27 August 2014

“Growth Hacking” Your Business with Effective Google Analytics Techniques

“Growth Hacking” Your Business with Effective Google Analytics Techniques
By Joy


Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, effective and widely popular platforms used for measuring customer behavior and digital traffic on your website. Integrated with loads of impressive features such as non-exhaustive data, comprehensive metrics, and user-friendly interface, this tool is considered as an invaluable resource for online businesses.

If used with better precision, this tool allows you for stronger growth hacking of your business thus yielding higher digital traffic for your start up website. As we have moved in 2014, a new buzz has surrounded the technology world in the form of growth hacking but despite its intimidating name, it is a very simple and majestic tool for accelerating your business growth over the Internet. If you still haven’t moved to Universal Analytics then it’s time to upgrade from Classic to Universal Google Analytics

In this highly competitive atmosphere, technology and buzzwords go side by side and if you are aware of the latest jargons, then you can easily learn to master the Google Analytics techniques for growth hacking your business, which ultimately promotes your business branding among your valued patrons. By utilizing the features of Google Analytics in an effective way and comprehending what information to extract along with their significances, you can proficiently develop your knowledge into strategies for improving the productivity of your online business.

If you are interested in learning the skills of Google Analytics for effectively growth hacking your business to enhance its online expansion, then you must know the important techniques that should be implementing using the Google Analytics platforms for augmenting your online productivity to higher levels of success. However prior to learning those techniques, exploring the meaning of growth hacking is equally essential for its actual implementation.

In simple terms, “Growth hacking is a marketing strategy devised by the technology startups for selling products and getting exposure.”  It is about controlling your user behavior and customizing your services and products to suit the customer’s requirements. If this is implemented successfully on your website, you can achieve impressive sales and conversion rates.

Now the first query that strikes your mind is how Google Analytics helps in growth hacking your business. Is it very simple technique or a bundle of key techniques to be followed sincerely for the actual productivity of your online business? Let us learn the vital techniques use in Google Analytics platforms for visualizing their importance in the successful growth of businesses.

Evaluating mobile traffic via Mobile Reports

Does this mean simply exploring the number of mobile phone searches on your website or anything else? Absolutely not because the Mobile reports of Google Analytics helps in understanding the number of users coming via mobile traffic, which include smartphones and tablets. It also helps us in comprehending how many are converting along with the reasons behind low conversion rate of a website. You can also evaluate the top five mobile devices, which are responsible for generating extensive mobile traffic on your website.

If you understand what this information is and how to use this information in your strategies for enhancing the online revenue of your website, you can easily implement growth hacking on your business for attaining improvements in sales and incomes.

Let us look at the Google Analytics Mobile reports of a website in the figure shown below:


In the above figure, you can see the red circle in the lower left corner titled as “Mobile Visits”. Under this category, ‘Yes’ indicates that number of users who have visited this website via a mobile device. If you carefully analyze this figure, you can eventually interpret how much organic mobile traffic you are receiving on your website and what strategies you should form for improving the conversions on your site.

Evaluating overall traffic via Acquisition Report

Analyzing overall traffic report is completely different from analyzing mobile report as it provides you with the complete statistics of the number of users visiting your website through both mobile searches and desktop searches. It also gives you the accurate number of conversions on your website, which help you in evaluating your brand popularity among your customers. If you are not aware who are sending visitors to your digital assets or what are the traffics sources that are contributing to both surfers and converters on your website, the Acquisition Report of Google Analytics presents you with the entire information and you can turn some hidden stones of your website traffic with the help of this report.  The evaluation of the Acquisition Report helps you in devising the strategies for driving better user engagement and revenue. The Acquisition Report of a website showing All Visits of that particular site is shown as below:


You can see that this report has shown the entire traffic of a website visited via Organic Search, Direct Search, Social Search, Referral Search and any other medium, which includes the mobile search as well. It means that you can easily scrutinize the overall flow of traffic on your website, which will assist you in making growth hacking strategies for taking your online revenue to a significant level.

Evaluating All Pages Report

This is another very important technique used in Google Analytics platform for streamlining the sales and revenue of your website. Sometimes you are not aware of the crucial facts that help in driving traffic to your website. Although it might not be calculated as the prime factor for engendering revenue for your website but the build-up and design of your creative landing pages as well as sign-up pages play significant role of generating traffic on your site. For evaluating these factors, Google Analytics presents the All Pages Report that helps you in examining the bounce rate of your website. It means this report will provide the actual information related to your visitor’s likes and dislikes.

The All Pages Report can be fetched under Site Content section of the Behavior Report Suite, as shown in the figure:


 Although there are numerous reasons that results in increased bounce rate of a site and its pages but if we attentively comprehend this information represented by the All Pages Report, we can surely help in improving the digital conversion rates of our website by understanding our user insights.

Evaluating Funnel Visualization Report

Located under the Goals section of Conversion Report Suite, the Funnel Visualization Report helps us to explore the reasons responsible for drop in traffic rate of the website. Known as “funnel treasure data”, this insight information helps us in comprehending the movement of users within the funnel because even after making decision to buy a product, only 25 percent users end up making the final purchase.

The Funnel Visualization Report of an E-commerce website is given as follows:


The Funnel Conversion Rate represented in the above figure can be influenced if you put certain conditions over the customers like DOB for age-restricted products since most of the users consider DOB as their personal information, which might cancel the purchase subsequently. Hence, if you know the funnel conversion rate of your website, you will surely plot new tactics for enhancing the conversion rate on your website, which will ultimately apply growth hacking on your business affecting its revenue positively.

Evaluating Attribution Reports

During annual budget planning, the most common question that strikes in our mind is how much shall I pour in which pot.  The Attribution report helps you to figure out the processes through which the varied marketing channels work closely to improve sales and profits of your online business. Conducting research for evaluating product related browsing or online shopping is a complex process because there are multiple touch points where the users might be attracted by their surroundings.

The Attribution Reports by Google Analytics helps in strengthening the growth hacking of the website for creating more profits. Besides, this report is also helpful in tailoring your financial investment as per your customer’s requirements. The multi-touch attribution report of an ecommerce website is shown below:


The Attribution Report helps us in calculating how much we have to spend on different channels keeping in line with the Return on Investment (ROI).

Overall, if you understand what your users want, you will surely improve your opportunity of making your business successful. However, keeping a track over the Attribution Reports will help you to understand how much you have spend for achieving better ROI.  It is important to note that growth hack can work only when the users rely on it, which requires continuous comprehension of the target audience needs for helping the business to come up with better conversions and productivity.  At the end, it is equally significant to carefully monitor and analyze the information presented by the Attribution Reports so that you can remarket your products effectively thus strengthening your business brand among your patrons and competitors.

Considering the importance of Google Analytics in your business, it is a wise decision to hire a digital analytics consultant who can analyze and suggest measures to improve site conversions thereby promising a positive growth of your business.

By Joy

Jyoti Mali is the Head of Digital Marketing at TIS India, a Digital Marketing agency in India focused on SEO, digital analytics, online advertising, CRO, web design & development. She leads strategy for multi-channel digital advertising for in-house accounts & agencies globally. Being a Google Analytics Certified (IQ) Professional & Ecommerce Analytics Qualified Consultant, she loves playing with Analytics & helping clients with actionable insights.

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