21 May 2014

Google Panda 4.0 Rolling Out- Puts Spammers on Fire


Google’s Matt Cutts has just tweeted that they are rolling out version 4.0 of the Google Panda algorithm.
It is worth noting that Google announced it would no longer confirm or give more details on future Panda updates due to its new “gradual” roll out infrastructure for Panda Updates. But, this time Google updated with the new Panda version that means it is a bigger update.

How is this update different?

Google’s latest Panda algorithm must be a major update to the actual algorithm versus just a data refresh, which means that Google has made changes to how Panda identifies websites. There has been no comment by Matt Cutts yet on whether this Panda update targeted anything different, but Google has tweaked this algorithm to target those websites, which are stuffed with a large number of keywords and low quality information. Indirectly, this algorithm update is putting spammers on fire.
Google’s panda previous updates targeted those websites, which have low quality content. In addition to low quality content, this latest update will firmly affect two other fundamental issues like thin content and duplicate content of the web page. Alternatively, we can say that Google may have just tightened up how they are identifying low quality websites.

How big is this update?

Google told SearchEngineLand that this new panda update affects 7.5% of all English queries, to a degree that might be noticed by a regular user. If we see previous Panda updates, maximum 11.8% English queries were affected. Following three tools shows the change of the new update:

Mozcast is showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over last five days. The stormier and hotter the weather, the more Google’s rankings changed. Here is the screenshot of MozCast’s weather:

SERPmetrics flux charts-
It tracks the flux for US search results across Google, Yahoo, and Bing over a 30-day period. Here is the screenshot of this flux chart:

It tracks Google algorithm changes by observing turbulence in rankings of thousands of keywords.Algoroo is reporting a slight ‘above average’ change for yesterday. See the screenshot:

As per these observations, Panda new update looks like a pretty massive update. According to SearchEngineLand, this new update will be gentler for some websites and lay the groundwork for future changes in that direction.

By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, he is working in a stellar digital marketing company TIS India Business Consultants Pvt Ltd. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out of the box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.

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