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09 July 2021

WordPress 5.8: Focusing on Full Site Editing & What’s More?

WordPress 5.8: Focusing on Full Site Editing & What’s More?
By Team TIS

WordPress is the most trusted and popular blogging platform in the world. It keeps its features updated to ensure its users get the best experience with this platform. The, WordPress 5.8 update was released to the public on July 20, 2021. Do you want to know what’s new in this latest update of WordPress? In this blog, we have explained all the updated features of the new WordPress 5.8. so, let’s begin:

  1. Full Site Editing

The main upgrade for the latest WordPress 5.8 is Full Site Edit (FSE).

As per the WordPress Core, “Full Site Editor is where Gutenberg’s promise is proven.” The technical aspect fits the philosophical part as a user-centric tool designed to empower users to express, create, and maintain themselves on the web.

The initial plan of WordPress was to release FSE with WordPress 5.8 fully, but this version only partially introduces FSE to WordPress.

The partial rollout of FSE is intended to allow Core to integrate FSE by the end of 2021 and increase awareness and skills in the WordPress community.

Here are some of the FSE-related features that will be available in WordPress 5.8:

Enhancements from Gutenberg 9.9+.

  • New theme-related blocks such as “site logos,” “queries,” and “navigation.”
  • Heme.json integration supports themes to specify default values and block settings.
  • Ability to edit templates in the block editor.
  • Integrated block-based customizer and display widget.
  • New block design tools like layout control, duotone (SVG filter for images), and padding.

The core team says that not all of the above features are ready to ship now, but they believe they will be prepared by launch day.

  1. Schema List

WordPress 5.8 also introduces a pattern directory catalog for block patterns to block layouts through themes & plugins.

Like the plugins and themes directory, the patterns directory will be a one-stop store for WordPress patterns.

The Core has set the following goals for the initial release in WordPress 5.8:

  • Everyone will be able to browse patterns by pattern catalog, pattern category, or search.
  • Everyone will see a live preview of a pattern and copy the block code to use on their websites.
  • The users of WP.org will be able to create as well as share block patterns and view and manage submitted designs.
  • Patterns can be selected from curated images and media but not from uploaded media.
  • Submitted block patterns will undergo some basic validation/automatic review checks.
  • The block editor will search and extract basic patterns from the catalog.
  1. WebP image support

Starting with WordPress 5.8, you can now upload WebP images to your media library, just like PNG and JPEG images.

WebP images are generally smaller than these other image types and are also supported by all modern browsers. Using WebP images will make your website load faster and improve the experience of the website visitors.

However, you should check with your WordPress hosting company to see if their service supports WebP.

  1. Pattern

This latest release includes a new pattern schema as well as initial integration with the upcoming pattern directory on WordPress.org. Also, you can now do pattern transformations to convert a block or collection of blocks into another pattern.

In addition, block patterns have been added to all of the core themes, starting with Twenty Ten, and the combined themes have been expanded to include more variations.

  1. Dropped Support

WordPress is officially discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 11 by the end of the year.

  1. Manage widgets with blocks

After months of efforts by the WordPress team, the power of blocks is now available in both the Customizer and Block Widget Editor. You can now add blocks to widget areas on the site and with the live preview via the Customizer. This opens up new areas for content creation: from code-free thumbnail layouts to a huge library of basic and third-party blocks. For more details for our developers, you can check the Widget Developer’s Note.

  1. Editing templates around posts

You can also utilize the familiar block editor so as to edit templates that contain your content – just activate a block theme or a theme that uses this feature. After that you can switch from editing posts to editing pages and back again, all using the familiar block editor. More than 20 new blocks are available in compatible themes. You can check release notes for more information about this feature and how to experiment with it.

  1. Style & Colorize Images

Add color to your images and cover blocks with duotone filters! Duotone can also add a splash of color to your designs and give your images (or cover block videos) a style that fits well with your themes. In addition, you can think of the duotone effect as a black and white filter, but instead of black shadows and white highlights, you choose custom colors for the highlights and shadows. See the documentation for more information on how this works.

Let’s Wrap Up:

The stable release of this latest WordPress 5.8 update was successfully released on July 20, 2021. With this latest update, WordPress has improvised its user experience. There are many WordPress development companies like TIS India having expertise in the development of this newest WordPress version. You can choose TIS India and get your feature-packed WordPress website built with the latest features.   

By Team TIS

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