24 April 2015

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Hits the Floor with Bundle of New Features!

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Hits the Floor with Bundle of New Features!
By Manmeet Anand

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” Hits the Floor with Bundle of New Features

According to the post of Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.org, WordPress 4.2 version, also known as “Powell” as a tribute to popular jazz pianist Bud Powell has finally come up a long way to enter into the competitive era of website development. Available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard, this latest version of WordPress is bundled with amazing features that helps the users to communicate and share easily across the globe.

If you are not sure whether to upgrade to this latest version or not, here I am going to list down some incredible features that you will get with it.

Share Easily with “Press This”

Yes you have read it right! This update has introduced some enhancements to the “Press This” browser bookmarklet that makes it simple and quicker for you to share the content to your WordPress site via other sources.

Added Language Support

This is another benefit of this new update that offers you support for new characters such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean along with mathematical and musical symbols and heiroglyps.

Enjoy New Emojis

If you don’t use any characters, you can still enjoy with the new range of Emojis that comes bundled with this latest version. SO, make your content even more attractive and creative with the exclusive collection of emojis.

More Embeds

You can paste links from Kickstarter and Tumblr.com to view them wonderfully appear in your editor. It means with every release of WordPress, your editing and publishing experience will become more joyful.

Goodbye to Boring Screen Load With More Streamlined Plugin Updates

The more streamlined and easy plugin updates brings the time to bid farewell to the boring screen load. You simply have to click on the “Update Now” button to visualize the magical changes.

Preview Fresh Themes

A feature that has been overdue since a long time has finally makes its way through the launch of the new WordPress 4.2 update. Now, you can preview fresh themes before making it live to the public. It means you can view the look of your new theme to check if it looks good with your content and can also make suitable changes, if required.

So, with so many features packed with this new version, you can give a try to update your current version or download this new version from your WordPress dashboard.

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