10 Reasons for Selecting Wordpress for Coporate Website Development
03 May 2016

10 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Coporate Website Development

10 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Coporate Website Development
By Sandeep Sharma

Wordpress-for-Business-Website WordPress is eminent blogging software granting its exceptional services for more than a decade. It was started in the year 2003 and has been continually providing services since then. However, from the last few years, it has been granting impeccable content management services to the non-blogging websites too. WordPress has not gained such popularity out of pure luck but due to its exceptional benefits. Here are the top reasons why using WordPress for your website content management is beneficial over the use of other content management software. You may begin to think about switching to WordPress after knowing its bountiful benefits.

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1. Easy to use

WordPress is very convenient to use as it shares an intuitive user interface. Everything can be done in a blink of an eye. Adding and posting content, images, blog posts, etc. is too easy. The technology used in WordPress is highly proactive and simple. This makes formatting of data and content easy and speedy. Not much effort and time is utilized in any activity. If you are familiar with working on MS Word, WordPress is easier for you. You would already know formatting features beforehand.

2. Managing is easy

Your WordPress website can be managed from any computer. It can be logged-in through any computer through the use of login id and password. It is browser based software which only requires an active internet to get through it. Being managed from any computer provides flexibility and timeliness in work.

3. No editing software required

WordPress has inbuilt editing software in it. It does not require the use of editing software like Adobe Contributor or Dreamweaver. It is easy with WordPress to edit, format and post blogs, content and documents, upload videos and images without having to use the editing HTML and FTP software.

4. Search engines’ love for WordPress

WordPress comes blessed with a range of SEO plugins that make SEO optimization a simpler task. There is a range of SEO plugins – Yoast, All in one SEO, Broken Link Checker, etc. that help you optimize your blog/website in accordance with the best ethical SEO practices. With the help of these seo plugins, you can optimize each post and provide it with proper meta title, description, canonical, hreflang etc.

5. Full website control

With WordPress, it is you who have entire control of your website. The website owner can flawlessly update the content, photos and other stuff. However, it is highly recommended that you keep your WordPress website updated. With the new versions of WordPress rolling every now and then, it is highly recommended to keep the website updated to ensure security. You might need to hire a WordPress developer who will do it for you – in order to not leave any loopholes for security breaches.

6. 100% customizable website

WordPress enables a 100% customizable website for your brand according to the needs and theme. It acts as a prime head for any website. A WordPress website is like a knight in shining armor which builds your brand name and provides undulating experience to the visitors. A user-friendly and attractive website attracts more visitors than a boring and dull one. The infinite customization granted by the WordPress developers makes it easy for the developers to customize it as per the need.

7. Built in blog

Initially, developed as blogging software, WordPress has all the necessary features of a blogging platform built-in in it. They are so ready to use whenever the need arises or as you desire. It is fully integrated to meet the needs of blogging software. The various features of WordPress blogging include setting RSS and email subscriptions, adding voice notes, the capability of commenting on the posts and arranging the recent posts on the page you want the user to find. This helps in making the website look more dynamic and engaging, increasing the website’s reach in the way. Moreover, these features not only make your website much popular but they provide users a reason to visit it back front time to time. Building customers and website integrity become easy by initiating interaction from the base.

8. Use of plugins for social media integration

Add plugins that can help you configure an event calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook newsfeed, Google+ feed and other similar functionalities in WordPress easily. WordPress enables this through the use of plugins, some of which are absolutely free and others are fairly priced. Social media integration enables sharing of the website content in a single click thus, maximizing the chance of gaining traffic.

9. Website doesn’t hamper

A WordPress website will not be hampered in the least with continued use. As your business continues to grow, so do your website. A number of articles, images, and documents don’t affect the performance of the website and will continue to work without the occurrence of commonly loading issues. WordPress websites are even suitable for those concerns which require the voluminous use of content and video uploads to reach their desired audience. It works efficiently due to its scalable feature. The constant evolution of the features of WordPress with every update makes it more infinite and popular.

10. Multiple user access

A WordPress site can be accessed by multiple users through their own username and password. The administrator of the website can assign the access to the website according to their capabilities. Divisional working enables tasks accomplishment in a better fashion. Over the period of 7 years, WordPress has attained a number of users and supporters. This web-based blogging software has millions of developers behind its development who are constantly in search of ways to make it better with new releases. So, if you are in a dilemma to choose blogging software for your website, just go with WordPress and you won’t regret the decision.

By Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is a Project Manager with a prominent web design & development company TIS India since last 10 years. He loves to create aesthetically appealing websites & eye-popping user interfaces for international clients. Follow him on here

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