Way to Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin
Last Updated On July 19, 2022

Ways to Hide Unnecessary Items from WordPress Admin

Ways to Hide Unnecessary Items from WordPress Admin
By Team TIS

Have you been tried often to take control over the admin area of your WordPress site, but failed to do so? You might have discovered that there are various needless items displayed in your WordPress Admin area that you don’t want your visitors to show. How you could hide these unnecessary items from showing in the admin area of your WordPress site? Is there any ideal solution for achieving so or you can use a set of techniques for doing so?

The admin area of a WordPress website has several aspects, which needs to be changed and there are many things that needs to be deactivated as well from the Admin area and for doing this you can use the Adminimize plugin of WordPress that helps you to take control of your WordPress site’s admin area with ease and convenience and you can also choose the user groups based on your preferences

What Is Adminimize and How It Works?

A WordPress plugin that helps you to take control over the admin area of your site and hide the unnecessary items from the Administration menu, the Adminimize plugin visually condenses the administrative header so that more content of the admin page becomes visible. Moreover, with this plugin, you can easily make the dashboard and admin page of your site as per your choice, but you must have to install this plugin first followed by its activation by going through Settings > Adminimize on your website’s dashboard.


You will find a Mini Menu on the Settings page that segregates the page into various sections for varied WordPress admin screens. When you click on any of this mini menu, you will be given with a set of options and for every section, you will be offered with various items that you can easily modify or deactivate. Each of those options has checkboxes for different WordPress user roles.

The changes that you will make here will not be displayed in the admin page of the plugin, but you have to open the admin page of a new browser tab to see the changes in action.

What the Adminimize Plugin Can Do?

With the help of this plugin, you can easily hide the post Meta controls on the other areas and Write-page of the of the admin area for simplifying the editing interface. You can also configure the Meta boxes and switch off the elective Meta boxes in the write-area. Besides, this plugin also help in modifying the administration backend and lends you the power to dispense rights on certain parts.

Other important things that you can do with the Adminimize plugin include:

  • The Admins can conveniently activate and deactivate the different parts of the menu and sub-menu.
  • Meta-fields can easily administer independently for pages and posts.
  • You can deactivate specific parts of the write menu independently for non-admins and admins.
  • You can minimize the header of the backend to give more spaces.
  • The structure of the menu can be changed to make it more logical on each user basis so that every user can have their settings.
  • The admin theme can also be set on each user basis by visiting the User Setting for making the changes.
  • You can conveniently use the themes together with color settings for the new and classic themes.
  • You can add different colors to the themes to make them look more attractive.
  • With this plugin, you will be offered with a fresh menu structure that consists of classic menu options on the left hand side for writing and managing, while the right hand side is kept for design, settings, user settings, and plugins.
  • This plugin makes the menu smaller by taking up less space and you can easily scroll the input fields as there is no need to create certain Write screen parts bigger.
  • With this plugin, the categories have now shifted to the sidebar and the tags as well, while the editing part is auto-scrolled that makes sense especially when you are using small resolution.
  • As soon this plugin becomes active and supports “Admin Drop Down Menu”, the user can choose from two more back-end themes.
  • You can set the role for visualizing the areas on edit post, link page, and global.
  • Majority of the changes happen only when it is required and only in the write screen.
  • You can also add options on your own to set the rights for role.
  • With this plugin, it is possible for you to deactivate the HTML-Editor on the edit area of the backend and can also eliminate the widgets in the widgets settings for various roles.

Adminimize Supports Custom Options

Besides these advantages, the Adminimize Plugin supports custom options for different posts because it is possible for you to add your own set of options for hiding the areas in the backend of your WordPress site. You can also use a fixed header or menu. Moreover, this plugin also allows you to use custom post types by hiding the needless areas of these posts for different post types and roles.

Import or Export Your Adminimize Plugin Settings

This plugin lets the users to import or export its settings and with the help of this feature, they can apply the same settings on their different WordPress sites. For exporting the settings, they have to simply click on the export button for downloading the .seq file consisting of the plugin.

If you want to import the settings of Adminimize plugin, you have to click on the Choose File button under the Import and then choose the .seq file that you are willing to import. Once you have selected the file, click on the Upload file and import button for importing the settings.

If you want to uninstall or deactivate the Adminimize plugin, you can use the Deinstall Option that allows you to disable all the plugin settings and if you want to ensure that all the Adminimize settings have been cleared, you can put check mark on the box next to the Delete Options to get it completely removed.

If you have already used simple plugins such as User Role Editor but found these plugins of no use to you, then you must install and activate the Adminimize plugin that helps you in taking control of admin area of your WordPress site by letting you decide which user groups you want to see and it also permit you to extend or limit what they can do at the backend of your website. For more help in installing this plug-in, have a look at this infographic.


So if you want to hide the unnecessary items from the WordPress admin bar, you can use the tool bar which has a few shortcuts along with the central dashboard pages for WordPress.

Each and every menu option which is displayed in the WordPress is a representation of a unique feature which can be used to customize WordPress site. If you understand these options and are able to customize your website as per your choice, you shall surely impress your users.

When you use different WordPress themes for your website, each one of them gives different design and layout to your website and this can change as well as enhance the look of your website.

If you have multi author websites or blogs, then this plugin is an ideal option for you to use, however, if you have some other important WordPress plugins that can help you in selecting the user groups at the back end of your website, then you can share with us in the comments section.

By Team TIS

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