Once upon a time in TIS India
01 October 2014

Once upon a time in TIS India

Once upon a time in TIS India

On the celebration for 15th August, the Team TIS was all decked up in tri-color of our nation. We were busy decorating every corner of the floor to augment the spirit of independence. Ok, the truth is girls were busy decorating; boys were as usual having fun by throwing the rubble of decorative items at each other. I mean they are good at it. No?


The decoration was done soon and the whole team was at the terrace for the flag hoisting ceremony.

We were waiting for someone to say “We, the citizens of India are proud to celebrate………”. But fortunately that didn’t happen :P. What did happen was flag-hoisting ceremony and then we all sang the national anthem of India ‘Jan GanaMana’ like we used to do it in school. Remember?


All together it was a great moment for all of us to celebrate 68th Independence Day with each other, and see the divine flag feeling jubilant amid wind passing by.

The Happy Team TIS

Hey wait! Who won the prize for ‘best dressed employee in tri color’. Pallavi from the content team was the clear winner. I didn’t understand why they did not give me the prize when I had the whole Indian flag draped on me ;). Anyway, congrats to Pallavi!


And what about the quiz wherein the first floor and the second floor locked horns to win the battle of honor?


It was an idea from the table of Mr Manoj Tiwari, our Business Manager  and well co-ordinated by  Richa, our HR Manager.


Swairik, playing Crime Master Gogo in his typical Bengali style that made us laugh our lungs out and quiz sessions kept our brains active, well for some time!! We also could witness some hidden talents like Roshan, Mr all rounder.


From acting & dancing in Bollywood star’s style to Antakshari & Dumb sheraj, we had it all fun. Catch out some more stills from the day : Himanshu, Swairik, Roshan, Swapnil, Manmeet were the real stars of the day.

Some other highlights of that afternoon:




That fun-filled evening is still in memory & the video stills can make us laugh every time we watch them.

But hey, who won the quiz? It was won by the first floor. However, second floor was very close to winning :P. To sum up, it was a great day filled with laughter, togetherness and smiles. Before going, here is another highlight of the day. I don’t know what Himanshu was trying to do here ;). Keep guessing!


This post is written by Gaurav, the social media expert in the team with a sweet boy personality. Shy at times but when he speaks, it results into burst of laughter. Other than spending most of his time on Facebook (well, his work demands this), he is a traveler & pet lover at heart.


By Team TIS

Team TIS is a bunch of hard-working, creative, witty and friendly employees who work in accord with each other to meet organizational objectives. At the same time, they don't waste any opportunity to laugh and make fun of each other. Being a part of TIS family, they also know how to care and help each other in the hour of need.

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