13 November 2016

9 Awesome Types of Google Featured WordPress Plugins For Your Website

google featured wordpress plugins

Google is not only known as the most preferred search engine but is also popular for its range of intuitive and versatile apps that guarantee increased ROI and better work management.

The various apps offered by Google aim to streamline your processes, operations, and even your WordPress websites and blogs! Confused? Well, yes Google offers a range of easy apps which can be easily integrated with your WordPress website through their APIs and plugins.

From offering website metrics to the calendar, Gmap, advertising, and various others, Google apps surely can add versatility to your website. Make the best use of various utility applications and functionalities available to us today by Google through the right choice of WordPress plugins.

We tell you how!

I) Google SEO Plugins For Everyone

Search engines are a prominent source of traffic for many websites. To help you enhance your website’s SEO, there is an array of free tools to help you out! You can hire wordpress developers for installing the rightest SEO based plugins and boost your digital marketing endeavor. The following WordPress plugins will help in enhancing the SEO of your website:

XML Sitemaps for Google

A sitemap is an essential file of your website where you can catalog the web pages to inform Google and various search engines about your site’s structure. Sitemaps furnish search engines such as Google or Bing with a blueprint of your site including your URLs, alteration dates, priority pages and the like.

This makes it extremely easy for search engines to index your website and its content and decide its ranking. To achieve this, Google XML Sitemaps is a free plugin that helps you create a sitemap for your WordPress website. The plugin would help you out in a plethora of ways, including:

  • It creates a new sitemap and automatically submits it to major search engines every time there is any change in the sitemap. For instance, when you add a new page or delete an existing one.
  • It also reports search engines whenever you publish a fresh post or alter an existing one.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP utilizes a set of understandable reports in order to make your Google Analytics data simple. It uses a widget with custom reports to provide key analytical insights in your administration dashboard. Its other features include:

  • The plugin automatically installs Google Analytics by entering the necessary tracking code in all your web pages.
  • The Show Stats To option permits you to share your reports with different administrators, contributors, and editors.
  • The Real Time Settings enables you to fetch real-time stats in your Administration Dashboard.

Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

The plugin Google Pagespeed Insights assists you to enhance your website’s performance by employing Google Pagespeed suggestions. Google considers the page speed as an essential criterion while ranking your website and this is where this plugin comes to your rescue by helping you in boosting the speed wherever required and letting you identify the problematic areas. Its major features include:

  • Advanced data visualization, filtering, tagging and snapshot technology. This tool also offers varied solutions to webmasters for improving site performance, search engine rating and the surfing experience of their visitors.
  • Report Summaries and Snapshots, Snapshot Comparison Tool, Add Custom URLs, Desktop and Mobile Page Reports and Scheduled Report Checks.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights enables you retrieve data from your Google Analytics account and helps you in accessing all the important features directly from your dashboard. It helps you in many ways:

  • It can be easily integrated with Google Analytics API.
  • The plugin utilizes the universal or asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code which is the quickest and most dependable tracking code offered by Google Analytics.
  • The plugin allows you to track outbound links and downloads, anonymize IPs, track internal links and search result pages, ensuring that you always have a better insight.

DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress

This is the first Google Tag Manager Plugin for WordPress that is prepared for business goals. The DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager for WordPress is Google’s free application for users and helps you in:

  • Managing analytics, adwords and various code snippets with the use of an intuitive web UI.
  • Tracking user interaction with your embedded media like YouTube or Vimeo.

II) Social Media Plugins

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have brought about social media sharing and online promotion much easier. Better reap the capabilities of social media through a range of social media plugins discussed below:

Google+ Plugin

Google+ plugin allows you to add a +1 button to your portal and helps you to showcase your rating to people. Its features include:

  • The integration with Google+, thus allowing you to post directly to G+ from your WordPress portal.
  • The Google+ plugin supports post formats to employ a hashtag mechanism to determine the post format in which you desire your G+ post to appear.
  • You can also display your Google+ updates in widgets, posts, and pages.

Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events

This plugin integrates Google+ Hangout and Google Calendar with your WordPress website and enables you to showcase the upcoming schedule in your widgets, pages and posts. Its other functions include:

  • Complete customization of the display with fonts and colors.
  • This is handy for a big Google Hangouts user. It can display public events from My calendars and also display events via short-code with control features.
  • The plugin also supports Google+ Embedded Posts and has the capacity to filter only Google+ created Events.

III) Google AdSense Based Plugins

To help webmasters make money through their websites, Google with its AdSense program allows webmasters to place ads on their websites and rewards them every time an ad is clicked by users. To further provide you a hassle-free experience, here is a range of AdSense plugins that would help you in meeting your purpose.

WP Advertize It

This plugin enables you to easily put ads anywhere on you portal like posts, pages or in the sidebar. You can define ad blocks carrying ads from Google Adsense or Amazon. The core features include:

  • It helps you to sell your Ad Blocks directly to your visitors.
  • You just need to create ad blocks and determine their position of display and customize them accordingly.

IV) Google Fonts Plugins

Want to introduce some cool fonts to your websites? Here is all that you need! There are various Google fonts’ plugins available with us today that help you to insert top quality fonts on your WordPress powered site. The plugins add the required Google code and assign the Google fonts to particular CSS elements of your portal from inside the WordPress admin. You can also target the Google fonts from your personal theme’s stylesheet.

Easy Google Fonts

The Easy Google Fonts plugin allows you to pick from more than 600 Google fonts to include in your theme without coding. It also integrates with the WordPress Customizer, for obtaining previews of your modifications prior to saving. The plugin is very popular mainly because:

  • The plugin is compliant with a range of themes.
  • The plugin also permits you to design custom theme specific font controls in the admin settings area to manage specific CSS selectors.

Google Fonts for WordPress

Google Fonts for WordPress plugin enables you to quickly and easily add latest Google Fonts to your website. You can utilize them in your visual editor. Some of its many features include:

  • Rapid font substitution, advanced font filter, and additional font sizes.
  • Allows you to configure fonts within article content or in the main title and tagline, hover menu, comment box and sidebars and social media share buttons.

Google Typography

It is a simple plugin which enables you to use and personalize Google fonts in real time on WordPress site without entering a single line of code. It is easy to handle, you just need to:

  • Go to the Appearance > Typography settings page and just add and personalize as many fonts as you want and then assign it to any available HTML tag or CSS selector.

Google Font Manager

The Google Font Manager Plugin quickly adds Google fonts to your WordPress portal. This plugin is ideal to advance your website typography. It is easy to use because:

  • You can use it to include Google fonts to your site and reference them in your individual custom style sheets.
  • It completely integrates itself with Google Fonts API and automatically appends fonts to Visual Editor.

V) Google Utility Plugins

Want to make your WordPress website more useful, versatile and flexible? Here are the ultimate Google utility plugins to help you out!

Google Apps Login

This plugin permits Google apps to access your WordPress portal (Dashboard) safely. This indicates that if the user is logged into an email for instance, they can just click on the WordPress login screen without any requirement of username or password. It features:

  • Ensures easy secure login and user handling of WordPress via your Google Apps domain.
  • The plugin applies OAuth2 authentication as suggested by Google.
  • The plugin installation seeks your admin access to any Google Apps domain, or a normal email account, to register and attain two plain codes from Google.

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

reCAPTCHA is a free utility that safeguards your website from frauds and abuse. It utilizes upgraded risk analysis processes to differentiate humans and bots apart. It is highly useful because:

  • This plugin lets you integrate the reCAPTCHA with your website’s forms and conveniently increases your portal’s security.
  • To apply this feature you have to request the keys with Google’s personal profile.

VI) Google Calendar Plugins

The Google Calendar is an essential utility app that lets you organize your schedule and share events. To help you better extract the value out of this app, there are various Google calendar based plugins that would show your events in a grid on a page or blog post or as a widget.

Google Calendar Events

You can add Google Calendar Events plugin to your WordPress website and access your calendar on the go. You may even choose to share it with others as a post, as a page or as a widget. It tailors event content presentation by utilizing simple tags and there is no coding needed. Its other highlights include:

  • It has advanced settings to manage time zones, date formats and the beginning of the week.
  • It can be integrated with Event Calendar Newsletter for shaping your events into a newsletter compatible format.
  • It offers a completely responsive and mobile supported monthly grid and list displays.

VII) Google Drive Based Plugins

Google Drive is an excellent way for file sharing across various computers and mobile devices. The Google Drive related plugins provide custom functions and specifications. These plugins will assist you in an easy integration of Google Drive within your WordPress portal or blog. They include:

Google Drive Embedder

Google Drive Embedder provides authors a convenient access to their Google Drive in a pop-up window for them to browse documents to embed directly into their blog posts or pages. This plugin also calls for an installation of the free or premium edition of the Google Apps Login plugin which permits the accounts of existing WordPress user to login to the portal applying Google to safely authenticate their account.

It’s easy to use interface allows you to:

  • Place documents in-line through Google’s read-only responsive viewer that lets your readers read them.
  • Embed documents in your website through accessible links as editable files or download directly to the computer.
  • Provide access to your visitors to see the documents through document sharing setting

Google Forms

Google Forms embeds a printed public Google Form into a WordPress blog post, page or widget. The salient features of the plugin are:

  • This plugin fetches a printed Google Form by applying a WordPress shortcode, moves out the Google wrapper HTML and then interprets it as an HTML form embedded in your post or page.
  • Presently, this plugin only executes Google Forms that are “published as a web page” and are public.
  • Private or Personal Google forms are unsupported. The Google forms allow you to conduct surveys, present quizzes or plan events.

VIII) Google MAPS Plugin

The Plugins provide an easier process of map installation and add additional functionality. The Google Maps plugins make it very convenient to add locations, directions, routes, and markers. It makes your maps more interactive and beneficial to the users.

Google Maps Builder

It is a convenient WordPress Plugin for building visually powerful tailor-made Google Maps on your portal. The plugin helps you in many ways, some of them being:

  • The plugin helps in editing full-screen live maps, shows nearby business locations and interest points with ratings and marker icon, create rare Google Map themes that can fit with any design like the Snazzy Maps integration.
  • It also contains an easy “Point and Click” marker building system and gives you control by allowing you to zoom, drag or provide a better street view.
  • You can include colorful markers and redirect visitors as they click on the map.

Stellar Places

The Stellar Places is an effective maps plugin that lets users utilize Google Maps to highlight single or multiple locations in an awesome manner. Its features include:

  • It has an intuitive interface and for businesses with multiple locations, this plugin will by default display a list of all store locations and show a page for every store location.
  • It offers you live map previews and the option to drag as well as drop marker relocation and limitless locations and maps.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic Google Maps Placemarks helps in adding placemarks with address allot categories and include custom markers if you prefer. It helps you in many ways, such as:

  • It gives you the option to make unlimited placemarks as you require and then combines and displays them on a map by employing shortcodes.
  • You can make categories build different maps indicating various locations and placemarks.

IX) Google YouTube Plugins

Want to make your website more interesting by adding YouTube videos to it? Make use of YouTube plugins!

Srizon Responsive YouTube Album

You can use Srizon Responsive Youtube Plugin for adding the playlists on YouTube onto your WordPress site. Other highlights of the plugin are:

  • This plugin is very convenient and permits you to draw directly from your YouTube channel and placing all your YouTube videos on your portal.
  • Srizon Youtube Album displays your videos on Youtube in the form of an album or gallery.
  • It displays the thumbs like a preview and also presents the video upon clicking the thumbs. The videos are shown on a lightbox. The title and details of every video can also be displayed.
  • You can add multiple albums and it automatically generates the shortcodes which can be copied and pasted into your blog post or page.
  • Provides 2 layouts – the Pro Version where you can sync multiple videos provided your connection and server’s storage can manage the data and the Responsive Slider version which displays the thumbs in a dynamic horizontal slider.


The add-on plugins help in making your website more user-friendly and thereby provide a better exposure to various search engines. But all these require professional handling as you have to select your theme and choose a domain or plan for which you need to hire WordPress experts for designing and handling your WordPress website along with installation and maintenance of appropriate plugins.

By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, he is working in a stellar digital marketing company TIS India Business Consultants Pvt Ltd. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out of the box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.

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