Best Joomla Extensions for Ecommerce Website
Last Updated On June 15, 2022

Best Joomla Extensions to Fulfill Top 5 Ecommerce Website Requirements

Best Joomla Extensions to Fulfill Top 5 Ecommerce Website Requirements
By Team TIS

There are 7500+ extensions in the Joomla Directory amongst which it is impossible to single out the best extensions for the 5 major ecommerce website requirements that are a pre-requisite to be achieved for every business owner. In an endeavor to make sure you don’t jitter looking at that unending list, I decided to compile a list of some of the best extensions that all website owners or developers might be looking to integrate with their Joomla Web Designs for a complete Ecommerce Solution, Mobile Friendliness, Search Engine Optimization, Promotional Marketing and last but not the least, Analytics!! All of these are chosen by me after careful evaluation based on the number of users, excellent technical support, ease of use, overall customization capabilities, reviews, ratings and compatibility with other Joomla components so as to save your valuable time, hard earned money and ever-exhausting energy !!

Sell 24 X 7 with this Ecommerce Plugin – VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a Free Extensible Ecommerce Plugin for Joomla that can be used as a consolidated Shopping Cart Solution for all your ecommerce needs. The source code of VirtueMart is written in PHP and being an open source software, the code is released under GNU public license for developers to use and extend up to their customized requirements. VirtueMart is a Feature–rich extension based on Joomla MVC Framework and comes bundled with the below mentioned functionalities.

  • All types of Product Display features like “Last 10”, “Top 10”, “Newest”, “Featured”, “Sortable”,”Searchable”, etc.
  • Major checkout functionalities like Guest Checkout, Completely Anonymous Checkout, Multi-Page, One-Page Checkout and even One-Click checkout
  • Advanced security with SSL Protection
  • Invoice Generation in pdf format.
  • Multilingual support for different languages
  • Multicurrency support for displaying prices for different currencies.
  • Varied Marketing & Promotional Tools like Coupon Handling option, “Recommend a product to friend” link, “Mail to shoppers who bought the product” etc.
  • Shipping Modules and Payment Gateway Extensions.
  • Dynamical Price Calculator that measures discounts or additions based on tax, category, shoppergroup, country and state.
  • Easy integration with other Joomla Extensions, Templates and Themes.

Mobilize your Website in a couple of minutes with Mobile Joomla

Every business owner, who is active on this Digital Planet dreams of a splendidly beautiful responsive website that looks good on iPhones, Windows Phones, Android Phones, Blackberry Phones, iPads, Tablets and on every other device and mobile specific browser. To speed up this task, let me introduce you with an extension, “Joomla Mobile” that is entrusted by more than 1, 50,000 users and web designers across the globe.

Major Highlights of Mobile Joomla

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Solid UI/UX along with 400% performance boost for all responsive templates
  • Multi layout support and Multi template support for different devices and browsers
  • Best front end interface and astonishing responsive templates for featured smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy Compatibility with 3rd Party Extensions, Modules and Plugins
  • Fast load times irrespective of devices and browsers.
  • Customized mobile modules, menus and layouts.
  • More engagement with visitors and thus higher conversions are guaranteed.
  • Advanced Image optimization with “Subdomain Redirection” functionality for respective devices and browsers.

Make yourself visible on the web by using Easy Front End SEO (EFSEO) Plugin

Easy Front End SEO is a Joomla extension that lets you control all your important metadata both, manually and automatically, thus making it easy and less-cumbersome to handle. The biggest advantage of this plugin amongst all other SEO Plugins is that it automates the process of generating metadata.

Exclusive Features

  • You can alter all the meta information at the front-end while setting access through user groups and user Ids. Plus you can define your own custom meta tags, global title, meta description, keywords and robots attribute.
  • Comes with an “Automatic Mode” that generates automatic metadata tags and descriptions via the Global settings.
  • There is a Backend component also which allows one to not only add, but edit entries directly in the database.
  • EFSEO assigns metadata to every page using internal URLs regardless of  Data, extension in use and Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Provides a Compatibility mode for external SEF components and
  • Supports 2 major Languages – English and German
  • Displays warnings regarding the settings of information.
  • Saves entered data directly into the “content table” and “menu table” and is independent of the URL structure and Plugin.
  • Comes in two different styles – Top Bar and Modal Window.

Shoot Promotional Marketing Mailers to your subscribers via “Jnews”

JNews is a powerful newsletter component that helps you conduct your Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns easily. JNews integrates with almost all popular Joomla Extensions and comes bundled with all the classical promotional marketing features like –

  • You can send emails to one or several lists via the enhanced jNews Module that comes with stunning Ajax effects and cool display options like Mootools Slide, Mootools Modal etc
  • You can manage multiple Newsletter templates, unlimited contact lists and countless number of subscribers in a jiffy.
  • Advanced Statistics Management wherein you can see, who received your newsletter, who opened it and even who clicked through it thereby giving a clear picture of No. of Sent Newsletters, No. of Opened Newsletters and No. of click through newsletters.
  • This plugin also lets you track the subscriber’s IP and also helps in handling registered and unregistered subscribers quickly.
  • Integrates well with all the other Joomla extensions and your social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  • Manages Queues and resends mails to overcome hosting limitations.
  • Easily integrates with other popular Joomla Extensions
  •  You can even preview your Newsletter before sending it to anyone either on your screen or via test mails to have a layout-check.

Watch your Audience Live through the Analytic Tool – Extrawatch

Thinking of generating high ROI and bigger conversions without tracking the visitors is like frying a fish without oil. It’s critical to know what’s going on in your website, who is visiting your site, where the traffic is prominent, what are the keywords being searched and what are the browsing habits and trends of the targeted audience. All this will be easier to achieve through the “Extrawatch” Plugin which comes with the following features –

  • Extrawatch can be activated within 5 minutes if you use one of its cloud hosted version by just placing a single HTML code snippet in your Joomla website
  • With Extrawatch, you need not wait for 24 hours to see your website statistics since it allows you to scan your visitors with its Live Stats in a jiffy.
  • A free android app of Extrawatch is available on Google play that lets you access the whole administration panel of Joomla and see who is currently visiting your website from your mobile or tablet. Not just this, you can directly access all your favorite components and multiple configurable items in just a single click.
  • Extrawatch Click Heatmap is a feature that allows you to know the most prominently clicked areas of your website.
  • Extrawatch SEO reports show you detailed statistical information along with the internal traffic distribution as well.
  • With Extrawatch, you can even ban some of the visitors as per your wish and can also see a list of all banned IPs. Plus, there is an option to embed spam filters also if you are irritated with lots of Spam Attacks on your website.

By now, you all might have crafted an opinion as to how fruitful these extensions can be for your Online Presence. I recommend you to keep your website updated with newest versions of all these extensions to have an incredible experience of Joomla!! So what are you waiting for?? Hire expert Joomla developer for integrating SEO friendly joomla extensions on your joomla website.


If you like working with Content Management, Joomla is the right choice for you. As compared to hosted carts like shopify, it provides much more control and customization as it is an open-source CMS.

In addition to that, Joomla gives various extensions to make sure that its users can create the best ecommerce website by using it. By now, you all might have crafted an opinion as to how fruitful these extensions can be for your Online Presence. I recommend you to keep your website updated with newest versions of all these extensions to have an incredible experience of Joomla!!

Moreover, if you already have set up your store on another platform but it does not fulfill your demands anymore and you want to switch to Joomla, you can use LitExtension – #1 Shopping Cart Migration Solution which will act as the perfect choice for you in order to transfer your current website to Joomla ecommerce extensions.

So what are you waiting for?? Hire expert Joomla developer for integrating SEO friendly joomla extensions on your joomla website

By Team TIS

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