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We Design Stand Out Sites to Bring You Stand Out Conversions

The attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds. The attention span of an average internet user: 8 seconds. Moral of the story: it is easier to market to a goldfish than a human.

First impressions matter and these initial impressions are 94% design-related. At TIS India, we offer 100% customized website design services using powerful visual stimuli and magnetic content that hook your audience, create exceptional user experience, promote customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Our competency is creating sites that look beautiful that produce equally beautiful business results by utilizing only the best design, conversion and marketing strategies in the world.

Unique Designs that Differentiate Your Brand

Hundreds of websites are suffering from identity crisis and everyone appears to be a clone of one another. Our website design firm based in India is a strong advocate against templated, mass produced websites. It's our commitment to all our clients to come up with personalized website designs tailor fit to their business goals. Don't allow your website to be an impersonation of somebody else's site. Our competitively priced website design packages will allow you to build and amplify your true identity online.

We Offer A Truly Consultative Client-Designer Partnership

If you are looking for web design services from India, beware of thefirms that say "yes" to all you want.


“Working with TIS India was an excellent experience! They have highly professional knowledge in the broader field of web design and treat their clients in a very professional way. The project I assigned to them was…….”

Georgios Tomaropoulos

Real web designing experts should play the role of navigators, pointing you to the right direction where your business success awaits. At TIS India web design center, we know the difference what our clients want and what our clients need. While we give our 101% to accommodate all reasonable requests, we are also aware of our responsibility as a consultative and strategic business partner and our teamof experts isdetermined to keep you in the right track.

We Specialize in User-Centric Web Design Practices

The philosophy is simple: the easier it is to use a website, the easier it is for a visitor to respond favorably to a call-to-action. And no one knows this better than our expert Indian web design team.TIS India believes that designing a website is truly "skin deep" and our designs are intuitive and easy to use to ensure the fulfillment your business goals.Here's our recipe for user-friendly sites:

  • We create seamless and no-nonsense navigation features
  • We ensure that you meet your conversion objectives by delivering content anchored on users' motivations, intents and needs
  • We use powerful imageries organized methodically in crisp and visually attractive layouts
  • We use clearly defined call-to-actions

We Design Like Artists and Plan Like Scientists

It's this perfect marriage between our designers' creativity and our project managers' planning skills that make TIS India a reputable web design firm. We ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that upon delivery, there's no loose ends. At the same time, this allows us to look at your website design from all angles - marketing, social media, search engine optimization and conversion optimization.

A Spectrum of Web Design Specialties. Plus More!

Whether you are looking for an enterprise or small business custom web designs, our team of dedicated web designers are ready to offer you the following specialties:

  • Custom Website Design - Highly creative and highly converting, from W3C compliant to Responsive website designs, we constantly deliver websites that work without a glitch across all web browsers and all platforms including web, tablet and smartphones. We are one of the few starters of responsive website design services.
  • Ecommerce Website Development - Turn your ecommerce site into a revenue machine. Our ecommerce solutions revolve around tailor fit design, intuitive navigation and sales-driven calls to action
  • Mobile Websites- Hit your moving target. We have a team of seasoned CSS developers who are more than competent in writing flawless mobile CSS files and merge them with HTML 5 to create stunning mobile websites that are compatible with an array of mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Live.
  • Blog Design and Development - In an online marketing era when content is king, we help you publish fresh and unique content via our blog design and development services. Our pool of programmers, designers and developers are experts in all imaginable open source CMS platforms including WordPress and we can create blogs that can be readily integrated to your existing site.
  • Personalized Facebook Pages - Milk your Facebook page for what it's worth with our tailor Facebook marketing services including customized pages, contact forms and other Facebook marketing extensions.
  • Email Marketing Templates - Increase click through rates and make your email marketing more productive with our personalized templates which can be seamlessly integrated with any email marketing service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and Aweber.
  • 360-degree Web Marketing - A website can't stand on its own. We achieve optimum business results using a perfect mix of different internet marketing strategies including paid search, organic search optimization, local internet promotion, social media optimization and newsletter promotion.

At TIS India, we design with a simple formula in mind:

Your Business + Our Web Design Ideas = Your Success Online.

Contact us today and we'll gladly talk about our personalized web design solutions and how they fit in your business requirements.

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