15 December 2014

Facebook Dumps Microsoft Bing, Favors Its Own Search Tool


As confirmed by the Reuters reports, Facebook has chosen to end its long time bonding with Microsoft Bing by quietly dumping the search results from Bing in its recent search update this week. With this new update, now you won’t be able see the Microsoft Bing results on the Facebook’s on-site Graph product.

As per to the statement given by Facebook to the VentureBeat, the social media giant is currently not displaying the search results of web in the Facebook Search because it is concentrated towards assisting the Facebook’s users in finding the posts and images shared with them on its platform. However, this statement further also includes that that the social media giant will continue its long time bond with Microsoft in other areas.

While Facebook has been constantly involved in helping its users finding people and information of their interest, but since 2008, it has also started serving with web search results to its users in collaboration with Microsoft Live search until 2010, when it has integrated Microsoft Bing for giving the search result services.

In 2013 only, Facebook has highlighted Microsoft Bing as part of its Graph search,this step was taken to supplement Facebook’s search results with that information that might not be considered as part of user profiles like music result, weather, etc. With the end on this collaboration with its latest search update this week, Facebook seems to be gearing up for taking its next move by focusing on its own search tool because recently Facebook has updated its search tool to help the users find particular posts rather than searching for pages or users first.

While Microsoft might not be happy with the steps taken by Facebook on dumping its search engine, Bing, but the move is quite interesting and astonishing as well because it saves people from seeing lots of search results from the wider web than just seeing the results of Facebook particularly. It also means that from now onwards, Facebook users are unarguably going to have a better experience.

It’s too early to predict anything in advance, so it is better to wait and see if Facebook is getting geared to introduce some more advanced search features in its own tool. Hence, for the time being stay tuned with our latest and imminent updates about this ne search update of Facebook.

By Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra is a social media enthusiast having in depth understanding of generating website traffic and optimizing conversion rates. He is an active contributor at famous SEO & social media websites - Business Community, social media today, comluv.com, examiner and yahoo voice . He shares his Digital Marketing experiences with novice search engine optimizers also on Google Plus.

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