Branding Through Blogs And Content- An Unparallel Business Strategy
Last Updated On August 04, 2022

Branding Through Blogs And Content- An Unparallel Business Strategy

Branding Through Blogs And Content- An Unparallel Business Strategy
By Team TIS

Silence is a gift when there is a lot of noise, but sometimes making a louder presence is the demand of time. We are talking about business blogs and content and how your business relates itself to them.

When you have something you want people to know and learn about it, teach them your way through your blog. This is a platform without black / white board, chalk / marker and duster / cleaner but still have tools through which you can guide people (prospects and clients) to come to your blogs and read it in a way o appeal them. We listen to what we like or are looking for, then why not!

The Hype about Content

There was not much talk about a term like “content marketing” just 2 years ago. Since, the day Google started working on removing website that are inorganically trying to make it to its front page, content has become the king. Give readers best things to read, learn, explore and your blog and website will become the regular places for them to hang around. May be they end up looking your offerings when needed!

It works!

Small Businesses are reaping more benefits from it because for them it gets really involving to bring out a full-fledged marketing campaign. They have to be satisfied making people aware of their presence by employing best of SEO tools or the companies that are already equipped with them. Social media are giving huge platform to them to showcase their product and services in a way helping them build their brand slowly buy gradually.

Talk and Involve

Asking a popular or more looked for question and then replying with suitable answers station facts and figures piques the interest of readers. This is done in the relation to your business offerings highlighted by the blogs. Giving readers suitable references and examples in your blog makes you credible and trustworthy in a long run. This is because you are not simply telling them about your product but also encouraging them to look for best and then find you among them.

Content Converse!

Citing examples from the industry explaining about the solution your business is providing without actually marketing your company appeals the reader. Give them more reference and links of videos and reading materials regarding your industry to make them better informed. Just let them know, if they are looking some answers the blog doesn’t answers they are free to contact you. You have a very potential customer to be sure.

Want to know the potential of your blog, just see the sharing numbers (number of tweets, repins, G+1, Likes, etc) and they will tell the story. Make sure the availability (embedding) of these triggers in places you have chosen strategically.

Avoid Please!

There are certain things you must know to avoid while tutoring your target audience through business blogging:

  • Do not publish company related announcements on the blog. Nobody is interested in you unless they know you better. Also, blog is a place to create communication and interaction and not to put impersonal messages.
  • Blogging irregularly can impact adversely because people develop a habit of keeping update on whatever you have to say. Talk regularly about the industry, changes in products and services, advancements etc.
  • Following a schedule is a nice idea.
  • Edo not forget to enable commenting on your blog and respond to the reader with satisfactory answers that are not biased. Participate in the conversations on the similar kind of topics, industry etc.
  • Not employing SEO services will be a bad idea. Make it (blog) discoverable else, all efforts will be wasted.
  • Last but not the least; keep working without expecting much so soon.
By Team TIS

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