15 September 2014

Google Penguin 3.0 Update Expected to Hit Internet in 2014

Google Penguin 3.0 Update Expected to Hit Internet in 2014

In a video hangout in the Google Webmaster Central Office on Google+, John Muller is seen announcing that the Google Penguin 3.0 update is expected to hit the internet in the imminent days of 2014. Muller says,:

My guess is yes, but as always there are things that could happen in between and I am pretty confident that we will have something in the reasonable future, but not today, but we will definitely let you know when things are happening”.

This news comes after the video hangout of September 8, 2014, where Muller said that Google is working on Penguin update and “so I think that saying there isn’t any refresh coming will be false”. This response comes as a response to the question raised by @edwardjohnnash who has asked, “Will the Penguin 3.0 launch in 2014”? Muller further added:

I know the team is working and trying to find a solution that generally refreshes a bit faster”.

However, Muller does not provide any specific timeframe around which the update is expected to roll out other than this phrase, “this not happening today”. The reason why he is not giving a definite timeline is that there are things, which are still subject to modification.

The CEO of SEO and digital marketing agency Rank Secure, “Baruch Labunski” has asked Muller to elucidate if his comments about making things better and faster meant updates could occur on a regular basis just like Panda.

In response to his query, Muller said:

We will see what we can do there. That’s something where we are trying to speed up the things as we can see that this is a bit problems when webmasters try to fix their problems they actually go and fix their issues, but our algorithm doesn’t reflect in a reasonable time, so that’s something where it makes sense to improve the speed of our algorithms as well”.

He responds to all queries related to the Penguin 3.0 update in 54 minutes and 45 seconds into the video. One day later, Muller wrote in Google’s Webmaster Central Help Forum, that is it feasible for the webmasters to modify their websites for enhancing their rankings without a Penguin update if they concentrate on clearing their sites’ issues ensuring their sites are performing better rather than focusing on individual factors of each algorithm.

By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics & E-Commerce Analytics certified, Amit Kothiyal has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, he is working in a stellar digital marketing company TIS India Business Consultants Pvt Ltd. He has helped numerous brands establish their online niche with his out of the box internet marketing strategies and lead generation capabilities. He is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter to share his experiences with similar kind of professionals across the globe.

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