23 April 2016

Discover Secret Anonymized User Interactions with Google Analytics User Explorer

Discover Secret Anonymized User Interactions with Google Analytics User Explorer
By Amit Kothiyal

Google Analytics New Feature

Finally Google did it! An interesting new report feature in its beta is been released by Google Analytics, called User Explorer. As per this feature, the website owners will now get a chance to see the otherwise concealed on anonymized basis the interactions of visitors with the website. The report provides useful insights about the individuals who visited your website in the form of a timeline view and key facts like custom dimensions, user acquisition and the likes.

The report resembles a lot to the reports generated by marketing automation platforms like Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot.

User Explorer Feature in Google Analytics

This new User Explorer feature provides deep insights to deliver valuable information which helps the website owners in optimizing their site and improving visibility. You can find this feature in the Audience section of the Google Analytics tool. The User Explorer will show the anonymous Client’s ID and User’s ID as part of its report.

This recently launched feature showcases a list of IDs that are collected from a range of browsers and devices that users used to land on your website. The other insights that are provided include session count, bounce rate transactions, average duration and conversion rate. This feature gets more amazing when it provides details related to the individual’s activity history and time stamps.

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