17 December 2012

Top Website Designing Trends for 2013

Top Website Designing Trends for 2013
By Sandeep Sharma


Web designing, just like fashion, is an ever-evolving discipline – one day you’re the most visually appealing website and the next day, you’re not. Just like in fashion, web designers are crazy about trends.

So, as the world bids goodbye to 2012, here are the top web design trends you can expect in 2013.

Responsive Web Design

Internet users are now going online using different devices with varying display resolutions. It would be impractical and cost-inefficient for you to design different sites to accommodate all screen sizes and gadgets. The solution: responsive web design.

The use of responsive web design is becoming a necessity as mobile internet usage rise and as screen configurations become more diverse. Research has shown that mobile internet users are quickly turned off if a website cannot be viewed properly on their devices. And with evidence showing that conversion via mobile devices are going up, not having a responsive web design may also mean financial loss for your business.


The reign of Helvetica, Garamond, Arial and other traditional, outdated fonts will come to an end in 2013. Web designers should pay more attention to typography which will occupy a central role in many web designs this coming year.

More and more, web designers are realizing that using uniquely designed fonts is a great way to underscore great content. As a major element of the presentation, it adds to the total visual appeal of a website. As long as it’s in line with your brand, stylish typography will definitely give an edge to your site. It’s definitely a trend online marketers should look out for in 2013. Typography helps in engaging your audience and will make them want to read your web content.

User Engagement

Arguably, this will be the biggest trend in web design in 2013. With thousands of websites cluttering the internet, the need to stand out and engage users should be of topmost priority for all web designers. In 2013, it’s not about building the most sophisticated sites, but rather, how web designers will use these advancements in website design technology to improve user experience and catalyze a higher level of engagement among visitors.

Designing for engagement is done by using a balance mix of different visual tactics, content strategies and other elements such as navigability and ease of use. The use of large images, oversized buttons and parallax scrolling will become more prominent to attract attention. Vertical scrolling will be used exhaustively to enhance navigability while infographics, videos and testimonials will be front loaded to create interesting content to draw internet users in.

Designing Your Site Based on Your Brand Equity and Personality
Web design for web design’s sake is an outdated practice and will be completely dead in 2013. The next frontier of web design is all about versatility and utmost compatibility, stylish content presentation and engaging users. In general, everything about web design will be focused on building brands online. After all, your website is the single, most powerful representation of your brand in the Internet.

Surely, it’s an exciting year ahead for all web designers out there. Just don’t be left out of these trends and for sure, 2013 will be a rewarding web design year for everyone.

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