28 August 2014

Twitter Analytics Dashboard Opens For Everyone – Easily Measure, Explore and Track the Performance of Your Tweets

Twitter Analytics Dashboard Opens For Everyone – Easily Measure, Explore and Track the Performance of Your Tweets
By Subhash Chandra


Till now, only a small number of verified users and select advertisers could access Twitter analytics. The rest had to rely on third-party tools to fetch data like number of impressions, clicks and followers. The situation was even tricky if users had to find out the mentioned data for a specific period of time. But Twitter has given them a reason to rejoice by introducing Analytics Dashboard for all users. To access this feature, your Twitter account needs to be 14 days old and should not be suspended, protected or restricted. 

The news is a huge relief to all those who had to rely on social media tools to fathom the success, shortcomings and obstacles of their Twitter strategies. Now, users can easily find out their best performing tweets and replicate the thought behind them to increase the level of engagement. Just like Facebook, they can also see the location where their followers are residing. There are many other insights one can analyze through this newly launched Twitter Analytics.

The analytics dashboard gives you three options, namely Tweets, Followers and Twitter Cards.  ‘Tweets’ gives you the total number of impressions for the last 28 days and its comparison with the impressions generated in the previous 28-days period. Here, one can also see the individual performance of one’s tweets, in addition to retweets, favorites, replies, engagement rate and number of clicks generated in the last 28 days. The snapshot of ‘Tweets’ Option:


‘Followers’ option shows you the growth of followers, along with their interests and location. You would also find the gender-division of followers, which could be very useful while thinking about inserting Call-to-action (CTA) in tweets. Have a look at the snapshot:


The third option is ‘Twitter Cards’, which is again divided into three parts – URL Clicks, Install Attempts and Retweets. These parts take into consideration the traffic and all the activity to your website from all Twitter users (including your official account). Here is the snapshot of ‘Twitter Cards’ option:


Why Twitter Analytics Is Important For You? 

Just think how efficient your Twitter campaigns could be with all the insights at your disposal. Leveraging significant statistics including the demographics of followers, number of clicks your twitter account is generating and percentage of increase in engagement, you can easily and quickly achieve your Twitter marketing goals. Further, the data could be even more useful when you are advertising on Twitter.

You can hire social media marketing experts to plan a proper Twitter marketing strategy in order to give more positive exposure to your tweets or consultant  a web analytics expert for proper tracking, reporting and analysis of your brand’s social profiles.

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