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Over 60 Years of Reliability and Accuracy

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Over 60 Years of Reliability and Accuracy

The Japanese healthcare products manufacturer, Omron, wanted a fast-loading and visually appealing website to showcase their corporate structure, products, global presence, and technology and innovations.

The new website was to cater different audience segments from industry experts to general users while keeping the brand positioning intact.



Confronting Problems is Our Response

  • Preserving the corporate feel of the website while making it aesthetically appealing for diverse user types
  • Website content should highlight the legacy of the brand while appreciating its ability to innovate with the evolving needs of consumers
  • The new website design should cater to the visual and functional needs of different audience types expected to land on the website
  • Website content should adhere to SEO guidelines while maintaining the brand philosophy


We Respond to Problems by Designing Solutions

  • Well researched UX design and website development
  • Custom CMS solution
  • Mobile First Design
  • SEO centric content
  • Social Media Playbook design