on Facebook (well, his work demands this), he is a traveler & pet lover at heart.




Come Soon Amit Sir!!

Posted by Team TIS

Hi Amit Sir,

Since the last few days, there are no noises in the office; everyone is quietly doing their job. Now, nobody’s voice can be heard even when the internet stops working. You know why… there’s no one to keep a strict eye on us now!!

Miss You Amit Sir

We wish your father good health and hope everything becomes normal again soon. Last but not the least, the three most-loved words from each one of us – “We Miss You” :(

amit sir collage

This post is written by Himanshu, a happy-go-lucky Social media expert, who always leads the fun activities at TIS and hardly leaves any moment to play pranks on others. He likes to dance, he likes to sing, he likes to act, he clicks pictures & lots of pictures (reason why girls are always around him ) but, when he works, he does it with pure passion. At TIS, he is our entertainer & someone who initiates creativity through his work.


TIS Attended the Biggest Ever Mobile & Digital Marketing Summit 2014

Posted by Team TIS

The Proud media Partners

Mobile & Digital Marketing Summit 2014 – “Going Social Live: Real Time Marketing & Engagement Through Mobile & Digital Media”, the biggest event hosted by World Marketing Congress on 14th November at Taj Lands End, Mumbai ended up being the most exclusive gathering of expert leaders in Digital Marketing and Digital Media. The event aimed at cultivating, inspiring and involving the marketing, advertising and media communities towards shifting their traditional marketing models to digital frameworks powered by digital practices and tools.
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The First Halloween at TIS

Posted by Team TIS

Now that the whole world is celebrating Halloween, the TISians could not lag behind. So we also came out with our faces painted with scary-humorous drawings. And guess who stole the limelight? Yes, Swairik The Das stood out in a crowd with an amazing but unrecognizable pattern painted by Himanshu:





Diwali Celebration at TIS

Posted by Team TIS

Celebrating festivals with oodles of zeal has always been the tradition at TIS. This is so evident from the way we all decorated the floors, exchanged gifts, made rangoli and filled the atmosphere with happiness. We all were in traditional dresses with dhoti wore by some boys being the highlight.

The festive ambiance was so dazzling that every member of TIS Family was willing to stay at office a bit late to spend more time with each other on a day that would not be easily forgotten. Have a look at some of the highlights of that amazing and fun-filled day. Let us start with this cheerful video:


Don’t miss these pictures :)


The Team TIS


Teen Deviyan


All Smiles


Pick The Odd One Out :P



The Embellishments


The Wonderful Ladies


Rangoli At The Entrance


When We All Pose


This post is written by Gaurav, the social media expert in the team with a sweet boy personality. Shy at times but when he speaks, it results into burst of laughter. Other than spending most of his time on Facebook (well, his work demands this), he is a traveler & pet lover at heart.


Nick Names of Patakhas & Phuljharis of TIS Employees

Posted by Team TIS

Festivals have always been synonyms with happiness and sweets. And a bit of fun often amplify these two characteristics of festivals. So, at this time of Diwali, we present to you some hilarious nick names of the employees working in SEO, content and social media department.

Check out the girls’ nick names; they are surely going to tickle your funny bone.

Nick Names


This post is written by Himanshu, a happy-go-lucky Social media expert, who always leads the fun activities at TIS and hardly leaves any moment to play pranks on others. He likes to dance, he likes to sing, he likes to act, he clicks pictures & lots of pictures (reason why girls are always around him 😉 but, when he works, he does it with pure passion. At TIS, he is our entertainer & someone who initiates creativity through his work.


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