Top 5 New Year Pledges for Paid Search You Must Take In 2022
Last Updated On June 20, 2022

Top 5 New Year Pledges For Paid Search You Must Take In 2022

Top 5 New Year Pledges For Paid Search You Must Take In 2022
By Team TIS

The Jingle Bells have already started ringing in your town’s street indicating that the time has come to bid farewell to 2014 and start dreaming big for achieving your business goals in 2015. But amidst all these advance preparations for accomplishing greater success in 2014, don’t just stop enjoying your holiday season and quality time with family and friend. Just read this post as a reminder of the New Year pledges for Paid Search that you must take for improving your Return-On-Investment (ROI) in 2015, once these celebrations will be over.

What New Year resolutions should we take in 2015? As you create your list of plans to become a much better person in the imminent year, it is also time to add a few important professional resolutions as well to amplify your ROI through better paid search tactics in 2015. You should know the areas to focus in 2015 to place the appropriate ads in front of the right customers for enhancing your business sales.

Plan Before Taking New Year Pledges

But prior to taking and understanding the New Year pledges that you will take regarding your paid search campaigns in 2015, you must know that positive and good intentions are important before keeping your commitments throughout 2015. For this, you can follow these two steps before knowing and taking these pledges:

  • You must plan or strategize your goals that you want to achieve with paid search campaigns.
  • Create a list of the things that you have to keep in mind while developing your paid search campaigns.

So, when the Christmas and New Year celebrations will get over, you must take on some relevant Paid Search Campaign pledges to take your business to new levels of success. Here, I am going to list down top five New Year pledges that you must take in 2015 for improving your ROI.

1. Check Out Your Past Performances for Better Tomorrow

Just like reviewing our past performance in career and personality front is important in the current year to make changes and advancements for the New Year. Similarly, you should check out your Google Analytics data as well, to check your website’s performances in 2014.

This can be done by doing few steps, which are listed as follows:

  • Review your previous ad campaigns performance.
  • Review the performance of Ad text
  • Set up or repurpose your ad campaigns for getting better results in 2015
  • Consulting accounts for budget evaluation for each campaign
  • Performing account audits and rebuilding accounts for enhanced PPC ad campaigns for 2015


You can also evaluate the modifications that you have introduced while implementing paid search campaigns for your business promotions with the help of Google Adwords’ Intelligence Events feature to know their performances in 2014. If they have performed as per your expectations, then you can replicate or repurpose them into other relevant campaigns for performing much better in 2015.

2.Execute Unique Approaches for Successful Ad Campaigns

Have you implemented unique paid search campaigns in 2014 ? What are their performances in this current year? If so, then in the New Year also, you must explore you inner creativity and implementing something unique while strategizing your Ad campaigns this year as well. This will not only make you stand apart from your competitors, but you can lure more customers towards your website with your creative efforts.


If you go to manage the Ad campaigns, it might take more time and you might also face some complexities while working with the latest features of Adwords. Hence, you can try the latest ad customizers, which is really an effective and useful feature for the online retailers. It means don’t just limit yourself with the Adwords features of last year, but try to execute new features and check out which of these features will best suit your business and its requirements. So, you another pledge of 2015 must be to execute and try new features of Adwords to put more creative in your paid search campaigns

3.Create Checklists for Improved Paid Campaigns Management

Dispersed and littered things at home make it difficult for us to find things and keep a check on our own belongings. Similarly, when it comes to executing your paid search campaigns, it is important to you to create checklists in advance especially when you own various accounts. Develop the habit of creating and checking checklists. It makes the management of those campaigns much effective and it also help us to include advanced features like automated segments and features that is essential for viewing the Google Analytics data easily and quickly.

Benefits of incorporating automated filters are:

  • It provides important information like the number of Ads that has low CTR.
  • The number of keywords with low quality score
  • The number of keywords responsible for generating low clicks and impressions

Here is an example of creating a checklist to know the keywords with low CTR:


A high click-through rate is very important for achieving quality score and hence, you must routine label and pause these paused keywords. You can also develop the habit of checking your checklist in weekly or monthly basis in the New Year 2015 to make sure you are performing well in the search engine results. It is also important to include these checklists in your mail reminders or you can also build a calendar for mentioning items on due.

4. Do Some PPC House Cleaning

After you have checked and pulled out the essential data of 2014, it is vital that you should perform some PPC house cleaning for the New Year 2015 for achieving better performance of these paid campaigns in 2015. This can be done by following few steps:

  • Pause the keywords with low CTR that are not performing good in search engines.
  • You can also review the settings of the Google Adwords to check if your bidding target is achieving the target or not.
  • If not, then you can incorporate a flexible bid strategy for account.
  • PPC house cleaning will also let you decide if your mobile bids are need to be revisited or not.
  • Moreover, you can also take out your time for auditing your Adwords accounts to check the things that need to be updated.

5.Extend your horizons to Other Search Engines

Till now, owing to the unparalleled success and dominance of Google amidst other search engines, we are limited to the practice of devising PPC ad campaigns based on the rules and requirements of Google. But with the arrival of 2015 in next few weeks, it is vital that you should expand your horizons to other important search engines as well for better leads and sales. Be it Yahoo or Bing, check out which of your Ad campaigns are performing well in Google’s search queries and try to implement those in other search engines as well.


This can not only let you know the vital insights and understanding about your horizons to other search engines, but will also help in improving your search engines credibility.

So with this we come to the end of the topic, “Top 5 New Year Pledges for Paid Search You Must Take in 2015”. However, there could be some more essential pledges that are still left to be considered while talking about the digital marketing as a whole. If you also have some great ideas or pledges in your mind, please do mention in our comments sections to progress the ROI of your online business in 2015.

By Team TIS

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