Best 8 Joomla Template Framework Solutions for Developers
Last Updated On June 23, 2022

Best Joomla Template Framework Solutions for Developers

Best Joomla Template Framework Solutions for Developers
By Team TIS

Are you planning to take your business online for reaching newer audience segment over Internet? If so, developing a Joomla website is absolutely the best choice to start with, but selecting the right template framework solution, which is both adjustable to your brand identity and able to enhance the user engagement ratio on your site is a bit difficult task for Joomla developers. Your website is not mere representation of your services and brand, but it adds more values to your business and assists in expanding your business prospects. Hence, you cannot simply choose any Joomla template for developing your website as it requires adequate knowledge of the benefits associated with these template solutions.

Exploring the Definition of Joomla Template Framework

Among the various definitions of this term, the one which correctly explains its meaning is:

The Joomla template frameworks are base skeleton outlines that consist of fresh and blank HTML codes with no gradients, colors, and borders, but only margins, dimensions, and menu system styling.”

It means the Joomla developers can efficiently use these template solutions for expressing their talent and coding knowledge.

What are the Best Joomla Templates for Developers?

When it comes to choose the appropriate Joomla template framework solution for your website development, the basic set of requirements for all developers is that the template must be time saving and easy to implement. If you are still not able to get the best Joomla template that suits your requirements, here I am going to list the best Joomla template frameworks, which you can use for expressing your creativity and talent while developing your website. These templates are similar to empty canvas, where the painter paints their imagination on their own.

1. Helix3 Framework

Helix3 is an entirely modern and highly customizable template framework which can be used to build your Joomla 3+ website as per your estimates and thoughts.

It has one of the most user-friendly approaches with an easy integration solution to the construction of a Joomla 3+ website. Once you install Helix3 Framework to create your website, you would find loads of inbuilt features and predefined options for the template development of any Joomla 3+ website.

Helix3 Framework is not a mere plugin or template. Rather it can be hailed as a complete package which can be accessed very easily.

The Benefits of Using ‘Helix3’ framework are listed as follows:

  • Drag and drop layout builder helps you to decide the module positions by switching options to choose the size, margins or displaying in the mobile devices
  • You can control the display of the menu like the width, size, alignment, etc. simply by availing the mega menu builder.
  • You have the benefit of producing good blog posts in all the six forms without using an extension like EasyBlog due to the post formats feature.
  • Helix3 benefits by providing unlimited colors choice for your website.

2. HLi Framework by 7 Studio

HLi by 7Studio is a responsive Joomla template framework, which uses the new features of Joomla 3.X series like flexible and customary module positions, Custom Template Backgrounds, and Google Analytics elements

The benefits of using HLi template framework are listed as follows:

  • It offers flexibility to the developers while coding and they can use its built-in features to develop a theme of their own choice.
  • It not only helps in easy development of the website, but it also offers flexibility to the developers to use all of its features whenever required.

3. Gantry Framework by RocketTheme

Another popular framework of Joomla is Gantry Framework, which is offered by RocketTheme, one of the principal vendors of Joomla products. Integrated with the benefits of all preceding Joomla template frameworks, it provides impressive design patterns for developing both the backend and front end of your Joomla website. It comes integrated with in-built Gantry RocketGZipper feature, which squeezes the CSS and JS for offering optimal performance. For speeding up the upload time of your website, you can also use the Gantry Cache plugin.

The set of advantages that comes packed with Gantry Framework of RocketTheme are listed as follows:

  • It offers super flexibility in its layout design with 65 amazing base module positions.
  • Both documentation and on-site instructions for using this template are simple and comprehensive for Joomla developers on all required user levels.
  • It is integrated with the facility of customizing the individual web pages layouts in their backends, which makes Gantry Framework distinguishly apart from other Joomla templates.
  • It is incorporated with complete Google font library.
  • It has LESS CSS compiler.

4. Vertex Framework by Shape5

Vertex Framework is one of the best solutions especially for those developers, who want to create template of their own for the website development. This impressive framework comes with loads of built-in impressive features, which consists of flexible layouts like social media, fonts etc.. Moreover, this framework is fully functional and free, which is good for both developers and newbies.

The various advantages of using Vertex framework is given below:

  • It comes with a clean design with accessible tool tips.
  • It has 90 subsiding business module positions .
  • Developers have the facility to select between a fluid and fixed layout and both of them support responsive design.
  • Moreover, you can easily upgrade the Vertex frameworks conveniently because you only have to follow their instructions.

5. Warp Framework by YooTheme

Warp Framework is developed by YooTheme, which comprises of a team of experienced and skilled German developers. This framework of Joomla is considered as a toolset of important features that are required for developing attractive YooTheme templates by the Joomla developers. Apart from this, more than 50 templates are available over internet, which are based on Warp 6 and Warp 5.5. The websites developed sing the Warp frameworks have amazing loading speed due to CSS Sprites and Gzip compression.

Benefits of using Warp Framework for developers are given as follows:

  • It offers optimal yet very fast website loading speed.
  • All the template parameters of Warp are well organized and are grouped in majorly three panels: Mobile Panel, General Panel, and Profile Panel.
  • It comes with instructional document for offering ability of customization to the developers.
  • The width of the templates is responsive or you can also fix it to any size of your choice.

6. XTC Framework by JoomlaXTC

Developed in XTC templates, the XTC framework is yet another leading template solution for Joomla developers that is simple and easy for implementation. It comes with numerous attractive features that helps the developers to continue with the development of their Joomla websites with convenience and ease. Moreover, developers can create their own designs using the XTC framework as it comes with “Advanced Options” tab which assist in developing design of your own choice.

The impressive range of advantages accompanied with the XTC framework is listed as follows:

  • It comes integrated with basic functions like Styles, Grids, Layouts, Typography configuration etc.
  • It offers the ability to choose every parameter as per your own choice for developing the websites the way you want.
  • It is considered as the best starting point for those developers who do not have any significant experience in creating a template.

7.  JA T3 Template by Joomlart

With 5 years of immense experience in Joomla template development, Joomlart has launched another impressive framework for creating Joomla templates known as JA T3 template. Considered as one of the most admired Joomla template framework, it comes incorporated with bundle of unique features. In the version 2.0 of this template, you will find range of administrative features like peasy profile management especially in the backend along with easy typography and others.

8. Wright Framework by JoomlaShack

Known as a minimalistic framework, the Wright Framework by JoomlaShack comes with an easy and clean backend code, quick loading speed and a responsive design. This framework is especially developed by the JoomlaShack to help in fastening the upgrading process to the latest versions of Joomla. The advantages associated with the Wright Framework by JoomlaShack are listed here:

  • It comes integrated with a simple and solid code base.
  • It offers the freedom to the developers for customizing the websites with their preferred designs.
  • It comes with neat and simple HTML base which is sufficient for the Joomla developers to explore their creativity.
  • Moreover, Warp framework has the ability to combine perfectly with the free components of YooTheme’s such as Zoo and Widget kit.

Final Words

Most of these Joomla template frameworks have extensive control panels and loads of module positions, but do not consider only these reasons when it comes to choose the right template framework for your Joomla website. Being a Joomla developer, you should know that you will not use all the available module positions of the template frameworks at the same time. Moreover, you will use control panel for lesser time once the website is launched on the Internet.

Therefore, it is advisable to install any of the free Joomla template frameworks available over internet and then you can explore its features to understand whether it suits your requirements for developing your website or not. You can also perform the comparison between the features of any of these two leading frameworks to comprehend which one of them fits your needs because majority of these frameworks are fitted with proper documentation to help the developers in following proper guidelines during website development.

By Team TIS

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