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8 Tips to Enhance Your Brand Awareness and Presence Online

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

brand Awareness

Call it the epic battle between David and Goliath. From downtown New York, Venice, Paris to Munich, the number of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) outnumber the number of blue chip multinational corporations doing business. Yet, the tragedy of this truth is that the population of MSMEs across the world makes for statistical data and a crowd but established market leading brands that come under the shelter of scaled up blue chip corporations are the ones that people know, recognize and transact with. In other words, blue chip corporations have a reputation that could range from great to good or bad. MSMEs on the other hand despite forming the pack of the global economy are the herd; the ones that investors, customers, and employees do not know.

Digital marketing companies and consultants including us at TIS acknowledge the fact that in best cases MSMEs at best struggle to build a reputation and thus are unable to leverage it as a move of strategic behaviour and branding. The gravity of the challenge only increases if the reputation is bad. However not everything is lost and at last paradise it seems can be regained. Thanks to the evolution of the digital ecosystem for doing business and the cost, process and time efficiencies of online reputation management being offered by digital marketing companies, MSMEs can look forward to reinventing the rules of competition in the market.
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Ecommerce Businesses Should not ignore These 7 Inbound Marketing Aspects in 2018

Posted by Sandeep Sharma



Ecommerce business has taken off for a long flight. With an annual compounded growth rate of more than 25% across the global economy, it looks like finally ecommerce has announced its bid to stay in time. These are still early days in the year 2018 and one can expect big things to happen to the ecommerce vertical, especially the manner in which inbound marketing is leveraged shall be a key differentiator. TIS, the leading digital services consulting company in India offers an insight into these top seven inbound marketing best practices that shall enable the ecommerce vertical to leverage digitization to take the big leap after having crossed the threshold level of growth in sales and gross merchandise value.

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How Inbound Marketing Can Resolve Fintech Challenges in 2018

Posted by admin


Three policy design parameters are driving the growth of FinTech in emerging economies. First, governments in emerging economies are moving towards “less cash” economies because of the discrepancies displayed by the cost of cash model. Second, the financial inclusion agenda needs the creation and leveraging of digital platforms for payments banks to reach people in geographical terrains that are left untouched by brick and mortar bank branches due to lack of economic feasibility. Third, the expenditure approach to national income accounting is replacing the traditional way of income and value addition based approaches. The expenditure approach to national income accounting offers advantages over the two traditional counterparts in monitoring consumer spending, liquidating black income  and shifting the taxation paradigm from income taxes to expenditure taxes to augment saving and capital formation. In 2018 challenges exist and impose constraints on the FinTech vertical’s growth. TIS, the leading the digital services consulting company does a dissection of the FinTech vertical’s anatomy to show that inbound marketing is the way forward to navigating these challenges.

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How Digital Marketing is Leading the Disruptive Innovation Movement in Financial Services Vertical?

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

How Digital Marketing is leading in Financial Services Vertical

The financial services vertical is witnessing tectonic shifts because of disruptive innovations. Digital marketing is leading the charge of disruptions in the BFSI (baking, financial services and insurance vertical) like never before. TIS, the industry leading digital services consulting company brings to you the top insights on key drivers and business areas that characterize disruptions being led by digital marketing.

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6 Awesome Local PPC Tips You Should Be Implementing Right Away

Posted by Himanshu Pataria

Local PPC Tips

Are you trying hard to gain maximum output from your local PPC campaign, but all in vain? Is your PPC campaign not delivering the expected benefits?

Well, you’re not alone! We all have been there, and ultimately end up realizing that you don’t need to think big to get maximum returns, especially when it comes to PPC. It pays to be local and your local markets are only going to make your campaign a success.
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Rebranding- A Complete Guide to Planning and Executing It Successfully

Posted by Himanshu Pataria


So are you all set to dive deeper into the process of rebranding? Undoubtedly, rebranding might be an exciting moment for a few; it is a mere unfortunate step for the others. But, whatever it is, just make sure that you and your brand emerge bigger out of it!

How would you do that? Well, simply, follow this article and dig out everything that you need to know. Stay assured, we’ve taken care of all the important steps and you just need to decide how you want your new online identity to look like. Keep reading to find answers to all your questions from reasons behind rebranding to promoting your new brand for a quick market acceptance!
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E-Commerce Sales Strategies During Off-Season Slump: 8 Best Tips to Adapt

Posted by Amit Kothiyal

E-Commerce Sales Strategies During Off Season Slump

Wondering how to cope with the off-season dip and smoothly function towards the e-commerce store optimization?

Every business is exposed to a slump during the off-seasons. Whether it is small or a huge branded e-commerce website, the sales are meant to fall when the peak seasons recede.

Keeping this in mind, you need to work on some e-commerce sales strategies to knock out the off-season slump and promote the e-commerce website.

Making a successful e-commerce website involves few tricks to adapt with the off-season slump and boost the sales. What are they? Let’s discover them in detail.
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Google RankBrain: 5 Awesome Things You Ought To Know

Posted by Joy

Google-Rankbrain 5 Things You Ought To Know

Google has been, over the years, in the quest to make information easily accessible. And to meet this purpose, various algorithms and updates are being rolled out from time to time.

This is where RankBrain or the fascinating new Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture. This system works by catering to the users’ need for information in a way that the searches are predicted beforehand and several connections or synonymous links are established to previous searches. This helps make the whole system much more efficient. The advantage here is that RankBrain works on its own and teaches itself instead of relying on human forces for programmed information. But there is a lot more to Google RankBrain.
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