This is how you should calculate ROI in social media campaign
Last Updated On July 03, 2022

This is How You Should Calculate ROI in Social Media Campaign

This is How You Should Calculate ROI in Social Media Campaign
By Team TIS

People calculate Return on Investment (ROI) of the social media campaigns by accumulating the count of twitter followers and Facebook likes. This is true! However, it also requires a bit of mathematics, metrics and monetization knowledge to calculate the figures. In addition to it, the recent survey held by Econsultancy has reported that 47% of the companies are not able to measure their investments made in the campaigns. Miscalculation in such campaigns means that your business may fail to achieve the desired objectives   in the near future.

Hence, the calculation becomes mandatory to measure the correct amount invested for each customer.

There are several formulas, methods, and tricks available on the web that assures you to provide the exact numbers. But, this could be brainstorming calculations.

Well! There are two methods that can be used for calculating the ROI in the social media campaign quite a simpler way.

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Method 1:

Divide the metrics into three different categories for getting the quick figures.

Quantitative Metrics: There are data-intensive and number oriented metrics. However, considering all the metrics at a given time can overload the mind. Therefore, pick up the most influencing metrics that include visits, length of visits, bounce rate, frequency, page views, followers, demographics, and so on. By doing this, you can get the detailed report to calculate the exact ROI.

Qualitative Metrics: This metrics has an emotional component attached to it. For example, if the 75% of the users call your products and services “affordable” and the remaining 25% call it “value for money”, it delivers a big impact on your business. The companies engaged in social media marketing are equipped with several tools that provide an in-depth analysis of the qualitative metrics online.

ROI Metrics: ROI is the destination of all the social media campaigns. The businesses are investing huge amount of money to make the profit from it. Therefore, track the percentage of the visitors who are converted into the potential buyers or to a client on the ecommerce site. This helps you to find the actual figure of the successful social media campaign based on the ROI basis. Once you have all the metrics data available, you have an approximate idea about the investments and returns gained from the campaign.

Method 2:

If you find the method 1 involves some critical technicalities that might provide a correct ROI, then here is the method 2 (the social media monitoring tools) that can help in monitoring the ROI as well as suggest some of the good ways to increase the profits.


This tool gathers data by monitoring everything from traditional media outlet to social media. It also exports data statistics into the graphs that assist the professionals to know the exact areas for improving ROI.


This is a watch tool that allows the businesses to tackle the reputation management on the social platforms. It notifies instantly through SMS or email to the business owners when the brand name is mentioned on the social media channels. This helps a business to know about its brand equity in the market. Thus, it can invest accordingly.


This tool monitors social media for brand images. Rather than searching for the keywords on the social media sites, it searches for the images and reports for  the business in real-time. It is one of the most reputed and trusted tools that have gained high media (Forbes, Wired, The Next Web) attention due to its accuracy.


Companies use social media not for socializing, they use it for growing their business. The main idea behind initiating the social media campaign is to drive or allure the people towards the products or services pages.

Calculating the ROI according to the metrics will help your business figure out the actual cost required to be invested to acquire a customer. It is mandatory to know the approximate amount invested in acquiring a new customer. Once you know about it, you can promote your online business through social media by setting the goals and budget accordingly.

By Team TIS

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