12 Productivity Boosting Google Chrome Extensions You Can Try Out
Last Updated On June 09, 2022

12 Productivity Boosting Google Chrome Extensions You Can Try Out

12 Productivity Boosting Google Chrome Extensions You Can Try Out
By Team TIS

Have you ever scratched your head over the capabilities of your browser? How will you react if someone says that your browser can make you more productive, increase your focus, and help you become more organized?

Would you laugh it out or take them seriously?

It does not matter how you react. The fact is that all are true. Yes, you heard it right.

Web technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds, bringing in more and more possibilities into reality.

Today, you can get fantastic Google Chrome Extensions. And to help you understand how Google Chrome can help your business productivity, we discuss the 12 Best Chrome Extensions hereunder:

1. Grammarly

Most content writers today are familiar with Grammarly. Therefore, you can regard it as a writing assistant that corrects your writing by minimizing typos and grammatical errors.

In addition to correcting your writing mistakes, it also suggests better words or phrases so that you can enhance your writing.

With the tool, you can get explanations for all your mistakes.

2. Adblock

You seem to have figured out what it is by the terminology itself. Adblock is an advertisement blocker to block ads all over the web.

It makes your website visits smooth by locking pesky pop ups. As a result, you need not click on spam advertisements, and there will be no possibility of retargeting by the sites you visit. Moreover, there arises no chance of any leakage of your private information or someone tracking your online behavior.

The tool continues to improve and even adds Youtube and Google to its ad blocking. Adblock has crossed 40 million downloads, and the reviews are great.

3. Readism

With Readism, you can estimate the time required to read a webpage. So, you can know beforehand the time you need to read an article on a webpage.

And the good thing is that the tool is 64KB, so it is very light. As such, Readism does not slow down your web page.

4. Forest

You can regard it more or less as a productivity extension. It helps you to count down time and blacklist the sites you do not like. In this way, you can increase your productivity with the Forest extension tool.

The peculiarity of the tool is that it grows an animated tree while it counts down the time you need to be focused. And, if you happen to visit the blocked sites, the tree dies, restricting you from visiting those sites.

Users have found it intuitive with an amazing UI.

5. Pushbullet

It is a simple and effective syncing tool. Pushbullet allows you to sync your mobile and personal computer.

So, you can see all your mobile notifications on the desktop, share files from the desktop to your phone, and forward calls to your computer.

You can regard it as the best extension for you if you frequently switch between your computer and mobile.

The extension has become widespread, with more than seven million people using Pushbullet. And most of the users say good things about the seamless tool.

6. Last Pass

You can regard it as a password management tool for all sites you visit. The Last Pass tool alleviates the need to remember the different passwords for different websites.

Moreover, clicking on the “Forgot Password” button and doing the needful every time you forget your password are time-consuming and tedious tasks.

With the Last Pass tool, you can keep all such worries to rest as it stores all your passwords safely and securely.

7. One Tab

The tool selects all your open tabs and consolidates them into a single tab. Thus, you can find all your tabs in the form of a list. As a result, you can save significant memory.

If you work with several tabs, the speed of your processor can become slow. So, the One Tab tool becomes an answer to the problem and enhances your productivity.

One Tab does not allow too many tabs to slow you down by freeing up the memory taken by the open tabs. It also reduces clutter.

8. Pixel Block

It is a useful Google Chrome extension that allows you to block email access senders who want to monitor your behavior with their emails.

Many emails come with a tracking feature that allows the sender to know whether you have read the mail.

Pixel Block blocks the report of you opening the main to the sender.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

With Evernote Web Clipper, you can clip and save almost any web stuff online. You can regard the Google Extension as a replacement for bookmarks. It improves with useful features, such as highlighting text, syncing to the device, and searching for saved clips.

The tool allows you to visit any web page. You can keep it or delete it.

You will find Evernote Web Clipper extremely useful if you take notes anywhere on any digital device.

10. Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can remember dates for important events, like meetings, anniversaries, etc. There is no need to open up an extra tab to view the dates. Instead, the tool reminds you of everything to help you plan for your days.

11. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

The tool allows you to effortlessly and quickly and easily capture images and videos of your computer screen.

With Nimbus, you can capture full or partial screenshots. Moreover, the tool allows you to add graphics, like arrows and stickers, and text boxes. Likewise, you can also highlight text and blur out areas.

The tool also allows you to record video from your screen to make a screencast.

12. Office

The Office browser extension works for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You can click on the Office icon to access the online apps, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Also, the tool allows you to access the documents you opened recently. So, you can quickly go back to the document you were working on. As a result, your productivity increases.


So, you have now understood the capabilities of your Google Chrome browser. So, select the extension that conforms to your needs and increases your productivity.

By Team TIS

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