14 October 2014

Google Might Include Mobile UX As a Vital Ranking Signal

Google Might Include Mobile UX As a Vital Ranking Signal
By Amit Kothiyal


Searchengineland has reported a few days back that Google might add mobile user experience to its ranking algorithm, but now Seroundtable confirmed that Google might include the mobile UX as a vital ranking signal to its ranking algorithm in the imminent months. After the recent Panda 4.1 launch, there is more to come from Google’s side so watch your rankings and traffic. 

The report of Searchengineland has suggested that Google engineer Gary Illynes has discussed all important things related to how webmasters can increase user experience by putting extra efforts, which have given birth to loads of queries like as to why Google is pushing so much stress on this point? Is Google planning to make the web a better place for the internet users? However, Google at that time also clarifies these queries in a statement:

“We are making a big push for ensuring the search results we deliver must reflect this principle”. However, recently Google has released its another statement concerning to queries over the inclusion of mobile UX in its ranking algorithm. The statement is:

“Mobile friendly websites offer a much enhanced user experience for the mobile phone users. According to the studies and reports, 61% mobile users are unlikely to get returned to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their mobile phones.  It includes the websites, which uses illegible fonts on mobile phones or the websites where users have pan around or zoom in excessively. Mobile is becoming an increasingly popular area while the mobile device penetration is over 50% in the USA and most of the users are using their mobile phones for browsing websites over internet. Since, Google aims to offer great user experiences on any device; we are making a big push for ensuring the search results we give must reflect this principle so that the users can enjoy the web from wherever they want.”

This year in the month of May, Google said that it is able to render the full web pages both in Google mode and desktop mode with the help of the latest fetch & render tool of Google Webmaster. Whereas webmasters also substantiated it that GoogleBot sees what users see when they visit websites. If your website is still not responsive and is not able to give a good experience to the Mobile users, GoogleBot is keeping a check on it.

Google wants to assure that mobile users have a good experience when they put their queries in its search box. Google has already started demoting websites, which do not offer the best website viewing experience to the mobile users, hence, it is better to make your website mobile friendly as well, so that the new updates of the Google ranking algorithm do not affect your website’s ranking.

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