Making Pediatric Liver Transplants Accessible & Affordable

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Enabling Access To Liver Care

The philanthropic arm of Sterlite Industries, Pravin Agarwal Foundation, is dedicated to making pediatric liver transplant in India affordable, accessible and available.

The philanthropic organization wanted a fast-loading website to showcase about themselves, their work and connect with website visitors. They wanted the website to display their resources and media presence.



Problems are Nothing but Our Broad Guidelines

  • Optimizing the loading speed of the website
  • Accommodating large content on the homepage, preserving the look and feel
  • Call to Actions were not prominent and hence people were not able to easily reach out to them
  • The message of the organisation needed to be delivered accurately yet without sounding self -appreciating.
  • The search volumes of the keywords pertaining to the organisation’s area of work were low and hence the keywords were difficult to be ranked.
  • Since, the area of work was very niche specific it was a challenge to get leads (people in need of paediatric transplants) through social media.


Solutions are Our Response

  • A fast loading website with all the necessary content on the homepage in accordance with the finalized design.
  • Improvised CTA placements
  • Website content writing
  • Search engine optimisation services
  • Social media campaigns