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Mobile First vs. Responsive Website – Which One I Should Prefer

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Mobile First Vs. Responsive Web Design

Statistics are proofs that people tend to readily switch to other websites rather than boggling their brains with shrunken desktop versions and wasting time trying to adjust the websites with mobile by pinching, zooming and swiping them.

Things have gone mobile now. Who would prefer browsing websites over desktops and laptops when the same task can be easily done on mobiles? And this is what statistics suggest. As per a report, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage in the US in March 2015.
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Technical Trends – 12 Must Known Elements for Modern Web Design

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Elements for Modern  Website Design

Website design is a continuously evolving industry. New elements and styles are continuously making their way within a blink of an eye.

However, your business could achieve big targets if these elements are incorporated thoughtfully and strategically. If done correct, you could successfully tell stories to your audiences.

If you have not yet allocated a part of your budget towards website design – it is high time that you do it. Time is high that you play your cards right, and analyze if your layout is all perfect. Could further changes be done to it? Is the call to action as per the expectation? Do you need a responsive website?  
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Responsive or Adaptive Design – What is the Best Choice for Mobile Viewing

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Responsive OR Adaptive DesignWhen it comes to website designing, every professional web designer has one question on their minds – “Which should I opt for? Responsive or Adaptive design for mobile viewing?”

And it’s a good question!

Responsive web design is usually the preferred technique, and it has been since the term was coined by Ethan Marcotte on A List Apart in 2010. In fact, responsive designing is one of the best CSS “tricks” in the books today, and if you’re a brand or business looking to make mobile friendly versions of their websites, you can go ahead and hire dedicated web designers who will in all probability tell you the same thing.

So where does Adaptive design come in? That’s a good question and this article will explore both these types of designs for mobile viewing.
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How Web Design Has Been Transformed By Social Media

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Web DesignTransformation By Social Media

Social media has radically altered the way consumers are able to interact with content. Hence, after social media, consumers want a comparably similar, intuitive, and interactive experience on the websites they visit.

This has led to a transformation in how “a good web design” is defined and hence how websites are now being designed.

Here are the “top 7” transformations in web design brought about by social media.
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Top 6 Essential Components to build an Online Store

Posted by Manoj Tiwari


The way shopping used to be done has changed a lot with time and technological advancements. Today, customers prefer their shopping done on the internet on the innumerable eCommerce websites. There is a constant war among these sites to engage as many customers as possible. Today, online shopping is no longer a niche market as it reaches out to a large number of customers all around the world. We all are aware about the success and efficiency of this system and how it has changed the way shopping is done. Since, this platform is expanding and evolving at a fast pace, it is important to have certain components that are essential for the success of an eCommerce site. Some of them are-
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7 Must Have Web Development Tools You Possibly Aren’t Using

Posted by Manmeet Anand


Being a creative web developer is an art especially when it comes to developing websites with impressive graphics and enhanced performance. As a web developer, it is common to come across issues ad bugs in the coding and development techniques, but for mirroring client’s business into this digital world, it is necessary to develop sites that are user friendly and best performing for the visitors. But, if you don’t have some handy and useful web developments tools, your work might suffer from productivity and time lapses.

You might be using great web browsers like Google Chrome or you might be using the latest web development platforms for creating websites, but all your efforts will go in vain if you are not using useful web development tools. To make your development process easier, I have researched and collected some interesting web development tools that could help you a lot in creating websites with boosted performance.
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Common Ecommerce Design Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

Common-Ecommerce-Design-Mistakes-That-Kill-Your-ConversionsWith the fast forwarding pace of web design industry, the need of having a visually appealing website has become an indispensable necessary especially if you own an eCommerce store. As technology is evolving with every passing day, the growth of eCommerce has skyrocketed with thousands of online stores competing with each other. Being the owner of an online retail store, you must be tracking new ways to keep your business’s growth on high levels; however the most important factor that contributes significantly in drawing major traffic to an eCommerce site is its design. If your site does not exhibit professionalism in its design, it might not be able to attract the attention of online buyers.
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10 Responsive Web Design Tips to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Posted by Sandeep Sharma


In this digital era, you cannot ignore the fact that many people are visiting your website on their tablets and smartphones. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly by now, chances are you are losing a large number of visitors. Therefore, it is always a good idea to embrace responsive design. Since I have the experience of designing many responsive websites, I would like to share ten useful tips to design excellent responsive websites.
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