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Digital marketing services to increase sales, leads & revenue with creative digital marketing strategies that also increase brand awareness. Involve us to work on optimizing your sales with better customer engagement and increased marketing ROI.


Digital Marketing Services for Real Business Growth

TIS India is a trusted and result-yielding digital marketing company in India. With years of experience in running successful digital marketing campaigns for diverse clients, we have mastered the nitty-gritty aspects of the fast-evolving digital marketing landscape. As a result, we can run the best digital marketing campaign for any business, regardless of whether big or small. And hence, we have earned the reputation of being the best digital marketing agency in India. We actuate a client-centric approach in our online marketing strategies. We measure the success of our campaigns by determining how well our clients achieved their goals as a result of our digital marketing campaigns. We believe that running successful digital marketing campaigns needs long-term commitment and the utmost dedication we impart in our campaigns.


Increased Online Visibility

Increase your online visibility with our customized and impactful digital marketing campaigns. Also, increase your lead generation and conversion rates with our focused campaigns while increasing your return on investment.


Enhanced Brand Recognition

See your brand getting recognized more and more. With targeted messages, we increase engagements with your brand, strengthen your online presence, and build the trust of your target audience in your brand.


Qualified Leads

Get more qualified leads through our excellent digital marketing services in India. In addition, our targeted online marketing campaigns help attract potential traffic, resulting in building a pipeline of qualified leads.


Increased Marketing RoI

Get higher RoI from your marketing spending. Our targeted digital marketing campaigns entail the reduction of customer acquisition and retention.


Digital Marketing Services for a Strong Online Presence With Long-Lasting Audience Engagement

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    Content Marketing

    TIS India is among the top digital marketing companies in India to have perfected the art of effectively marketing content on digital platforms. Whether blogger outreach, influencer marketing, or creating content, we can run them with perfection, eliciting the desired results.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Get a top rank in search engine results for your website with our top-notched SEO campaigns. Our comprehensive white hat SEO strategies, involving the right keywords research, ensure your website’s appearance in the top search engine results, strengthening your online presence.

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    Social Media Marketing–SMO Services

    Connect with your target audience and create a sense of bonding with them with our focused and excellent SMO services that render us the best digital marketing company in India. In addition, our persuasive SMO campaigns can help influence buying decisions while creating brand equity.

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    Pay Per Click–PPC Marketing

    Impart a solid boost to your online presence and simultaneously target the right audience at the right time. We make the most efficient use of the money you put in for your PPC campaigns to elicit the best RoI, rendering us the best digital marketing agency in India.

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    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Get a clear understanding of your target market, and identify the realistic outcomes with our focused digital marketing consulting services. The finding can help us run highly effective digital marketing campaigns cost-effectively. As a result, our unparalleled online marketing campaigns make us the best digital marketing company in India.

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    Native Advertising

    Leverage the opportunity to deliver targeted messages to your potential customers without affecting their user experiences from the excellent digital marketing agency in India. We run the most natural and unobstructed Native advertising campaigns while blending seamlessly with webpage content.

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    Content Writing

    Get the best content writing services from top-notched content writers at TIS India, offering the best digital marketing services in India. Our competent content writers can write engaging SEO based content to outrank your competitors in the search engine results.

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    Online Reputation Management

    Rely on us as one of the top digital marketing companies in India capable of preserving and accentuating your brand image to attract your target audience easily. Our experts take adequate care to portray your business’ strengths when your audience searches your brand online.



We're Proud To Have Worked With Leading Brands

Businesses are unique. So are our strategies. Our digital marketing approach has ensured we have more than 1000+ happy clients. We have successfully worked on more than 5,000 projects. The roster includes SMEs and Fortune 1000+ companies such as Super Vape Store, Sabtech, Shoprite, Robbins Watson, and many more. We'll be happy to share a full portfolio and selected case studies with you.


Omron Healthcare Co. Ltd

Thorough professional in the true sense of the word, TIS never fails to impress with their consulting approach and eager to listen attitude. We being a healthcare brand required to develop a strong connection with the audience which TIS helped us in achieving by coming up with aesthetically appealing and functional UX designs backed by extensive audience research and keeping up with the latest trends.

user-pic Fatima Saif Al-Qahtani, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Omron Healthcare Co. Ltd

Great work on our website TIS!

Our engagement with TIS started with a revamp of our company website, which had some very specific requirements pertaining to design and functionality. Really appreciate the engagement manager allocated to me who has always listened to our requirements and acted accordingly.

user-pic Rakan Karim, Managing Director at SABTECH

Best decision to rope in TIS during our initials days of drawing SEO architecture

We engaged TIS during our initial days to help us draw a SEO architecture to rank on 1000+ keywords. Being a global healthtech company, international SEO is always a mounting task but TIS did a great job in helping us with the strategy and execution.

user-pic Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO at revU

A great digital partner

It has been a smooth ride with TIS as our Digital Partner.We had some very specific requirements pertaining to design and marketing which TIS executed very well and in line to our expectations. We can’t emphasize more on the fact that how well they comprehended our requirements and got it materialised. Keep up the good work team! We will certainly get back to you in future for similar needs. We highly recommend TIS for any Digital Consulting assignments.

user-pic Ilaria Cervone, Director of Sales and Marketing at

Reliable and Thorough Professional Team

We associated with TIS over a website design and development assignment as a part of revisiting our corporate identity. The team helped us understand UX basics and how strong customer journeys can impact visitor retention on websites, eventually adding to the business. Appreciate their consulting approach and processes in practice which enabled us to go live with our website within the assigned deadlines. Their suite of services also includes digital marketing, something we are looking forward to exploring. Impressed with the results so far, good work TIS team.

user-pic Shivani Khera, Marketing Consultant at Avitech Nutrition Pvt Ltd

Great job

The team at TIS helped us get our new website ready in line to our business positioning and marketing goals. The team is very well versed with the principles of UX and explain them in detail to the customer for achieving the common goals effectively. Keep up the good work team, really impressed by the approach and services offered.

user-pic Ankur agarwal, Head - Marketing at Milacron

We have been dealing with TIS since 2013 and we will never go anywhere else.

We always get such fantastic service from TIS and they provide great communication and updates for all of the projects we have worked together on. I would highly recommend TIS 5 stars, the very best.

user-pic Tone Greenough, Managing Director at ShopRite Pty Ltd

Design work

I am glad for having chosen TIS as our digital partner. Ours were some very tricky requirements which most of the vendors frowned upon on first encounter. TIS on the other hand, had a very supportive and engaging approach which helped me to trust them. They executed the project impeccably.We have been a frequent customer of TIS since our first engagement and look forward to working with them for a long time to come. Great going guys!

user-pic Andrea Fitza, Owner Principal at BlueFields GmbH

Great Content Marketing Team

TIS is my most trusted content marketing partner, which with their nonpareil work ethics and quality have consistently won my trust over the past time. They have a team of professionals who are expert in what they do. My engagement with them was for several content marketing assignments which they delivered very well and well before time.

user-pic Shikha Singh, Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing at ELOFIC INDUSTRIES LTD.


Get your queries regarding digital marketing answered through the following FAQs.

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services by businesses through online mediums, such as search engines, social media, emails, etc.

At TIS India, we follow the best practices in running online marketing campaigns. And, you can regard us as the best digital marketing company in India, given our notable expertise.

Digital marketing poses the following advantages:
Quick Access to Target Audience => The fundamental premise of digital marketing is leveraging the advantages of the growing internet consumption by people. As most people browse the internet for products and services with easy accessibility of internet-connected digital devices, businesses find it easier to reach their target audience through the internet quickly.
Digital marketing is also called online marketing.

More Conversions => With the advantage of reaching more potential customers, the opportunity arises to get more conversions with the right digital marketing strategies.

Targeted Marketing => By implementing the right strategy, businesses can target their target audience segment that is more likely to turn into paying customers.

Cost-Effectiveness => Digital marketing necessitates lesser expenses than traditional marketing but derives higher RoI.

Businesses can promote their products and services through online mediums in multiple ways. And each of the ways corresponds to a particular type of marketing, forming different service lines for a digital marketing company.

The different types of digital marketing include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of ranking websites higher in search engine results to make them appear in front of visitors. Consequently, the traffic to your websites increases, and the probability of conversion becomes higher. Usually, content-based campaigns, like blogs, or infographics, help attain higher search engine ranks.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM involves leveraging the trend of most people using social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to reach them to promote products and services.


PPC is an effective advertising technique involving the marketers to pay a fee when visitors click on the advertisements placed on search engines or websites.

Influencer Marketing

This technique involves partnering with celebrities and experts (or influencers) to target audiences with branded content and offers.

Email Marketing

It sends customized emails to potential customers informing them about products and services, discounts or offers. The type of marketing not only helps businesses to connect with customers but also influences their purchasing decisions.

Content Marketing

It helps businesses provide relevant information about their products and services to their target customers apart from answering their queries.

At TIS India, we run all of these types of digital marketing. And, we can confidently claim to be the best digital marketing company in India, given our top-notched quality.

Understandably, a digital marketing agency runs digital marketing campaigns for clients. Such an agency uses the best techniques and practices to implement digital marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a digital marketing partner, you can consider TIS India, the best digital marketing agency in India.

Typically, a digital marketing agency does:

Grows Organic Traffic to Your Website

The fundamental function of a digital marketing agency is to increase the organic traffic to their clients’ websites.

Professionals in such an agency analyze inbound marketings, customer journeys, and search engine algorithms to structure the most effective strategy to rank websites higher in search engine results.

As a result, you will get more qualified leads because more and more visitors will find your website.

Quality Lead Generation

Running the appropriate campaign, like content marketing, SEO, or SMM, professionals in such an agency generate quality that is likely to become customers.

Brand Reach Expansion

Professionals in such an agency use impactful keywords to rank your website higher in search engine results to enable more and more visitors to find your website, expanding your brand’s reach among your target audience. In addition, the professionals use impactful social media marketing to increase the popularity of your brand.

The fundamental intent behind investing in digital marketing campaigns is to promote products and services to impart business growth.

If businesses undermine the promotion, they will lose out due to stiff competition prevailing around the business landscape, resulting in losses, something no company wants.

Investment in digital marketing can help businesses stay competitive by:

Pushing up Return on Investment (RoI)

Digital marketing calls for lesser investment than traditional marketing. But, the former entails superior results, hence increasing the RoI.

Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing techniques allow marketers to filter their target audience in the narrowest demographic and psychographic profiles to market products and services to the right audience.

Measuring Success

Finally, digital marketing allows you to measure the success of your marketing efforts. With keyword tracking, CPC, traffic analysis, etc., you can determine whether your marketing campaign is on the right track. And if not, you can take corrective action.

In running digital marketing campaigns, you need less expenditure than traditional marketing. Notably, there is the flexibility of implementing specific digital marketing strategies, like content marketing, social media, and SEO, for free.

Alternately, if you opt for paid advertising strategies, like social media advertising or PPC, you can run them at a lesser cost than traditional marketing.

There are effective ways to identify a successful digital marketing agency. And you need to identify a successful digital marketing agency before you delegate the task of running your digital marketing campaigns.

In this context, you need to understand that becoming a successful digital marketing agency is not an easy task. Instead, it calls for desiccated hard work, persistence, and long-term experience, among other things.

The key indicators of a successful digital marketing agency include:

  • A list of their satisfied clients
  • The quality of their work
  • The experience and skills of the team members

In addition, a client-centric approach also matters. For example, you can observe whether your prospective digital marketing agency team members spend time with you to understand your requirements. If they do, you can regard it as an indicator of success as they try to help clients attain their goals.

Moreover, you can go through customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies to determine whether hiring the agency will contribute to your success.

If you are looking to hire a digital marketing agency, choose TIS India, undoubtedly the best digital marketing agency in India.

TIS India is a trusted and result-yielding digital marketing agency committed to delivering clients’ best results.

With the best-in-class digital marketing strategies, the proficient team at TIS India focuses on maximizing conversions while increasing the client retension rate.

The notable features of TIS India are:

Excellence: With excellent digital marketing campaigns, TIS India can create a robust online presence for your brand to strengthen your brand awareness.

Long Term Experience: Long-term experience is a vital indicator of an excellent digital marketing company. At TIS India, the team members have years of experience running successful digital marketing campaigns.

Targeted Marketing Expertise: Among its impactful digital marketing strategies, TIS India runs targeted campaigns to promote your brand exclusively among your target audience to result in maximum conversions.

Web Design & Development Expertise: TIn addition to the cutting edge digital marketing expertise, TIS India has exceptional web design & development capabilities that help create visually appealing websites to attract visitors and prompt them to explore your website.

Choosing TIS India will ensure the maximization of your RoI in marketing campaigns, resulting in growing your business. Moreover, TIS provides a top rank for your website in search engine results with impressive digital marketing campaigns.


Effective Digital Marketing Services. Great Results.

Contact us today for user-centric digital marketing process, and outcome-driven digital marketing campaigns. As a leading digital marketing company in India, we will be thrilled to show you how to get excellent results.

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